Nancy Pelosi Trying to "Deny Reality" in Denying Obamacare Mandate Delay


welcome to the desert of the real
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First she said Congress had to pass it to find out what's in it (no they didn't). Now, in a complete break from the "reality-based community," Nancy Pelosi says the delay of the Obamacare employer mandate is actually not a delay at all.

From Fox News:

The big news on ObamaCare these past two weeks has been the administration's announcement that it will delay by one year the requirement on businesses to provide health insurance. 

Nancy Pelosi, though, had a curious take on the whole thing. Actually, she instructed reporters, "The mandate was not delayed." 

The House Democratic leader used some creative reasoning to make her case—she claimed the administration really only delayed the requirement on businesses to report insurance coverage details. 

But The Washington Post fact-checker on Friday shut it down, effectively ruling that Pelosi is trying to "deny reality." 

Not a first for Pelosi, or supporters of Obamacare who have been trying to downplay the mandate's delay. The president, meanwhile, has insisted it's all part of the plan, and Jay Careny says anyone who criticizes the delay is being "willfully ignorant." It's like every day is opposite day at the White House.

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