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In Hawaii, Gun Ownership Rises as Violent Crime Declines

Cause and effect?


Hawaii firearms registrations shot up more than 70 percent in 2012, while gun violence continued a four-year decline, according to a new state Department of the Attorney General report.

"While there has been a tremendous increase in firearm registration activity in Hawaii since 2000, the annual trends for both the number of firearm-related violent crimes and the proportion of violent crimes involving firearms relative to other weapon types remained stable within a low and narrow range through 2007, and decreased substantially from 2008 through 2012, during which time registration activity increased the most sharply," the Department of the Attorney concluded.

Officials processed a record 21,864 state and county firearm permits in 2012, the report found. One year before, that number was 15,375.

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  1. like every other state

  2. It’s surprising that a Brit wasn’t more familiar ( ???? ????? ??? ??????? ) with the role of slavery in US history, and how guns made it possible. Or how the second amendment to the constitution was sought by fearful slave holders who needed a guarantee that they had the means to enforce their regime on a population who vastly outnumbered them.???? ????? ???? ???????

    I remember reading how historians today question our view of the ancient world. We’ve all seen Charlston Heston, (coincidentally a gun advocate) slaving away in Egypt building pyramids. They now figure that the labour force was voluntary. Unless the Egyptian overseers had something more than whips and spears, they didn’t have the wherewithall to force so many into doing the things that bugged Heston so much, like working until they dropped dead from exhaustion. Guns would have done the trick.

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  4. And it embarrasses his whole world view! Because he’s supposed to be the champion of the downtrodden! He’s supposed to be the one sticking up for the little man! He’s supposed to be the one sticking up for the oppressed! But we pull the rug right out from under that lie, and once he realizes that he’s actually been arguing on the side of the oppressors his whole life, it drives him to troll and hate. I mean, seriously, is there a better explanation for someone going around on the internet trying to convince black people that their rights don’t really exist–in the name of civil rights?In 1962 the FAA came up with a 10-year plan for automation of the ATC system. With a congressional mandate to accomplish the task within 10 years, the FAA plowed ahead, basing the system on IBM 7090 computers?which even IBM protested would be obsolete by the time they were installed and?Raytheon radar displays of a relatively unproven design. ???? ?????? ??????? ???????

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