Canada Repeals Restriction on Online "Hate Speech"

A free-speech victory up north.


The Washington and Jefferson of an alternate America.

Have you heard about this place called Canada? It's like some weird parallel America where they never had a revolution. There's some other differences too: It's colder, for instance, and they call their Seattle "Vancouver." Also, they keep their Louisiana in the north instead of the south, and every now and then it threatens to leave. Apparently, if you change just a few little variables like that, history comes out differently: You get socialized medicine, and a lot of signs and stuff are in French, and instead of Saturday Night Live there was a show called SCTV which was funnier but didn't last as long.

Legend has it that if you journey to the far, far north, you can pass through a portal to this alternate America. Unless you live in Alaska, in which case I gather you have to drive west. (*)

Oh, and there's another big difference: Free speech protections are much weaker in that world, so it's easier for the state to censor speech it doesn't like. There are people there who care about free expression, though, and sometimes they win one:

A contentious section of Canadian human rights law, long criticized by free-speech advocates as overly restrictive and tantamount to censorship, is gone for good.

A private member's bill repealing Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, the so-called "hate speech provision," passed in the Senate this week. Its passage means the part of Canadian human rights law that permitted rights complaints to the federal Human Rights Commission for "the communication of hate messages by telephone or on the Internet" will soon be history.

The bill from Alberta Conservative MP Brian Storseth passed in the House of Commons last summer, but needed Senate approval. It has received royal assent and will take effect after a one-year phase-in period.

An "ecstatic" Storseth said the bill, which he says had wide support across ideological lines and diverse religious groups, repeals a "flawed piece of legislation" and he called Canada's human rights tribunal "a quasi-judicial, secretive body that takes away your natural rights as a Canadian."

Further reading: "The Internet Saved My Tongue."

(* Or maybe east. The legends are cloudy.)

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  1. Unless you live in Alaska, in which case I gather you have to drive west.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to drive east to get to Canada from Alaska?

    1. Jesse likes to take the scenic route.

      1. I have added a footnote to acknowledge the dispute about the legend.

          1. Also, please note that Windsor, ON, is SOUTH of Detroy-it.

        1. Pretty sure you have to go reverse-north (that’s “down” for all of you non-legend officionados).

    2. Apropos of nothing, I note for the record that Los Angeles is east of Reno.

      1. And the Atlantic is west of the Pacific.

  2. “a quasi-judicial, secretive body that takes away your natural rights as a Canadian.”

    So they are ones who took away Canada’s right to win a Stanley Cup ever again.

      1. I thought the Lady Byng was for the nicest player. That comment wasn’t very nice…

        I say +1 Harold Snepsts

          1. Nice. I’m bummed Dino was gone before the championships started up again. He deserved one.

            I know, I know – “Deserve’s got NOTHIN’ to do with it….”

            Ciccarelli was a monster in the crease.

            1. “Ciccarelli was a monster in the crease.”

              Is that why lady byng was giving him an award?

          2. PS Also b/c Snepstsy was the last to not have to wear a helmet.

            -1 Safety Device

            1. Uhhh….Craig MacTavish?

  3. …and will take effect after a one-year phase-in period.

    Won’t those twelve months of sham hate speech complaints be interesting.

  4. “instead of Saturday Night Live there was a show called SCTV which was funnier but didn’t last as long.”

    Sadly true.

    1. “Three D House of Beef” remains a classic in the Almanian household.

      “Count Floyd LOVES this one, kids!”

    1. Would Team Zimmerman have mounted a different defense if they knew they were going up against manslaughter charges beforehand?

      1. Surely he gets an automatic appeal, right?

    2. “Hey, we know this dude’s innocent, but go ahead and lock him up anyways. Please?”

    3. Manslaughter? There’s shit for proof for that, too. I thought they’d try for the easier aggravated battery. He’d probably walk free for time already served for that, and they get their conviction.

      If the jury is any good (meaning that they take the burden of proof seriously), manslaughter is almost as impossible here as murder.

      1. From what I’ve seen of the trial, I’m surprised the jury hasn’t already laughed the prosecution out of the courtroom.

        1. We’ll see what they think soon.

          1. I expect they’ll be manipulated into convicting of involuntary manslaughter, cause you know, “Somebody gots to pay!”

            1. That and “OMGZ RACE RIOTS!!!11!!!!”

              They’ll sacrifice GZ to the PC Gods in order to prevent the possibility of riots should he be found not guilty. And they’ll sleep well that night knowing that it was all for “the greater good.” Never mind that they pretty much helped the state ruin an innocent man’s (legally speaking at least) life.

    4. Anyone else feel like the judge has been working hard to assist the prosecution in any way possible?

      1. Many judges do that, anyway. I think that happens because they deal much more with guilty defendants than innocent ones and because the burden of proof so radically favors the defendant (as it should).

  5. Of course, “hate speech” is still a criminal offence in Canada. This is a win only because Human Rights Commissions have, shall we say, more relaxed standards of evidence (i.e. none) than an actual court, and a lower bar for taking on cases.

  6. Does this affect the ability of Kanuckistanian busybodies to have American Speakers of Hateful Things thrown into American cages?

    1. No, that’s considered part of their Human Rights(tm)

    2. Does this affect the ability of Kanuckistanian busybodies to have American Speakers of Hateful Things thrown into American cages?

      If you’re refering to that stupid bint that had some kid thrown in prison for making a bad joke online, the correct term is “CUNTnuckistanian.” I’m trying to start a meme here, so help a brother out.

  7. Judge splits the baby

    “Well, I think we all know he’s guilty of SOMETHING, and should be removed from civil society.”?

  8. Somewhere in Saskatchewan, Earl Camembert would be (is?) proud.

    I’m many a progtard are outraged at, you know, free speech getting a goal. Assists to Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr!

    1. Jesus saves….


      That’s so you can tell I first heard that joke in the 70’s.

      1. Esposito was the master of “garbage” goals.

        Over 700 of them. His impassioned speech to the nation in 1972 are the Soviets beat Canada in one of the games early in the Summit Series is stuff of legend in the annals of North American pro sports.

        1. I saw a documentary on that recently – the picture of someone (Team Canada) horizontal to the ice scoring a goal on the Rooskies is fucking classic.

          1. Paul Henderson is bigger than Jordan, Ruth, Gretzky and Ali COMBINED here.

            1. This event is held up as ‘YAY CANADA’ but Bobby Clarke was a cheating piece of garbage. Easily the dirtiest play in all of sports history.

        2. The Kelly Tripucka of hockey.

  9. “I’m sure many”

  10. is gone for good

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! “For Good” – till someone says the wrong thing and it’s reinstituted.

    Ann Coulter – continue to be afraid.

    1. I attended Concordia University in Montreal. That school had its share of anti-speech moments because of radical student bodies. Not just Ann Coulter but Netanyahu too and other speakers who don’t toe the leftist line on campuses across this land.

      Needless to say, I refuse to give any money as an alumni to them because they never stood up for free speech. Fuck ’em.

      In hindsight, shoulda gone to McGill like my sister and brother-in-law. They never let me live it down.

      1. One of my fave bosses went to McGill (he’s a native). His mom still lives in Hamilton, ON. I fucking hate Quebec. Love Ontario. And Nova Scotia.

        1. Quebec is all the shitty parts of life. Cold + frenchies = bad times.

          1. I spent the better part of 30 years playing with Candian pipe bands, travelling all over. We used to LOVE the Montreal Highland Games cause cheap beer and you could walk around open carry, no problem.

            But the hassle once you crossed into the Province…acting like they didn’t speak English (fortunately I spoke some French), being dicks until they figured out I was an American and not from Ontario (reverse from the rest of the world – ha!)…I never went back after 1990.

            1. Anglos could be full of shit too (I speak as a member of the so-called “Third solitude” that being Italian), but it’s true Quebec’s attitude has changed for the worse since the arrival of the xenophobic, anti-business Parti-Quebecois in 1976. I loathe those jerk offs with all my heart.

              But they sure do love going to America; especially Florida and Maine where they proceed to sometimes make total jackasses of themselves – seen with my own two eyes them demand they be spoken to in French or roll their eyes at Americans.

            2. @ Almanian!

              Ever travel to the Cowal Games? I used to live near Dunoon and looked forward the games every year.

          2. anon, I thought you’d be interested to know that my sister called the college that allegedly told my former worker she was worth “$15 an hour” with a ‘wtf?”

            The professor was outraged – at the student. They do no such thing and in fact told us the student has been ‘problematic’ in the past further saying ‘she will not sully the name of this school.’

            The professor owned and operated three private daycares and knows what she’s talking about. If anything, she gets accused of being ‘pro-private.’ Which fits right in with the narrative in socialist Quebec. THAT I believe.

            Pro-private. Fucking hilarious shit.

            1. Well, I’d say firing her was definitely the right decision then. Cut your losses on training her/etc.

              I hope your sister feels better about the entire situation now.

              1. Oh, yeah. We all do.

  11. Canada has really nice looking females 🙂

  12. Saturday Night Live there was a show called SCTV which was funnier but didn’t last as long.

    Someone had to say it.

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