New Abortion Restrictions Could Send Texas Women to Mexico For Cheap OTC Abortion Pill

Misoprostol's known as "the pill that brings a woman's period back" in Mexico


As a result of recent Texas legislation restricting abortion practices, more Texas women might turn to a shady miscarriage-inducing pill that is widely available across the Rio Grande border.

Misoprostol, locally coined as the pill "that brings a woman's period back," can easily be found at pharmacies immediately beyond the Texas-Mexico border, as well as under the rug at some Texas flea markets. 

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  1. “Paired with a steroid, the drug is used in legal abortive practices within the first nine weeks of pregnancy with a 95 percent success rate. It is also used to prevent gastric ulcers.”

    In other words, it will make no difference since the restrictions are only to ban abortion after 20 weeks & make clinics follow basic medical safety standards.. It won’t even effect anyone at that stage of the pregnancy other than to make them safer.

    Sorry but that article is just another liberal attempt to link ‘danger’ to a law they don’t like when there is none.

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