Brickbat: We Ain't Got All Day, Grandma


Screen capture

Texas state troopers have charged Martha Northington, 74, with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Northington was among a crowd of people in the state capitol watching a debate on an abortion bill. After the debate, officers tried to clear the gallery. Apparently, Northington wasn't moving fast enough for them. Officers said she grabbed her chair as they began forcing everyone out. She says she was just reaching for her purse. When one trooper pushed her, video shows her complaining he is hurting her and trying to push him off. Troopers say she slapped him.

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  1. 6:55 AM my ass.

    You people back-date these posts just to piss off those of us who expect them at a particular time, don’t you?

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  2. And the erection that trooper got from the encounter was for him both confusing and intoxicating.

  3. So the cop assaults and batters her first, and due to the incredible disparity in size and strength and because he is man-handling her, she swats at her attacker. The cop is deemed a hero, the victim is deemed a felon. Justice is served.

    1. Yeah, and of all the other people still in the gallery why go after the old lady? I don’t care how much shit she’s talking.

      1. Because they can?

      2. Why go after the old lady? Because she did not immediately obey the commands issued to her. That’s why. Peasants who do not immediately obey are a threat. Doesn’t matter what age they are, or if they pose a physical threat. It’s the attitude that is the threat. If one peasant is allowed to disrespect one of the king’s men, then another might think it’s OK. Then another. Next thing you know you’ve got a riot on your hands. So any disrespect must immediately be met with violence to discourage other uppity peasants from stepping out of line.

        1. That’s “Classroom Management” 101, by the way.

  4. I wish Reason wouldn’t illustrate its stories with stills from granny porn.

    1. Somebody has to have a granny fetish. 😐

    2. Yeah, what’s wrong with animated GIFs?

      1. They’re a waste of memory and almost never funny?

    3. Sure, ifh. Suuuuuuure.

  5. Wasn’t there an article the yesterday condemning libertarian conservatives for their insurrectionist leanings because they weren’t respecting their elders? Hmm. I guess that doesn’t apply to state thugs. No criticism needed. Move along.

    1. It was condemning disrespecting authority and their elders. Clearly authority outranks age.

  6. Why are there even limitations on when and how people can be present in the gallery? It’s a republican legislature, and it should be open to public view. I love Texas, but fuck, their thugs ain’t none better than no other thugs in no other state.

    1. I think I can answer this in the Texas context. Choicer demonstrators from the galleries disrupted the legislature’s proceedings and stopped it from passing a prolife law. Now the legislature is in special session in part to deal with the laws they were prevented by mob action from enacting. Not wanting to turn the Texas Legislature into the French National Assembly circa the 1790s, the cops are more nervous about the actions of the public in the galleries.

      Not to defend the arrest of the old woman, but it happened in a specific context.

      1. Oh, the arrest was during the original “people’s filibuster,” when the mob in the galleries succeeded in blocking the passage of the law (in strict accordance with libertarian principles, I suppose).

        I notice that one of the Youtube videos posted in this woman’s favor claims she was arrested when she hit the trooper with her purse – which I didn’t see, but this *supporter* says it happened.


        1. And I notice that she belongs to an association of Unitarian-Universalist women. When will these theocrats stop trying to impose their religion on others?


  7. The witness said the officer appeared to be unsure what he was willing to actually charge her with and had trouble filing his report.

    “Suspect is charged with seeking media attention.”

    1. Heresy?

  8. You down with O.P.P.*?

    *Old People’s Pussy

  9. I think in the name of public safety, these legislatures and Congress should meet in private. And for an added measure of safety, they can even pull the C-SPAN and news cameras and all reporters. We can find out what occurred that day by press release and “anonymous sources”.

    It’s for our own good, people. These Top Men, ordained by he hand of God himself, know what’s best for us. There’s no reason for us to be a nuisance to them doing their jobs.

    1. The Inner Palace, the Sanctum Imperialis, is the massive throne room at the heart of the Palace, where the arcane machinery comprising the Golden Throne keep the Emperor’s few living cells alive, providing an anchor point in the warp for his mighty spirit. Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus constantly maintain the vast Golden Throne. In an arena before the Emperor himself, psykers are soul-bound for Imperial service as Astropaths. Standing before the Inner Palace is the massive Eternity Gate, forged of the strongest materials. Two Titans stand guard over the Gate in its damasked beauty and immeasurable strength.”

      Sounds like the fantasy of an Obama campaign staffer after presidential term limits are abolished.

      1. Your nerdery is only exceeded by your accuracy.

    2. I think in the name of public safety, these legislatures and Congress should meet in private.

      Why not?

      We’ve already got secret laws, secret courts, secret police and secret prisons.

      Might as well go full Soviet and have secret legislatures too.

  10. Lucky she didn’t have a stroke. They would’ve tossed her in the hole for “obstruction.”


  11. Oh, I’m so conflicted here. On the one hand, my revulsion at thuggish police tactics; on the other hand, my deep hatred for the kind of aging leftists like this leathery bint that made up the mob that attempted to subvert the rule of law. It’s like watching a Cowboys-Redskins game – can’t they both lose?

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