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Brickbat: Cool, Clear Water


Kora Blagden says her 10-year-old son Luke came home from school complaining he was dehydrated. Even though it was a hot day, staff at Charles Dickens Primary School in Portsmouth, England, had told him not to drink from his water bottle lest he upset another student who was fasting for Ramadan. Headmaster Craig Duncan says no students were prevented from drinking water but they were warned to be respectful of classmates who could not.

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  1. “Mmmmm…there’s nothing like a refreshing glass of water to water down my BLT sandwich…would you like some of my lunch, Yusuf? Oh, I forgot, your religion won’t permit it…all right, then, I’ll just have it all myself….”

    1. I used to work for a Saudi and we often went to lunch. Without fail I would be hounding him to go to lunch several times during Ramadan. He just kept looking at me like I was a dumbass…as I was and could never remember, so he made a calendar invite for the entire time, during lunch, that said “DON’T ASK! JUST GO!

      He is one of the better people I have worked for too.

  2. Am I the only one hoping for a wet t-shirt?

    1. Hey, there’ll be none of *that* during Ramadan, neither!

      1. I see the potential for a runner up to lobster girl. Speaking of which, will she be on the cruise this time? I ain’t gong on that cruise unless Baily promises to buy be a globally warmed drink and Lobster Girl is there.

  3. Let’s hope the school showed the educational video, too:

  4. What are the chances that the Ramadan kid doesn’t give a shit if the other kids drink water in his vicinity, but rather it’s the teacher who is for some inexplicable reason offended…?

    1. Exactly. This is Britain. They’ve already volunteered for dhimmitude.

  5. Not entirely clear this is Brickbat-worthy. Could be several scenarios:

    1) The non-Muslim kid was being a dick and mocking the Muslim kid, and the teacher asked him to be more polite.

    2) The Muslim kid was being dickish and insisting others not drink around him.

    3) The teacher was being too PC, and more or less politely asked the non-Muslim kid to be more respectful, and that kid didn’t have the stones to tell her to fuck off.

    4) The teacher gave what sounded like an order, but technically phrased as a request, with the implication that not following the “request” might result in detention.

    1. I’m thinking probably 3, but maybe 4. And most kids that age won’t talk back to a teacher, so I wouldn’t blame him.

  6. So rather than have a nice teachable moment about freedom of religion, we get this.

  7. “be respectful of children who could not”

    Did their parents sew their mouths shut or something? I’m pretty sure that should read ‘children who choose not to drink water.’

  8. Hey kid, if you want to drink that water, you need to go hide in the closet an do it.

  9. If you eat pork in front of a Jew, you’re worse than Hitler.

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