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Matthew Feeney Discusses Rand Paul and Intervention in Syria on RT


Yesterday, I spoke on RT about Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and the arming of rebels in Syria.

Paul has been a critic of plans to arm rebels in Syria. However, despite the concerns Paul and some of his colleagues on Capitol Hill have about weapons potentially ending up in the hands of Al Qaeda-linked groups like Jabhat al-Nusra, it appears that the Obama administration will be moving forward with plans to arm rebels in Syria.

Watch below:

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  1. And that asshole Charlie Wilson continues to fuck us from beyond the grave.

    1. I hope we sign an extradition treaty with Russia while Brzezinski is still alive, so we can send him first.

    Here, have some weapons…

  3. I enjoyed the take by Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish):

    Rarely has there been a policy as universally supported in Washington and as universally rejected by Americans of all ages, races, genders, incomes and religions as the proposal to send weapons to the Syrian terrorists.

    The college educated and those who made it through the basic twelve, Protestants and Catholics, those making under 50K and those making over 100K, callow 18-year-olds and superannuated seniors, all came together to oppose an insane policy of giving weapons to terrorists who are certain to use them against us.

    They came to this novel conclusion without a thorough grounding in foreign policy, without having ever read one of those massive tomes that outgoing secretaries of state throw together to explain their failures, and without even being told anything true and meaningful about the Free Syrian Army. The only analytical tool at their disposal was their common sense.

  4. Why do you guys go on Vladimir Putin’s propaganda organ? C’mon.

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