North Carolina

North Carolina Governor Signs Voter ID Law, State Gets Sued

That was fast!


North Carolina Gov. Patrick McCrory has signed a sweeping voting reform bill that imposes strict photo identification requirements on the state's 4.5 million voters, rolls back the early voting period and repeals one-stop registration during early voting.

Almost immediately following the signing, civil rights groups filed lawsuits in federal court challenging the law.

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  1. I like the part about not accepting out of state valid driver’s licenses even though in NC you can’t get a drivers license without insurance and if you don’t own a car, you can’t get insurance. And, to get a NC non-driver ID you ARE allowed to use your out of state drivers license as documentation – you just have to pay for it…

    Oh – and ANY registered NC voter can challenge another registered voter’s eligibility… WTF IS THAT?

    I lived here in NC for 3 years before I was finally able to get a NC drivers license because my car was registered to my father and I couldn’t insure the car since it was registered in NJ. The car had to be fully paid off and titled over to me before I could register here, get NC insurance, and then get a NC driver’s license…

    So many people don’t get a NC license and keep their out of state license because of the huge hassle (or because it is impossible for them because they don’t own their car…) and they know that.

    1. By “Can’t get a license without insurance” I mean IN STATE insurance. If your car is registered out of state (and they can’t get their tax of 3% per year of the car’s value) they don’t accept out of state insurance – even if it is in your name.

      Even though my car was insured in NJ, had my name on it, and covered me in NC I couldn’t use it to get a NC license.

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