Sheriff Defends DUI Stop

Two marijuana (maybe) seeds!


MURFREESBORO, Tenn.—After a six-day silence, the Rutherford County (Tenn.) Sheriff said he fully supports Deputy A.J. Ross' actions in the DUI checkpoint video posted by the Libertarian Party that went viral.

The video, filmed by Middle Tennessee State University student Chris Kalbaugh as he was stopped at a Tennessee Highway Patrol DUI checkpoint, showed Ross in a verbal altercation with Kalbaugh. The video posted July 4 went viral after it was posted by libertarianrepublic.com. The junior accuses Ross of violating his constitutional rights during a checkpoint stop.

The video, Sheriff Robert Arnold said Thursday, left out Ross' discovery of marijuana shakings in Kalbaugh's door handle and two marijuana seeds in his backseat.

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  1. lol OMG – The video, Sheriff Robert Arnold said Thursday, left out Ross’ discovery of marijuana shakings in Kalbaugh’s door handle and two marijuana seeds in his backseat.

  2. Not marijuana seeds! The good thing is that there is a considerable amount of hilarity in the shear stupidity of pigs, as long as they are not hog-tying me for filming them breaking the law or shooting me for walking down the street. Good thing the nation kissed their ass for 10 years after 9/11. Way to embolden them you stupid American sheep.

  3. BS. If they had found mary jane, they would have arrested him. They are just trying to cloud the issue. And since of course they declined to press charges, they didn’t keep any evidence that could be checked to see if it was marijuana.

    The good news is, sheriff is an elected position in Rutherford Co, and come 2016, I can see both the video and the coverup getting lots of nice airtime.

  4. That guy could not have been more prototypical. He even had a jar-head cut.
    “this guy knows the constitution” in a sarcastic tone. That about sums it up.
    Stupid power hungry dopes usually do not like people with brains.
    This is going to get worse and not better unfortunately. As people wise up, the state and federal employment bureaucracy is going to ban together out of protectionistic fear and things are going to get bad for freedom. It is already happening. I wonder if this type of stuff is what leads to presidents making the protection of their armies priority number one.

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