Bradley Manning Judge Listens to Testimony on Damage Done, RNC Threatens to Pull Debates Over Hillary Clinton Documentaries, Court Rules Against "I :heart: Boobies" Bracelet School Ban: P.M. Links


  • missing the obey one
    Alia Holle/

    The judge in the Bradley Manning trial is hearing testimony on what kind of damage the private's leaks have done to diplomatic relations and intelligence-sharing, and is expected to rule on whether she'll hear arguments about future potential damage.

  • Oh look. Those state of the union goals President Obama set aren't going anywhere.
  • The RNC is threatening to pull its presidential primary debates off NBC and CNN if they air planned documentaries on Hillary Clinton, widely believed to be running for president in 2016.
  • Forty three Democrat politicians in New Jersey have endorsed Republican Chris Christie in his gubernatorial re-election bid this year.
  • San Diego's mayor, Bob Filner, is now facing accusations of sexual harassment from ten women.
  • A federal appeals court ruled a Pennsylvania school district couldn't ban "I <3 Boobies" bracelets meant to promote breast cancer awareness.
  • Bashar Assad says Syria's ongoing civil war is going to be settled on the battlefield.

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