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Activists Sue Feds for Allowing Horse Slaughter for Food

"Neigh!" They say.


The federal government's "nationwide program of horse slaughter" threatens the environment and public health, the Humane Society and others claim in court.

Lead plaintiff Front Range Equine Rescue et al. sued Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and two of his top assistants, in Federal Court.

"Defendants are embarking on a nationwide program of horse slaughter that presents clear threats to the environment without complying with congressionally mandated requirements intended to protect the public and our natural resources," the complaint states.

It continues: "The slaughter of American horses for human consumption presents unique and extensive dangers that have never been adequately considered by defendants, despite their obligations under NEPA [the National Environmental Policy Act].

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  1. I am against the USDA opening up inspections for horse slaughter. Horses in the U.S. are not raised for human consumption.

    They are our friends and companions, and as such horses are treated with drugs like cats and dogs to a wide variety of vaccinations, bacterins, topical and oral treatments that are not approved for human consumption. We use gloves with topical treatments, because we don’t want equine drugs touching our skin, let alone consuming them.

    It’s not economical to raise horses for slaughter in the U.S. The horses they will be receiving have not been raised drug-free for human consumption.

    As a grower of corn, wheat and soybeans, the USDA’s reputation directly affects many. The European Union, which is where most of the horse meat would go, has a zero tolerance for Bute (Phenylbutazone), which is routinely given to horses in the U.S.

    There is no way to test for all of these drugs on every horse destined for slaughter. The tests are done after the horse is deceased.

    Horse slaughter has no place in America.

  2. Please sign the petition to ban horse slaughter in the U.S.:…..ughter-now

    Here is another petition, this one to Stop Horse Slaughter Factory in Missouri:…..-missouri/

  3. “According to the USDA, each horse slaughter facility…would cost U.S. taxpayers over $400,000 per year in operation costs.”…..r-facility

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