Boston Police Commish Reportedly Considered for DHS Secretary

Says he's open to it


Boston police commissioner Edward F. Davis is beginning to be mentioned as a candidate for the next secretary of homeland security, with speculation in Washington and Boston suggesting that he may be in the mix for the prominent federal post.

Senators, who expect President Obama to announce his nomination within the next few weeks, have been told that the White House is vetting "a handful of people" for the position, according to a Senate source familiar with the talks but who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The White House would neither confirm nor deny whether Davis is on a list of candidates. But as the commissioner has become a fixture in Washington in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, he has gained a reputation as a no-nonsense cop who encouraged Congress to seek more answers on whether the FBI was doing enough to share its intelligence information.

(Hat tip to RightNut)