Joe Biden Doesn't Want a Bunch of Rand Pauls and Ted Cruzes Elected to Congress in 2014

Better than an endorsement?


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You're probably doing something right if Joe Biden uses the threat of more of you in Washington as a fundraising tool. The latest fundraising e-mail comes from Joe Biden, via the Democratic National Committee:

Edward —

I've been in politics for a while now, but I've never seen anything quite like this.

A group of freshmen senators are running the show in the Republican Party—that is not hyperbole.

You should see what these guys are doing now. They're asking their Republican colleagues to sign a pledge to shut down the federal government unless we defund Obamacare.

Now these aren't bad guys, but I want you to think about this: not only are they still trying to get rid of health care reform—they're willing to use the entire federal government as a bargaining chip to get it done.
That's what we're dealing with in Washington right now, and it's unprecedented in my lifetime.

Make no mistake—one thing we don't need is to let the Republicans outrun us in 2014, and elect a bunch more people to the House and Senate who think, act, and vote the way Ted Cruz and Rand Paul do.

Chip in $3 or more right now and help build the organization that's going to stop these guys:




Members of Congress on both sides, meanwhile, were worried staffers would jump ship if Obamacare were imposed on them without a "fix" to save them money.

Joe should read Reason on Obamacare implementation so far and Reason on Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.