You Too Can Make a Gun Law-Defying, Nail-Firing Space Gun


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At Reason, we've devoted a lot of attention to firearms manufactured on 3D printers as part of a deliberate effort to derail government efforts to disarm their subjects. Perhaps we've been misguided in our attentions to this subversive technological movement. Perhaps, instead, we should have devoted more of our time to covering awesome homemade weapons that harness electromagnetic forces to fling easily sourced nails through the air with enough destructive power to make government officials wet their knickers.


3D-printed guns have been making the news a lot recently. That's not to say that they and their creators don't deserve the press — people arming themselves without so much as a permit is pretty terrifying. But whoever it was that said 3D printing was the only way for people to circumvent the law and arm themselves just might not have seen this bad boy.

This fully-automatic Gauss gun, dubbed the CG-42, has a 15-round capacity and can fire an entire clip of ammo in 1.5 seconds. What it fires is almost as frightening as the gun itself, because the CG-42 is armed with nails, side-stepping the need for even the slightest of paper trails.

Gauss guns, also known as coilguns, turn on electromagnetic coils in a series to pull a metal objects along a path. Do it fast enough and you have the sort of weapon that many science fiction writers have imagined, and that some real-world engineers have constructed. Delta-V Engineering is a project of Jason Murray for "making concepts from science fiction become reality." And he did just that with the CG-42, which is just the latest in a series of homemade coilguns. Yes, his designs and specifications are posted online.

The CG-42 won't be knocking enemy spaceships out of the sky any time soon — it generates just 10.78 joules of muzzle energy, which makes it less powerful than your average air gun. But, as the video below demonstrates, that's plenty enough wrecking power for demonstration purposes.

And it's certainly enough to get the likes of Senator Feinstein looking into tight legal restrictions on this whole electromagnetism thing.

On a related note, Cody Wilson, of Defense Distributed, expects continuing international developments in 3D-printed guns to force the United States government to loosen its ineffective restrictions.

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  1. Holy shit that is awesome. I want one.

    people arming themselves without so much as a permit is pretty terrifying

    You mean like they did throughout most of human history? Moron. I don’t get the need for some people to genuflect to the “gunz ur bad” dipshits. This guy clearly thinks the gauss gun is cool; so why is it terrifying that someone might have one?

    1. He’s a giant pussy, and he needs to signal to other giant pussies that he’s safe and has acceptable opinions, so they shouldn’t boot him out of the pussy tribe.

      1. Does he know that people generally don’t like giant pussies? Not enough friction.

        Well, for AVERAGE men, that is.

      2. “Hi, I just wanted everyone to know I’m a giant pussy. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s begin.”

    2. Personally, I am far, far more terrified of alien abductions than my neighbor owning a gun. Hell, if everyone owned a space gun, maybe the aliens would finally leave us the fuck alone.

    3. +1 fuck that slaver.


    1. I’m sure you’ll put it to good use.

      1. Warty’s will shoot little penises. Or sperm. Or both.

        1. Wait, where will he get the little penises from that you claim he will use his to shoot?

          1. *You* don’t need a penis to be raped *by* Warty – he’ll just help himself to the excess.

          2. He makes them himself, and then sheds them. Usually on the backs of his knees and on his back.

            1. Of course. How obtuse of me not to have known that.

  3. Cody Wilson, of Defense Distributed, expects continuing international developments in 3D-printed guns to force the United States government to loosen its ineffective restrictions.

    Ever the optimist, eh?

    I expect the government to double down on its restrictions and make buying a 3D printer a horrific process akin to buying cold medicine.

    1. The gun-grabbers couldn’t even use Newtown to achieve much outside CO and NY. What else do they have?

      1. Patience, infinite fucking patience. Ratchets only go one way.

        1. Ratchets aren’t applicable. Gun rights are better than they were a few decades ago and these innovations are only going to make it more so.


          Picture is worth a thousand words.

    2. Or nail polish remover.

    3. Or simply require 3D printers to report whatever you print to some central registry. Of course, there’d be black market non-reporting printers, and the Feds would never be able to manage the accumulated database of printed stuff, but it would allow them to run off a list of all the copyright or law violating things a given suspect had printed, so as to give them more charges to throw at someone they want to prosecute or coerce into assisting an investigation.

      1. The number of fleshlights alone would choke the system in a matter of hours

  4. No, I didn’t shoot Senator Graham, I simply degaussed him.

    1. Isn’t that what the Santa-bot tried to do to Bender?

      1. Mayor C. Randall Poopenmeyer: As soon as I pull this switch, these powerful electromagnets will tear you limb from limb, killing you in the most humane possible manner.

        Bender: But Mr. Mayor, that doesn’t sound humane.

        Mayor C. Randall Poopenmeyer: It is for the witnesses, because it’s not boring!

        1. Evil Santa gets my vote for one of the greatest TV villains ever.

          1. And voiced by John Goodman!

            1. That I did not realize. Four episodes left before the show ends (for the second time).

              1. Futurama ended about four seasons ago. Whoever wrote the last three or four need to be shot out of a cannon into space.

                1. Meh. I don’t think the re-boot has been as strong but it has still had some good moments.

                  1. The first season of reboot (season 6 unless the “movies” are considered season 6) was terrible, just awful. I actually stopped watching, and then went back one night when I had nothing else to watch, and they’d gotten better in the subsequent seasons.

                    Reboots are impossible to do the way people want them, because the likelihood of getting the same team of writers back together and having them click like before is virtually zero. So even if it’s not bad, it still won’t be the same, and the whole reason for the reboot is that…people want the same.

                    1. Agree.

  5. Last I read about coil guns, they were still trying to create the currents necessary for muzzle energies comparable to conventional guns while avoiding arcing that would obliterate the barrel. What’s the latest on that?

    1. I think you’re confusing them with rail guns.

      And most coilguns are a single coil pushing the projectile out – the fast response electro-magnets needed to do a proper multi-coil gun don’t really exist.

      1. “The gun has 8 coils…”

        If you watched the first 30 seconds of the video…

        Muzzle Energy: 10.87J (42.03m/s)
        Rate of Fire: 7.7 Rounds/Sec

        Also, electromagnets activate near instantaneously by nature, being electromagnets and all.

        1. Inductance, how does that work?

  6. The Cake Is A Lie.

  7. Kind of tempting to start working on one. Also tempting to make it into a kit.

  8. Ok, if you’re going to do a video demonstration of your cool new gun, don’t just shoot some random shit. Shoot a side of beef so we can get an idea of what damage it does to flesh. Ballistic gel works too.

    1. Failing that, ripe fruit, or a phone book.

      Looked through the design earlier, sounds like it’s only around 145 fps.

      Wouldn’t want to get shot with it, though.

      1. Or one of the urchins. Some of the monocle polishers are getting long in the tooth and will need to be ‘retired’ soon anyway.

        1. Been watching ‘the jackal’ again, I see.

          Hold up the pack of cigarettes!

          1. Gah! I read that book before it became mainstream.

          2. Sprawl

      2. Wouldn’t want to get shot with it, though

        Especially not with sharpened projectiles. Not trying to give anyone ideas, but, how fast is the typical arrow shot from a bow?

        1. 200-300 fps for arrows generally. The thing is, the nail projectiles have low mass so they need more speed if you want to do some damage. If that thing could get the projectiles moving a hell of a lot faster, you’d have something pretty destructive.

          1. the nail projectiles have low mass so they need more speed if you want to do some damage

            True. I have a pellet gun that is supposed to fire at 1000 fps. I really would not want to get shot with that thing. It will take a good sized chunk out of a sheet of plywood. Of course, it’s still pretty useless as a defense weapon and can only fire one shot.

            The fact that this thing can utilize a magazine and fire with the flip of a switch makes it very interesting. If they can just get it utilize a lot more energy, somehow…

          2. Instead of a battery improvement would it make more sense to use a fuel to power the device? Since gas has so much energy for its weight.

            Also one could use uranium yes? Just need to use an amount small enough that the shielding is not too cumbersome.

            1. Fuel has more energy density, but the problem with the design doesn’t seem to be that it’s draining the battery too quickly. You wouldn’t want to stick a gas engine on a gun anyway.

          3. The thing is, the nail projectiles have low mass so they need more speed if you want to do some damage.

            Pfffft. Wake me up when they come out with EM flechette guns.

          4. There also seems to be a stability problem with this gun’s projectiles. Most of the rounds seem to have hit the targets side-on. At rifle velocities that can make them deadlier, but at the low velocities of this weapon it would probably mean most shots wouldn’t break the skin.

            That one that hit the laptop point first did pierce the screen, though, so they could make this gun a lot more dangerous (at the level of a blowgun or slingshot) if they put fins on the projectiles or concentrated their mass in the nose to provide drag stabilization like a kite with a tail.

            1. Unless you could get the projectile to spin.

              1. Other than canting the tailfins, I don’t think there’s an effective way to do that with magnetic propulsion.

                1. What if I have a couple of saddle coils to impart an axial magnetic force on the projectile? They could be time modulated to cause spinning.

            2. Or just use steel wheel bearing balls instead of nails.

              I’d increase the energy at impact too!

              EM rapid fire slingshot? Yes please.

        2. A really fast bow will shoot about 330 fps.

          1. And arrows are heavy by comparison.

        3. Especially not with sharpened projectiles. Not trying to give anyone ideas, but, how fast is the typical arrow shot from a bow?

          Depends on the bow, draw weight, etc.

          On average, bows shoot around 3-400 fps. Crossbows shoot at about 750.

      3. Or gun hating communists.

    2. It clearly can’t do that much damage, considering only one projectile even made it partway through the laptop monitor.

      1. Yeah, it’d hurt like a bitch, but probably wouldn’t kill you.

        1. Unless the nails were dipped in a deadly neurotoxin.

    3. I shot a block of ballistic gel with a .44 Magnum once. Once. There was little left to do anything else with.

    4. I can see from the video that it is weaker than my pellet gun. But still pretty damn cool.

  9. Joules? I bet you buy your lace panties in metric sizes too.

    1. It would be calories, wouldn’t it?

      How many calories of energy does a 185 grain .45 ACP have coming out of a 5″ barrel?

      1. So many numbers, such meaningless arcane sickening non-SI ‘units’.


        1. How many calories of energy does a 185 grain .45 ACP have coming out of a 5″ barrel?

          Maybe 600 joules, so call it 140 calories.

          1. Mmm, three of those and you’ve got the beginnings of a hearty breakfast.

            1. That’s actually 0.14 kcals or Calories.

        2. Hey, when it comes to guns, we can mix all the damn units we want. How many damn grams is a bullet, anyway, then?

          Calories is kind of growing on me.

          1. Bullets are weighed in grains, not grams. A heavy .45 bullet will 230 grains.

            1. Referring to cyto’s pro-metric trolling above.

            2. Yeah, but how many rounds in a high capacity clip?

              1. Dunno, like a hundred or so?

      2. You could use calories, but the comparable imperial unit would just be the foot-pound. Not to be confused with the torque foot-pound.

    2. Yeah, only cosmotarian faggots use that dandified, city-slicker metric system/SI talk!

      *spits in spitoon*

      Down there in Auburn, the good, honest, god-fearin’ folk use poundals, slugs, British thermal units, and mechanical horsepower when a-talkin’ ’bout energy, ain’t that right?

      *SIV’s theme song plays*
      “Some folk will never fuck a skunk/But then again some folk’ll/Like SIV, the Slack-Jawed Yokel(tarian)!

      1. Muzzle energy is frequently discussed outside the rarefied air of ivory tower and beltway cocktail parties.

        Say 8 ft-lbs and everybody knows what you are talking about.

        1. I would bet that anyone who is familiar with foot-pound force is also familiar with joules. The conversion is not so hard to do in your head either.

          Again, you’re just doing your anti-intellectual grump with a chip on his shoulder shtick, an act that became trite three years ago.

          Jus’ sayin’

        2. Say 8 ft-lbs and everybody knows what you are talking about.

          I don’t. And it doesn’t matter: it’s an inferior obsolete arcane POS system just like Faranheit. HERESY

          1. It is the unit of measurement used in the USA among handloaders, ammo manufacturers,gun manufacturers,firearms testers and most of the ballistics “scholarship”.

      2. You fucked up the link, HM. I was actually looking forward to it.

        1. Dammit. Try this one.

      3. My car gets forty rods to the hogshead and that’s the way I likes it.

        1. In my day, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on ’em. “Gimme five bees for a quarter,” you’d say.

          1. The important thing was I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn’t have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones…

            1. And this was back in nineteen diggity-six. We had to say diggity at the time because the kaiser stole out word for twenty. I tried to chase him but gave up after diggity six miles.

    3. Yep, along with my 5.56×45 NATO.

  10. Freakin’ cool. Hope they can make it more lethal although it looks pretty dangerous as is. Ending was brilliant. I’d like to think this would be easier to disguise than 3D printed weapons. You could build an electronic device to have a secondary function as a gun! “Want to mug my laptop? Let me hand it to you-OH NO IT’S GUN. LAPTOP GUN, BY-ATCH.

  11. That is fucking awesome! Yes, I know that Epi already said that in the first post, but damnit, I thought to say it before I read that post.

    So now we all have to show our drivers license, fill out some forms, and register on a sex offender list, to buy nails?

    How soon before Frakenfiend proposes said legislation?

    1. Also worth noting: no need for chemical explosives.

    2. So now we all have to show our drivers license, fill out some forms, and register on a sex offender list, to buy nails?

      Good thing there’s plenty of other ferromagnetic material out there to use as ammo.

  12. Can’t they pass a law repealing Maxwell’s equations?

    Or at least outlaw the metric system? That would really test my Liberatian commitment.

    1. Test your what, now?

      (re your first question, I always liked this shirt)

  13. Don’t forget to stop by on your way out for even more homemade projectile weapons!

    1. I love the shotgun revolver that uses a construction stapler for the trigger mechanism.

  14. Not sure if this has been covered here, it’s been a busy day. Had to sit in on an interview today for a potential new hire and then had to go to the airport.

    Anyway, talk about statist assholes who don’t like technological innovations being used by the peasants:

    Snow Miser don’t like the Intertoobs, waahhhh!

    The internet makes it harder to govern lie, steal, and oppress the electorate.

    1. The man has an ironing board for a face.

    2. I was almost going to say something positive for him, thinking he was on the good side of encryption/Clipper chip. Nope, I was wrong. Co-sponsored a key escrow bill with McCain.

      Fucking Luddite control-freak.

      1. Anytime that anyone co-sponsors anything with McCain, that should all the proof needed of what a total asshole they are.

        Also, he’s an Obama appointee, that in itself is probably enough.

    3. That made me smile.

  15. Does anyone really need electromagnetism?

    1. No one needs more than 10 nails.

      1. Not unless you are a huge construction company with government contracts who donates to Obama campaigns. No one else needs nails, period.

    2. Given the strength of your powerful and attractant pheromones, you don’t but the rest of us do.

    3. I quit my RF engineering career ten years ago, so it’s probably not necessary anymore.

      But that video gets me all hot and bothered. Mmmmmmmmm……. Guns and electromagnetic.

  16. Oh! Added bonus!

    It’s low enough muzzle energy that it wouldn’t be subject to Tulpa’s safe storage/warrant-less search regime!

    1. So I can unworriedly keep it in my food truck then?

  17. Anthony Weiner gets a sick burn on Buzzfeed 5 minutes into this video.

    They won’t stop asking him personal questions, so eventually he says “You can keep doing this or you can show cat videos or whatever else it is you do at Buzzfeed.”

    I approve of Anthony Weiner’s sense of humor far more than his taste in women.

    1. Weiner is a really annoying asshole.

      But it is still really infuriating that the sheeple seem to care more about who a politician is sending pictures of his dick too, than who Obama is spying on or killing with drones.

      Kill 300 innocent children with drones, lie every time you open your mouth, never do anything that you say you will do, violate the 4th amendment rights of every American, and sic the IRS on your political enemies and your favorability ratings fall 5 points. Send pictures of your dick to someone and your favorability ratings fall 30 points. Something is very fucked up about that.

  18. If copper wire and electricity are outlawed, only outlaws will be able to make gauss guns. Or electric motors. Or speakers.


    1. Only Obamas most favoritist and bestest cronies should be able to make anything. No one else needs to make anything. Just get it over with and make everything illegal.

  19. he has a bolt action version with 1.kJ of awesome.

    1. boo the muzzle velocity is slower than the gauss gun.

  20. Anyone know if Zoe Deschanel has ever spoken about gun control? Because I’m watching her episode of Who Do You Think You Are? and we’re learning about the Battle of Christiana (her family’s property was the site of the battle). If anyone can possibly be in favor of gun control after learning about this, they’re either retarded or evil.

    Incidentally, the battle happened on September 11.

    1. Zooey? Yup, Pro Gun Control

      1. Well, else the slaves will get out of control, right?

      2. I dare someone to Tweet her if she thinks William Parker (who was an escaped slave that rented land from Zooey’s ancestors) should be allowed to own guns.

        1. Well, just do it, KK, and see.

          Apparently we don’t know if she is pro gun rights, or not, right?

          Purple Willy, up above, who SF’d the link, seems to think no.

            1. Fine, I demand a plan.

              I then demand that you shitcan it.

  21. OK, the constant self linking to Reason 24/7 instead of actual sources is ridiculous enough, but this is really too far- the link labeled “From DVICE:” is actually, you guessed it, not a link to, you know, DVICE (which would be useful) but instead goes back to… Reason 24/7!

    1. Look, we don gots no edit button. What u bitchin bout?

  22. It could put a lodge under the skin and cause a very bad infection.

  23. OT: Actually caught a glimpse of a female wearing a shirt that said “who is John Galt?” in Manhattan

    1. Never happend — that was done with the same hologram machine they used to fake the whole 9/11 thing.


      1. What really happened was the fembot got outa bed and was too lazy to do the laundry again. So she grabbed the first one of her boyfriends t-shirts off top of the hamper. And there you go.

        /This is why there are no female libertarians.

  24. Ellison not only promotes gov’t surveillance, he cheats on his row boat:
    “Oracle Team USA could face more sanctions; ETNZ’s Dalton accuses team of cheating”…..-cheating/

    1. You gonna let those Kiwis take your cup?

      1. The cup was named for the first yacht to win the race, the “America.”

        1. American team is defending it.

          1. “White girl in trouble!”

      2. Ellison’s a hard guy to like; hell yes.

        1. Ellison is a fucking asshole. He’s always been an asshole.

          I am just really happy that I don’t have to work with his shit products.

          He was the guy who came out and said something to the effect of, ‘Why does anyone need a PC? Let me store all your data, and you can pay me when you need it’.

          Asshole. Fuck Ellison.

          1. Too much to detail, but suffice to say that Ellison sweet-talked SF’s idiot-mayor (at the time; another has followed) into fronting the money for his rubber ducky race. Said mayor was ecstatic with the ‘deal’ he cut.
            The gov’t is now admitting to at least an $8M take from the taxpayers; figure at least triple that in direct costs.
            Could you please hand me the program to find the good guy?

            1. Willa Brown?

              In cases like this, I almost take the taker’s side. SF voters act like their money is a flaming garment and they’re screaming to get rid of it and throw it on the ground and stomp it.

              If Larry Ellison offers to retrieve it before it hits the ground, good for him.

              Did you see surfer Jason Greenslate on that Fox News special on food stamps? Do you realize that if he appears at one of those Townhall debates in 2016 and asks Hillary to her face if she’ll change the law back so you have to work to get food stamps that she’ll prevaricate and say “Something something close loopholes streamline the system something something” and people will still vote her back in? Although come to think of it her Republican opponent will probably answer pretty much the same way. “Something something personal responsibility we must not be heartless something something.”

              I seem to have typed a lot.

              1. “If Larry Ellison offers to retrieve it before it hits the ground, good for him.”
                If you had any acquaintance with Newsom (the idiot mayor), that’d be the default vote. And I can’t argue otherwise.

                “Did you see surfer Jason Greenslate on that Fox News special on food stamps? Do you realize that if he appears at one of those Townhall debates in 2016 and asks Hillary to her face if she’ll change the law back so you have to work to get food stamps that she’ll prevaricate and say “Something something close loopholes streamline the system something something” and people will still vote her back in?”
                I missed that entirely, but have no doubt of the suggested results.
                The SF city government is currently underwriting housing loans for ‘first responders’ who are needy; pretty sure the income threshold is $130K/yr.
                So, yes, the Hil will hint that maybe HE isn’t worthy, but many others are…

                1. If you get a chance, go to and find the show. It’s online. Or just google up a few of Greenslate’s segments. He surfs. He diddles his guitar. He eats sushi. He’s got an EBT card. I honestly can’t fault the guy for taking what taxpayers are throwing at him.

                  Underwriting loans for first responders? Honest to god, I thought some people went into those professions because of something like altruism. Exit question, have the BART drivers figured out how to get themselves classified as “first responders” yet? I’m sure at least one hypochondriac with a rash has ridden a BART train to the ER or something…..

    2. I tried to read that. Had no where near enough give-a-shit. Please explain the “charges” in the first fucking paragraph.

      1. Uh, it says:
        “Having already admitted rules violations during the America’s Cup World Series, a warm-up to this year’s regatta, the team has been described by a Cup committee as having made “an intentional effort” to circumvent the rules.”
        What ‘explanation’ do you desire?

        1. What the rule is.

          Whether they actually broke it or just “circumnavigated” it.

          1. And yes, that was a boat joke.

  25. Quick! Look at the comments! Our favorite insane e-stalker is watching!

    KizoneKaprow 2 hours ago
    The nation’s? libertarian prepper types are creaming their Dockers over this. Not that they are not also paranoid, as usual. From “It’s certainly enough to get the likes of Senator Feinstein looking into tight legal restrictions on this whole electromagnetism thing.” Sarcasm, or legitimate psychosis? With libertarians, it’s often impossible to tell.

    1. Feinstein’s no libertarian. They should check their facts.

      1. I don’t think they were claiming so. Looks to me like they’re offering an innuendo that libertarians are tin-foil hatters.
        Hey, Cyto! How about a link?

        1. Yeah, that was just a slantwise insult on my part.

  26. Whole Foods fronts a loan for people to get fish to poop in their kitchens!
    “Aquaponics–the mashup of aquaculture and hydroponics–has been rising in popularity in recent years. But is hasn’t been able to break through the subcultures of hackers, small farmers, and hobbyists to go mainstream”
    There’s a very good reason for this, as anyone who ever kept tropical fish knows well; they take a lot of damn work regardless of the claims.…..ystem.html
    (BTW, this link doesn’t show it, and the Chron buried it somewhere; wonderful photo of the backs of two guys in fish T-shirts looking across the desk at stern-looking Whole Foods guy! Yep, serious business, there)

    1. The problem, and the authorities on the subject will be the first to admit it, is that the whole ‘balanced’ system idea is completely unworkable. The only way aquaponics works is if you have a separate fish farm and a separate hydroponics farm and you use the fish farm to manufacture a concentratef fertilizer for the hydroponics farm. If you simply connect the two, you are doomed to failure.

      1. Source? Not being a dick, honestly curious. I’ve been reading on AP, and have thus far only really found the “how to do it” type stuff, but was wondering about the difficulties in maintenance and so forth.


  27. Irony:
    3 of the 4 judges on America’s Got Talent aren’t even American.

  28. Oh man. So do we let it burn, or fix the bill?…..es_fa.html

    22-year-old with life-threatening birth defects has received 24-hour care from mom all her life assisted by $1400/month from girl’s insurance, and now an Obamacare ban on parents being paid caregivers to adult children is going to force the girl into FOSTER FUCKING CARE. 455 Oregon families affected, God knows how many else nationwide.

    1. “It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself.”

      All hail the God-Emperor Barack I!

    2. Is there anything that Obama has touched that hasn’t turned to a runny pile of shit? He’s like Midas but with poo, not gold.

      1. Is there anything that Obama has touched that hasn’t turned to a runny pile of shit?

        I would have to say no. But he doesn’t care as long as his fake news media can convince the masses that he is a God.

    3. WAIT WAIT WAIT I missed something:

      Oregon bent over and submitted to Medicaid expansion, which requires compliance with federal regulations. So, let it burn? I still feel sick for that girl because I’m a heartless libertarian.

      1. Upon further thought, hell yes let it burn. It’s an HHS regulation, not a law. Nothing Republicans can do about it anyway.

        Oregonians, however, can opt back OUT of Medicaid expansion.

  29. Ladies and Gentlemen and Commentariat, since none of you fall into the first two categories: May I proudly present to you, your next governor of the sinking ship known as the State of California…CINDY “ROCKWELL-FUCKIN'” SHEEHAN!!!!!!!

    Liberal activist Cindy Sheehan, the activist mother of a slain Iraq solider who ran as the vice presidential candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party alongside Roseanne Barr, announced last week that she’s throwing her hat in the ring for a shot at being the next governor of California.

    Speaking at a Green Party rally in Wisconsin, Miss Sheehan proudly declared that she’s a Socialist, and she’s “not going to be ashamed to say it,” first reported.

    “One of my biggest inspirations is President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela,” she added, receiving applause. “He convinced [citizens] that they could take power into their own hands and work with him to improve their own lives, and that’s what happened.”

    Long live the People’s Revolution! Long live the People’s Democratic Republic of California!

    1. I’m really happy for her, not everyone can parlay a dead kid into a promising political career. I mean, hell, she got to share the stage with Rosanne Barr!

      1. Because she’s the governor California deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll mock her. Because she can take it. Because she’s not our governor. She’s a deranged loon. A bloody-shirt waver. A Socialist Candidate.

      2. I finally actually read the excerpt. Generally, the mere words “Cindy Sheehan” are all you need to see.

        Hugo Chavez convinced Venezuelans to take power into their own hands and work with him to improve their lives, and that’s what happened? Wooooooooo

        1. Nothing says high quality of life like a good toilet paper shortage.

          1. I’m sure the trees are celebrating.

            1. so is Sheryl Crowe.

    2. Hmmm, usually I write in Mickey Mouse, but Cindy Sheehan is tempting.

    3. Cali isn’t happening for me.

      You know, it’s weird, although thankfully, it’s stopped now.

      But a couple of years ago, I was having these dreams that I, and my wife, moved back to Cali. Me back, because I lived there for 5 years. She’s never been there.

      Anyway, I want to go back and visit the old hood, in Simi Valley, and take her there, but ye gawds, MD is bad enough, and I can’t wait to get out of here, but fuck Cali, outside of a place to visit.

      1. Simi Valley is gorgeous, the Reagan Library is addicting. You’d best stay away because Satan has powers.

  30. Simi Valley is gorgeous

    I know, man, I know. It’s why I want my wife to see it. I told her that every day there that I remember was a beautiful day. I don’t remember it ever raining there, except at night.

    Not sure how impressed she will be though, being from an equatorial climate, with spectacular flora and beaches. I’ve never been there when there wasn’t sun at least part of the day, although, it does rain a lot, and is very humid. I like that climate, though, there seems to be a lot of oxygen in the air or something that is energizing.

    1. She might like the views. The sweeping hills.

  31. omg

    18 feared trapped as Indian submarine explodes, sinks at naval dockyard…..sinks-466/

    What a way to die.

    1. Russian-made diesel-electric. Apparently not the first fire/explosion for that boat, either.

      I hope they save as many people as possible. Submarine fires are no joke; the smoke has nowhere to go when submerged and it’s not much better surfaced.

  32. Unfortunately, the Commonwealth of Virginia classifies in code anything that emits a projectile as a firearm regardless of it’s method. That would include airguns, railguns, and even slingshots. Not that it’s normally enforced, but they can use it against you if you piss them off for some other reason.

  33. 182 comments, and no one mentioned “Eraser?”

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