Utah Educators Push Back Against Proposal From State Senator To End Compulsory Education

Warn that implementing such a plan would create a "subclass of illiterates"


Utah educators question state Sen. Aaron Osmond's assertion that the state shouldn't force students to go to school, saying they are concerned about children who might miss out on an education or forfeit help with other challenges.

The South Jordan Republican raised his proposal on the state Senate blog Friday.

"In a country founded on the principles of personal freedom and unalienable rights, no parent should be forced by the government to send their child to school under threat of fines and jail time," he wrote.

Sen. Howard Stephenson, the chair of the committee overseeing school spending, said Wednesday the concept is worth investigating. The current "factory model" of educating all students under the same requirements is not working, he said.

"There's a lot of benefits and risks" to the idea, said Stephenson, R-Draper.

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