Former Police Chief Convicted of Assault and Battery

On his wife


Waltham Police Chief Thomas LaCroix is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday morning for attacking his wife in June 2012.

LaCroix, who was convicted in June 2013 on two misdemeanor counts of assault and battery on his wife Andrea LaCroix, faces two and a half years in jail for each count, as well as fines, according to The Boston Globe.

LaCroix is on administrative leave from the Waltham Police Department. Mayor Jeannette McCarthy recently removed LaCroix from the city's payroll.

LaCroix's attorney, Thomas Drechsler, has said prosecutors are seeking two years of probation for each count and that he would seek a shorter probation period. The sentencing hearing will begin at 9 a.m. at Concord District Court.

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  1. He’ll probably get state benefits for the rest of his life. Good to know that the scum of the earth are regularly employed to protect us from ourselves. Cut the police force in half, buy yourself a gun and have the police patrol crime prone areas.

    As an aside, I wonder why the police have yet to learn most of the laws and rights afforded to citizens, by the way. How many times can these morons get taped being ignorant of the law before the police organization considers education of the law?

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