Air Force: Combat Units Grounded by Cuts Set To Fly Again

About a third of all combat planes will resume flights


The US Air Force says combat units that were grounded in April over deep budget cuts will return to flight.

Air Combat Command said affected planes in the US, Europe and the Pacific, about a third of all combat aircraft, would be airborne again on Monday.

The Thunderbirds demonstration team, the equivalent of the British Red Arrows, will also start flying again.

The move comes after Congress allowed the Pentagon to shift $1.8bn (£1.1bn) from lower priority accounts.

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  2. Ya know …. if an intelligent being were in charge, she’d have taken the hint when the Air Farce stopped flying combat missions and realized the military is too goddamned big, overkill for any self-defense mission, and scaled it back accordingly. “Oh, we don’t need 1/3 of your planes? Good, we’ll sell them to pay down the debt.”

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