Barack Obama

Obama to Make Another Speech on the Economy

Talkifying to recovery


John Eskridge knows what he wants to hear President Barack Obama say when he returns to Galesburg, Illinois, on Wednesday for what the White House has billed as a major economic address.

This town where plants once rolled out refrigerators, ovens, lawnmowers and other stock furnishings of the American home has been hit hard by globalization, losing factories that gave generations of people good jobs right out of high school.

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  1. “John Eskridge knows what he wants to hear President Barack Obama say when he returns to Galesburg”

    Without even clicking through I can guess what he wants to hear. “It is the responsibility of the government to find a job for you, and to make sure you don’t have to move in order to find it!”

    Clickthrough and … BINGO!

    “‘Something’s coming here, and we’re bringing jobs to Galesburg.’ That’s what I’d like to hear”

    He then left to attend a rally protesting against corporate welfare and the evils of big business and to demand more government regulations.

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