President Defends Obamacare: It's Doing What It's Designed to Do

Glitches unavoidable Obama says


Acknowledging there will be "glitches" in the ongoing rollout of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama on Thursday brought Obamacare supporters to the White House to stress that the law is already saving consumers money.

Obamacare, the president said, is "doing what it's designed to do—deliver more choices, better benefits, a check on rising costs."

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  1. “It’s doing what it’s designed to do”

    Securing the re-election of Democrats to congress? No, I’m pretty sure it is failing even at this.

    Allowing us to claim that Government has its Top Men solving your problems, while managing to not actually solve your problems, thus allowing us to win future elections by promising even more government intervention? Ding, ding, ding, we have the winner!

  2. It’s Doing What It’s Designed to Do’

    That’s a relief.

    I thought it was an unplanned clusterfuck.

    It’s good to have TOP MEN in charge.

  3. “President Defends Obamacare: It’s Doing What It’s Designed to Do”

    Hey, document that bug and it’s now a feature!
    Wouldn’t be the first time the specs were changed to suit the design. Problem here is that the thing can bankrupt the country.

    1. This would really simplify the job of validation:

      Expected Result: Premiums decline
      Actual Result: Premiums increase
      Pass/Fail: PASS

      Expected Result: Deficit declines
      Actual Result: Deficit increases
      Pass/Fail: PASS

      Expected Result: Fewer uninsured Americans
      Actual Result: More uninsured Americans
      Pass/Fail: PASS

      Expected Result: Democrats win congressional and presidential elections for the next generation
      Actual Result: See error log
      Pass/Fail: FAIL

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