Ronald Bailey on Glenn Beck Talking About Fracking and Climate Change


I will be on the Glenn Beck Show today talking about my recent column, "The Top 5 Lies About Fracking," and perhaps a bit on climate change temperature trends versus model projections. The show will air today at 5PM EDT.  My segment will hit sometime after the half hour mark. The show will replay at 8PM EDT. Those of you interested can go to and watch there–either live or when it's replayed. You may have to select a free trial to see it there. If you have Dish network it airs on the blaze channel.

Global satellite and weather balloon temperature trends versus climate model projections (1978 to 2025) from climatologist John Christy below.


The graphic above depicts the global lower troposphere temperature projections from 73 CMIP5 models from 1979 to 2025 compared to an average of the satellite data from UAH and RSS (blue boxes) and weather balloons (green circles) for the global lower troposphere temperatures since 1979 until now. Note nearly all the model runs project much warmer temperatures than the globe has recently experienced. The thick black line is the average projection of the 73 models.