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Chuck Hagel Joins Spending Cut Fearmongering: "Draconian Actions" Possible

But austerity could've been the best auditor for a bloated Defense Department


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Defense Department

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is doing his part to drum up opposition to the sequester and the further reductions in spending growth that may follow. Via the Army Times:

In a July 10 letter, Hagel warns of the possibility that "draconian actions" may be needed to reduce personnel costs, including halting all accessions, freezing promotions, canceling all reassignments and terminating any discretionary bonuses.

For civilian workers, he warned of hiring freezes and involuntary reductions in force.

On readiness-related accounts, training and maintenance programs would continue at low levels and "in some cases" be cut even further, and weapons modernization accounts could be cut by 15 percent to 20 percent.

The Army Times notes the Department of Defense's budget this year is already $52 billion beyond the sequestration limit. Hagel's letter comes just a few days after the "special inspector general for the reconstruction in Afghanistan" wrote his own letter to Hagel highlighting a brand new $35 million base in Afghanistan that's never going to be used by soldiers.

Austerity could be the best auditor for the Defense Department, Cato's Benjamin Friedman argued in Foreign Affairs in 2011, forcing a long overdue review of U.S. defense strategies. It's unfortunate to see Hagel instead joining the Obama Administration's sky-is-falling chorus.

And that "austerity" so far? In this fiscal year, taxes have gone up 14 percent and spending has gone down just 4. Draconian, indeed.

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  1. Even though Draco is in hell right now, I think he is predominantly pissed about the weak-ass shit that gets done under his name.

    1. Yeah, having to cut bonuses or reduce drone strikes to only 75 per day is not quite the same as being given the death penalty for a parking violation.

    2. as Christopher implied I cant believe that a mother can get paid $7319 in one month on the internet. did you read this web link.. http://WWW.CNN13.COM

  2. OT: Is this Obama Bull Market the greatest bull market of all time?

    Another record high today in the DJIA and the S/P 500. Up from 666 in March 2009 to close to 1700 now.

    1. It’s a great bubble that does nothing to reflect economic fundamentals and rests entirely on Bernanke’s verbal flourishes.

      1. What? Economic fundamentals are GREAT!

        Low interest rates, shrinking deficits, inflation DEAD, record US energy production, record profits, plenty of plant capacity, strong US Dollar, and so on.

        Really, shape up some.

        1. Ya know, that sort of bullshit my fly among your idiot friends, but it’s insulting to anyone with a brain, dipshit.

          1. Actually, my progressive “friends” hate my politics. They are all DoomandGloom too.

            “Obama is a corporatist who sold us out to the private health insurers!” Idiots like you in a way.

              1. DAFUQ?

              2. I want to know if this is The Buttplug’s blog b/c there are LOTS of pictures of shirtless guys on it.

              3. Look at this picture.


                This is what your party detests.


                1. This is what your party detests.

                  The libertarian party detests naturalized citizens? I’m confused.

                  The only context where this is true is when we are talking about how the very process of naturalizing citizens is a barrier to people freely immigrating to wherever they want.

                  The only thing a libertarian should detest about naturalizing citizens is that the state shouldn’t even be granting/refusing permission to anyone to live here in the first place.

                  1. Libertarians are Republicans, CHRISTFAG!

                    /palin’s buttfuck

                2. Palin’s Buttplug| 7.11.13 @ 7:49PM |#
                  “Look at this picture”

                  You slimy turd, why do you presume your team is favored by anyone here?
                  Go fuck your daddy.

                3. As usual, fascist Tony argues with the libertarian in his head.

            1. Ya know, that sort of bullshit my fly among your idiot friends, but it’s insulting to anyone with a brain, dipshit.

            2. Oh, and:
              “U.S. Jobless Claims Hit Two-Month High”

              1. Yeah, and working for an actual company, which makes decisions based on actual “economic indicators” – “extremely tentative business environment continues to demand caution…”

                The environment is tentative entirely b/c of the gummint, Shriek. The day your boy gets out of office – barring someone even worse (which I don’t even want to imagine) – THEN business starts to get back on track.

                1. “The environment is tentative entirely b/c of the gummint”

                  You can’t blame them, the administration itself has no idea what it might or might not impose on business, or when it might do so (look at the recent delay of the employer mandate). And boy is unpredictability like that great for long term business decisions!

                  1. “And boy is unpredictability like that great for long term business decisions!”

                    I know I just love making decisions based on rubber data!

            3. Wow, even when the progressive thing to say is pretty close to right, you’re wrong. It must take years of practice to be as much of a fucking dipshit as you are.

        2. record profits


          strong US Dollar

          Weaker than it was 10 years ago.

          shrinking deficits

          Still massive, shrinkage is temporary.

          Growth is low to nill and unemployment is still way up there, so velocity of money is still low and that’s the only reason inflation doesn’t rage. And you’re still retarded.

          1. U.S. corporations’ after-tax profits have grown by 171 percent under Obama, more than under any president since World War II, and are now at their highest level relative to the size of the economy since the government began keeping records in 1947, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

            Profits are more than twice as high as their peak during President Ronald Reagan’s administration and more than 50 percent greater than during the late-1990s Internet boom, measured by the size of the economy.


            You know nothing.

            1. And yet, no growth. And no jobs.

              You betcha. Fundamentals are great.

              I wonder why?

              Mendacious ass fucker!

              1. He’s basically saying “the 1% is making a lot profit!”.

                The article he links to credits low labor costs resulting from from high unemployment and easy money policy (ka-ching) from the federal reserve for the record profit. That’s totally not a bubble.

                The rest of article doubts this is a long term trend, and kills the mood by mentioning businesses fearing Obama’s “tax first, cut spending later” policy and upcoming healthcare costs.

                When Obamacare costs and high labor costs eats into the profit, we can say “Profits were so high when labor was cheap and no one was forced to pay for healthcare!” I guess.

            2. On an inflation adjusted basis, not so. “Measured by the size of the economy” is meaningless. Measured in constant dollars is all that matters.

              1. The economy is much larger now.

                Therefore, adjusting for smaller GDP back in the 80s or 90s actually helps those days look better than they were.

                You fail basic logic.

                1. adjusting for smaller GDP back in the 80s or 90s actually helps those days look better than they were.


                  And no, you’re still wrong retard. Profit earnings have been weak this year. Not awful, but weak. And the economy is basically shit.

                2. Tony, a/k/a Buttplug, you have some seriously f’d up pictures on your website.

            3. Palin’s Buttplug| 7.11.13 @ 7:37PM |#
              “U.S. corporations’ after-tax profits have grown by 171 percent under Obama,…”

              You slimy turd, what is cherry picking paying these days?
              Yes, Obama takes office at the near bottom of a serious recession and then tries his best to keep things horrible.
              Fortunately, the market is resilient beyond his imagining, and it improves.
              So what, dipshit?

        3. What? Economic fundamentals are GREAT!

          God, you’re a mendacious fuck! Eat the corn out of my shit, pig!

        4. “Economic fundamentals are GREAT!”

          I’m not an expert on economics, but wouldn’t unemployment be considered an ‘economic fundamental?’ It’s really high and has been for a while.

          We have unusually high numbers of people not working and getting food stamps. That would seem pretty ‘fundamental’ to me, and indicates things are far from good.

          1. I am terrified by this, because it fits the theory that our problems have shifted from “cyclical” to “structural.” I’m not making any claims about the veracity of that, but…

        5. record profits,

          Aren’t you against profits?

          1. His messiah sure is.

        6. Economic fundamentals are GREAT!

          I’ll bet you wrote this same post in October 2007. It’s hilarious how you monetarist clowns get blindsided by one bubble after another. Of your own making, no less.

  3. “In a July 10 letter, Hagel warns of the possibility that “draconian actions” may be needed to reduce personnel costs”

    Like, oh, firing some un-needed folks? We could start by closing down the TSA; a win all the way around!

  4. no government employee needs or has earned a bonus

    1. Quite a few gov’t employees need to be (and won’t be) fired.

  5. Egypt: Wag the Dog Scenario?

    1. Don’t cut $52 billion in 2014:…..75304.html

    2. Let me get the red phone with El Sisi:…..24800.html

    The send 4 Free-of-Charge F16 Fighter jets, as military aid, to an army that just committed a “non” coup.

    Kind of makes you thinks – – -,

  6. Allow my carnal access, dismember expenditures!

  7. The only satisfaction I can find is that Hagel’s prostate is probably about the size of navel orange and he probably takes 30 minutes to dibble piss 2 oz.

    1. God, you’re an evil fuck. That’s what I like about you!


    1. Truly this is the rallying call that is needed to return the Tea Party to its focus.

    2. I just said that!

  9. Damn I thought Hagel was some libertarian judging by the way Raimondo and co. got mad at Rand for filibustering his nomination.

  10. Look at this chart depicting the military spending of the top five worldwide spenders.…..y_spenders

    How can any sane human being look at that and say “our military spending is dangerously low.” This is the most insulting thing I’ve heard a politician say this week, and that’s saying something.

    1. Look, traitor, if we don’t spend more on defense than the next 10 highest nations combined, our enemies scattered about in various remote third world shitholes will crush us. John Bolton said so!

      1. Droning assholes, who question droning assholes, ain’t cheap!

  11. as Christopher implied I cant believe that a mother can get paid $7319 in one month on the internet. did you read this web link.. http://WWW.CNN13.COM

  12. They are fucking hellbent on making the public conscience makes a Pavlovian association between “Draconian” and “spending cuts”.

    That would be pathetic even from an administration that DIDN’T carry itself like a medieval fiefdom.

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