Democratic Party

Civil Libertarian Democrats Seek a Leader

Since they're at odds with their party's establishment


[W]ell more than half the House Democratic conference voted to defund a surveillance program overseen by a president of their own party. That's a pretty stunning fact that has gotten lost in the current debate.

So why hasn't this issue played out on the Democratic side like it has on the Republican side (i.e. in full view)?

Put plainly: It's a movement in search of a leader. There isn't one big nationally known player on the left that is pushing this issue in a way that Paul is on the right.


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  1. The real question is how Tony and PBP will react to such a leader in the jackass party. It will force them into a paradox loop because it will force them to violate their 4th directive, but I doubt they would electrocute themselves to overcome that programming.

  2. What does the first post mean? Did I miss something — who the heck is Tony? Whaaaaa?

    Anyways, the Dems have a great civil liberties leader in Ron Wyden. He just needs to get some help, for crying out’ loud.

    1. +1

      I have NO idea what Tony and PBP are. I also don’t know what the 4th directive is.

      What’s a Ron Wyden?

      1. Tony and Palin’s Buttplug (also known as shrike) are the two primary Obama defenders who post at Reason.

        Tony at least admits he’s a Team Blue partisan, while Buttplug claims to be 96% libertarian or something.

        The 4th directive is……..I’m guessing it’s a RoboCop reference? The directive that told RoboCop he couldn’t arrest a senior exec of the corporation that created him. “Dick – you’re fired!”

        1. Norman, coordinate!

  3. I know! Obama can be the civil libertarian on the Dem side!

  4. Or it could be because Team Blue couldn’t serve up all that delicious social justice and fairness in a Libertarian world. Smaller government is a problem when government is your answer to all problems. Besides the only civil liberties that the Left really fights for are the ability to smear the right, burn flags, and fuck whatever they want. Free speech doesn’t apply to competing ideas, i.e. PC.

    1. Well said!
      When I saw the headline, “Civil Libertarian Democrats”, I almost blew water out my nose with uncontrollable laughter..
      I will remember not to read headlines while drinking again.

      1. They exist, but only when a Republican is in the white house.

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