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Most Illinois Localities Pass on Opportunity To Ban "Assault Weapons"

The chance to pass bans disappears after this week


With just a few days to go before they'll no longer have the option, suburban leaders have largely declined to enact assault weapons bans, leaving future decisions on the topic in the hands of county or state leaders.

A new law that will eventually allow Illinoisans to carry concealed weapons in public also set midnight Friday as a deadline for suburbs to enact restrictions on so-called assault weapons and define what qualifies.

Existing bans like ones in Cook County and Aurora can remain in place under the law, and the Cook County Board is looking to add dozens of guns to the list it considers assault weapons and therefore banned at a meeting today.

But starting this weekend, any town or county that doesn't have an assault weapons ban can't make a new one.

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  1. A rifle doesn’t have to have wood and shiny steel to be pretty.

    Just aesthetically my favorite configuration is the old-school look pre-A2 model. The triangular hand guard and the solid stock is all riiiight!

    1. Flat-top varmint with a bull barrel and a scope for me. Still coveting that one, though.

      Any bets on if they ban ones people currently own legally?

  2. I’m not a fan of the newer forestocks that look like they’re made out of legos. I find them rough on the hands, especially out hunting on cold winter mornings. Just because of my own comfort and sense of style, I made a set of burnt-grain hickory stocks for mine in the pre-A1 style, and gave the gun itself a Cerakote in ghost gray.

  3. No love for the Russian guns? Every time I break down a Tula SKS or Izmash Ak for maintenance, Im amazed by the simplicity and how it all works so well together.

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