Rick Perry Won't Run Again for Governor, Manning and Zimmerman Defenses Underway, Snowden Says Germany Is Cozy with NSA: P.M. Links


  • "Department of Energy! Don't forget this time!"
    Credit: Talk Radio News Service / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

    Rick Perry announced he won't be running for governor of Texas again next year, so we can enjoy endless presidential campaign ambition speculation about him, too.

  • Defense arguments are well underway for both the George Zimmerman and the Bradley Manning trials.
  • Edward Snowden has added Germany to the list of nations cooperating with the National Security Agency to spy on folks. German officials responded that any cooperation with the NSA was on "strictly legal" grounds."
  • California voters agreed to temporarily raise taxes under the justification the money would be used for education. As California's tax revenue increases due to the vote, state workers have managed to snag raises for themselves.
  • The family of late Democratic New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg have spurned Cory Booker and have endorsed his Democratic challenger for Senate.
  • Douglas Dayton, the founder of the Target chain of stores is dead at 88.

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