U.S. Spy Agency Employee On the Run Internationally From His Crimes; Wicked Cold War Relic Nation Offers Refuge


I know you are all tired of hearing about this sort of thing, but employee of U.S. spy agency the CIA, Robert Lady, has been on the run internationally for his crimes--being involved in the planning of kidnapping a Muslim cleric in Italy and dragooned off to Egypt. 

He's actually already been tried and convicted (in abstentia) in Italy, and was arrested this week in Panama.

But, before justice could be served via extradiction to the country where his crime were committed, great Cold War-era behemoth the United States of America has stepped in and appears to be offering this international criminal refuge, according to today's Washington Post:

A former CIA operative detained in Panama this week at the request of Italian authorities over his conviction in the 2003 kidnapping of Muslim cleric in Milan was released on Friday morning and was aboard a flight to the United States, U.S. officials said.

Robert Seldon Lady's release from Panama appeared to avert the possibility that he would be extradited to Italy…

"It's our understanding that he's on a plane en route to the United States right now," a senior Obama administration official said. It was not immediately clear what steps the United States had taken to secure Lady's release.

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