MLB Not Negotiating With Alex Rodriguez Anymore

A-Rod claims MLB and the Yankees are conspiring to void his contract


Alex Rodriguez's plea for a lighter punishment in the Biogenesis case has apparently been unsuccessful, with the New York Daily News reporting Saturday that Major League Baseball has rejected requests from the troubled New York Yankees third baseman's representatives to continue negotiations regarding a possible settlement of his looming suspension. 

According to the report, MLB's refusal to continue talks was prompted by comments Rodriguez made regarding his situation following Friday's rehab game with the Trenton Thunder, the Yankees' Double-A affiliate. 

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  2. Why don’t you cover that NFL player who has run into trouble for using the N word?

    While it’s pretty clear he’s a racist scumbag, he has the right to be a racist scumbag on his off time.

    1. The league and his team, and teammates, also have the right not to like him much.

      Not sure what the libertarian dog in this fight is. Wait, dog…fight…hm.

    2. A lot of this is that Congress felt the need to interfere in baseball’s private steroidy affairs during the Bush administration, so there’s at least a conspirator’s chance that the current MLB witch hunt is related to or intended to stave off congressional pressure.

      So, like everything from the price of corn at the grocery store to the clothes you wear to the house you live in, the state is changing the course of MLB, even if it never directly interferes in its business again.

  3. ARod is a bust anyway.

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