Video Released of Football Player Arrested for Barking at Police Dog

Wouldn't a warning have been enough?


On the same day the Alachua County Sheriff's Office released the dashboard camera video of the Sunday morning of arrest of University of Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison, Sheriff Sadie Darnell said the arresting deputy should have given the 19-year-old a warning for barking at a police dog instead of placing him under arrest.

Darnell also said the arrest was a split-second decision during chaos.

The video footage does not show Morrison barking at Deputy William Arnold's K-9, but it does show Morrison walking past the vehicle with a small group of males before being beckoned by Arnold and then quickly being placed under arrest as multiple officers converged on him. Morrison appeared to tense his arms initially but quickly acquiesced as his head was placed against the hood of the police vehicle and cuffs appeared to be placed on his arms behind his back. Morrison can be seen throughout the arrest turning his head and speaking to the officers.