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More Meth Madness: Pharmacy Now Demanding I.D. to buy Nail Polish Remover


America, I just….I just don't know what to say. This is why you don't deserve good things, like cold medicine or nail polish remover:

CVS pharmacy customers are being asked for identification when they buy nail polish remover, WPRI 12 News reports.

The policy, which has been rolled out across southern New England in the past few weeks, means customers must show ID and will be limited on the number of bottles of remover they can purchase, according to the station.

The drugstore chain says the rule is an attempt to curb the making of illegal methamphetamine, and issued this statement, according to the station:

"Because acetone is an ingredient used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine, we recently implemented a policy that a valid ID must be presented to purchase acetone-containing products such as nail polish remover…

In Boston, journalist Rachel Rohr recounted for WBUR

 how her routine trip to a CVS for vitamins and nail polish remover was affected by the new policy.

According to her first-person account, Rohr says an error message appeared on the screen during her self-checkout.  She received a slip of paper that read, "Products containing acetone/iodine cannot be purchased at the self-checkout. Please see associate for assistance."

"The saleslady overseeing self-checkout sprang into action and walked over to the register clucking, 'New state laws, driving us crazy.' Another sales associate chimed in, 'Meth,' and shook her head," Rohr writes.

Luckily it ain't a law…yet.

When contacted by Rohr, a CVS spokesman acknowledged it's a store policy. "We are in the process of implementing this chainwide, beginning a few weeks ago. We had already been requiring ID in states where you must be at least 18 to purchase acetone products," CVS' Michael DeAngelis wrote, according to Rohr.

LAist, which reports CVS is going to start doing this in California as well, gives some background that indicates that, with so many idiotic things in the market, it's a likely reaction to government bullshit:

The decision appears to be a proactive one on the part of CVS, The Huffington Post reports: In 2010, the chain agreed to pay $77.6 million to settle a federal lawsuit after it acknowledged that it had sold pseudoephedrine to criminals who used it to make meth.

I blogged the other day about proggies' impotent rage over the fact that in places in America, you don't need to pay off a licensed physician cartel member to buy cold medicine.


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  1. Acetone. These motherfuckers are trying to restrict acetone now. Acetone. I go away for a few days, and the world gets this dumb this quick?

    1. Srsly.

      I mean, that shit you can get by the gallon at a home improvement store?


      1. It’s like $7 a gallon at home depot for 100% pure acetone. Why would anyone bother with 4 oz bottles of impure, colored, scented acetone?

        1. How much longer will you be able to buy that?

          1. About as long as paintbrushes need to be cleaned and parts need to be degreased. So, if these evil fucks have their way, a few more years.

            1. Just think of the fees they will make when you have to be a licensed painter to purchase it.

              Someone is making some money somewhere, and we have to make sure only people who pay us can do that.

            2. yeah, just like lye which went away because of meth lavs too.

  2. There are about 4 or 5 drugstore chains in the DC area. Guess which one I won’t be shopping at now?

    1. Just wait until CVS calls their friends in the statehouse to make sure every drug store chain is looking out for public safety the way they are.

      1. Yep, if they feel heat on this from consumers it will just give other stores an unfair advantage. Can’t have that.

    2. CVS took over my world. They bought out all of the Long’s, Sav-on, and Walgreens here…

      1. I know. I’m pretty much going to have to go to Walmart to avoid CVS. Which sucks not because I hate Walmart, but I really don’t want to stand in line behind someone with 10000 items when I just need bandaids or something.

      2. Here there’s always a walgreens and a CVS directly across the street from each other.

  3. How am I supposed to purify my cocaine now? Oh, I guess I could just buy acetone from an online chemical supply company.

    Unfortunately, this seems to be CVS trying to prevent the Feds from fucking them for selling a legal product. Again.

    1. This is it – second to last paragraph in the article. They got fucked hard a couple years ago, and they’re being scared sheep now to [hopefully] prevent recurrence.

      I feel sorry for them, frankly. The govt makes them enforce laws – why is that on a pharmacy? or any other business?

      Oh, I think we know why…… /fytw

    2. Just use gasoline–it’s what the pros use.

  4. Meth is the new weed. It needs to be stamped out at all costs.

    1. The only reason it does any damage is because of the fact that the people who make it can’t get it pure enough. Legalize speed again and the problem would be solved.

      1. This thread needs more Heisenberg jokes.

        1. Say my name.

      2. Exactly. Amphetamine was OTC – OTC in the 1950’s, and nobody’s faces were being melted off. Where does that come from?

        1. I like to think of myself as an educated, science-positive kinda guy who doesn’t say, “ZOMG Chemicalz!”

          But reading about meth production makes me…uneasy in that very regard.

          1. Do you believe it’s actually the meth, or unreacted lye and/or un-reacted red phosphorus and/or whatever other shit goes into meth that causes the face melting?

            1. I am sure that if it were legal it would be safe.

            2. Ooh, science experiment!

              Let’s pour unreacted lye on one half of Baked Penguin’s face, and unreacted red phosphorus on the other half, and see wich half melts more!

            3. Peter Gabriel was on meth??

      3. “I’m takin’ little white pills and my eyes are open wide…”

        1. “…I don’t see a cop in sight…”

  5. Isn’t meth made by the ton in Mexico? And of course if I were in the meth business in southern New England, maybe I could just drive to New Jersey to get my supplies?

    1. Sort of – The crackdown on psuedoephdrine in cold medicine pushed the production into Mexico for a short while (where pseudoephedrine and acetone are easy to get) but the new ‘shake-and-bake’ method has shifted production *again* back to large numbers of small scale producers all over the country.

      1. It is so pathetic. They haven’t stopped a single person from obtaining meth.

        1. Doing things that have been proven not to work is apparently how you show you care about the children.

          1. We must do SOMETHING!

      2. One of Chapo Guzman’s specialties is supply chain logistics. His organization was able to buy the precursors directly from factories in Thailand and China by the boatload.

  6. Do they just make this up? Couldn’t they just restrict anything by claiming it’s in meth? Like, I dunno, 32 oz Cokes?

    1. Bloomberg should have tried this angle.

    2. Nobody NEEDS 32 ounces of Cola.

    3. Don’t give them ideas, the ‘shake and bake’ method uses an empty bottle as the reacting container. While any container will work, it’s just the sort of justification they’d go for.

  7. why would you shop at CVS? do people do that?

    1. Stop othering us, Walgreen’s lackey!

  8. why would you shop at CVS? do people do that?

    1. Why would you post comments twice? Do people do that?

      1. I’ve had squirrels cause me to do that before.

  9. Who the fuck makes their own meth? And if you do, all of the precursors are available on the Silk Road as well as some very pure meth.


  10. A Simple and Convenient Synthesis of Psudoephedrine from N-Methylamphetamine

    Moreover,according to government maintained statistics, Nmethylmphetamine is becoming an increasingly attractive starting material for pseudoephedrine, as the availability of Nmethylmphetamine has remained high while prices have dropped and purity has increased [2].

    1. Well, great, that oughta last about a year or so.

  11. Just substitute 2-propanone. It’ll work just as well…

    1. P2P is extremely difficult to get a hold of. However, P2NP (Phenyl-2-nitropropene) is much easier to come across.

  12. I actually use acetone, not to make meth or remove nail polish but to dissolve cyanoacrylate glue as part of one of my hobbies (lapidary work). Nobody in his right mind who wants acetone in quantity is going to get it by buying nail polish remover, given that you can buy the stuff by the quart from paint stores. Checking online, Home depot sells it for $7.48 a quart.


  13. Dude so knows whats going on over there. Wow.


  14. I believe SugarFree posted this in AM Links, yet there is no hat-tip for him. I am impotently outraged on his behalf

  15. I recently overheard a Walgreen’s clerk telling a guy they require a driver’s license for certain shit and do not accept state ids unless the id says the person is disabled and can’t drive.

  16. I’m done for the night. I can’t read another word on this site or I’ll be too angry to sleep.

    By coincidence, I was planning to remove my nail polish and give myself a pedicure to relax.

  17. Here’s the conversation I had at CVS several years ago when I went in to buy a box of insulin syringes, which do NOT require a prescription in Florida:

    Spartacus: I need a box of the 26 gauge syringes

    CVS Pharm-Dork:Do you have a prescription?

    S: I thought you didn’t need a prescription

    CVSPD: Well, what do you want them for?

    S: I have a diabetic cat.

    CVSPD: Why don’t you get them from your vet?

    S: I can, but they cost about 3x as much because she doesn’t have them in bulk. This is a lot cheaper.

    CVSPD: Do you have a statement from your vet?

    S: No. Do I need one?

    CVSPD: Well, you have to have a legitimate reason for buying them.

    S: I already told you.

    CVSPD: I can’t just sell them to anyone who asks.

    S: Never mind.

    So, I went to the Walgreen’s a few blocks down the road, and got a box with no hassles, and bought them for years at Walgreen’s with no hassles (cat died a couple of years ago). CVS sucks shit-caked donkey dicks, and they can burn in hell as far as I am concerned. If a bearded man walked in there with a taped-up pressure cooker and a backpack, I would point him to the pharmacy counter.

  18. Why not just legalize everything and let the hard-core abusers Darwinize themselves?

  19. I have a CVS nearby that had what I thought was a pretty good deal on cigarettes – buy two packs, get 20 cents off on each. Well, there were a couple of Mexicans working there who were cheating me. When I tried to explain, and get them to sell me the smokes at their advertised price, they just stonewalled me.

    I stormed out in disgust, proclaiming, “Well, Fuck You if you don’t want my money!”

    I’ll never go to a CVS again. Luckily, there’s a Rite-Aid a couple of blocks further down the street, who not only has employees who speak American English, but they’ve got the best deal on Alkaline batteries I’ve ever seen.

    Lousy price on cigarettes, but a few blocks the other direction there’s an Arco/AMPM that has a better cigarette price anyway.

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