Henchman Accuses Whitey Bulger of Pedophilia

Amid all the murder accusations


During the seven weeks of his trial, James "Whitey" Bulger has been called a murderer, drug dealer and, most galling to the former Boston mob boss, a "rat," for informing the FBI about other criminal gangs so he could operate with impunity.

On Tuesday, Bulger's former right-hand man hit the 83-year-old defendant with another accusation: "pedophilia."

Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi, who testified that Bulger killed his step-daughter, was being cross-examined about his sexual relationship with the woman 22 years younger than him. After Bulger's attorney asked him whether he was a pedophile, Flemmi cracked and said his ex-boss also had a relationship with a substantially younger girl.