Cops Shoot Armed Fourteen-Year-Old Who Was Allegedly Shooting At Others

Dead 14-year-old shot a round either at cops or the man who ran passed them after police ordered him to drop his weapon


A rookie police officer shot and killed a 14-year-old boy on a street early on Sunday after he refused to drop his gun and pointed it in the direction of officers, authorities said.

Shaaliver Douse died of a single gunshot to his jaw after the confrontation in the Melrose section of the Bronx.


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    By: The Most Holy Reverend Jesse Jackson, Bishop Al Sharpton, Ayatollah Louis Farrakahn, Professor Melissa Harris, Maya Angelou, and The Black Eyed Peas

    Today we are confronted with a crime against Humanity.

    Shaaliver Douse.

    We are raciallly profiling him as black given that fantabulous name. Shizzle for real. Incidentally Shaaliver is the Zambian word from which the French derive their word “Knight”, Chevalier.

    And we are telling you that cop is white, even if he is not. He may look black, latino, or asian – but in his heart he will be assuredly a crazy ass cracka.

    So it seems like we have yet another example of white America stand your ground racism, taking us back to when the Bronx was the OK Coral and Crosses Burned in Echo Park and Brother Martin preached in Central Park and the Klan shot RFK and Madison Square Garden.

    I be telling you people, it’s like Selma all over again. All day every day!

    Something must be done.

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