Rick Perry Won't Run Again for Governor, Manning and Zimmerman Defenses Underway, Snowden Says Germany Is Cozy with NSA: P.M. Links


  • "Department of Energy! Don't forget this time!"
    Credit: Talk Radio News Service / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

    Rick Perry announced he won't be running for governor of Texas again next year, so we can enjoy endless presidential campaign ambition speculation about him, too.

  • Defense arguments are well underway for both the George Zimmerman and the Bradley Manning trials.
  • Edward Snowden has added Germany to the list of nations cooperating with the National Security Agency to spy on folks. German officials responded that any cooperation with the NSA was on "strictly legal" grounds."
  • California voters agreed to temporarily raise taxes under the justification the money would be used for education. As California's tax revenue increases due to the vote, state workers have managed to snag raises for themselves.
  • The family of late Democratic New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg have spurned Cory Booker and have endorsed his Democratic challenger for Senate.
  • Douglas Dayton, the founder of the Target chain of stores is dead at 88.

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  1. Rick Perry announced he won’t be running for governor of Texas again next year, so we can enjoy endless presidential campaign ambition speculation about him, too.

    He plans to lobby NBC full-time to bring back Manimal.

    1. Lobo, Lobo, bring back Sherif Lobo

      1. It’s not Lobo, it’s his prized childhood teddy bear, Bobo.
        Although the bear does resemble Claude Akins.

  2. Osama bin Ladenwas stopped for speeding in car while on run in Pakistan, report reveals

    1. “Officer, the window is rolled down far enough.”

    2. Professional courtesy?

    3. I bet that cop feels like a dumbass (unless he was a fan of bin Laden and knew who he was and intentionally let him go). Could have been the guy who caught the world’s most wanted man, were he not an idiot

    1. I’m now curious if this ballet dancer is as flexible as that Korean gymnast from the other day.

    2. Porn is a kind of ballet

      This sounds like a riddle from Alice in Wonderland.

      ‘How is porn like a ballet?’

      1. You can go to the “ballet” to support single mothers.

        1. I’ve watched both with Epi’s mom.

          1. They’re her favorites. You’re not, though. She told me…I shouldn’t say.

    3. WOW! That guy really breaks down the stereotype, huh?

      1. I’ve done a lot of work with male dancers in ballet, modern, etc. Straight male dancers are a rarity.

        1. But I’ll bet the straight ones are neck deep in crazy, flexible dancer ‘tang.

          1. I have been told by someone who worked around ballet dancers that they are all batshit crazy. I have not confirmed this at this point, but I wouldn’t mind trying.

            1. I dated a dancer once, and I’ve also dated a stripper. I’d be hard pressed to decide which one was crazier.

              1. Strippers are dancers, dude. The stripper/dancer union will be sending you a letter.

                1. I’m being oppressed by Big Stripper!

                  1. oppressed by Big Stripper

                    I met her once. At the Cafe Risque at the truck stop on I-75.

                    1. With the tasteful billboards up and down the interstate?

            2. I’m pretty good friends with a former ballerina. You have been told correctly.

              1. Technically speaking, Warty, Stockholm Syndrome aside, the word is victim, not friend.

                1. DUCK I SAYS

          2. But I’ll bet the straight ones are neck deep in crazy, flexible dancer ‘tang.

            No. Chick dancers are the most stuck-up pieces of shit on earth.

            1. I know at least one who loves to suck every dick in sight. DISPROOF BY COUNTEREXAMPLE.

      2. WOW! That guy really breaks down the stereotype, huh?

        Seriously, why aren’t there more butch gay dancers? It’s wall-to-wall twinks up in there.

        1. Wall-to-wall twinks sounds like a great name for a gay porn site.

          1. A gay rock band?

            1. An all gay Pink Floyd tribute band?

    4. Damn it. I was expecting a link more along the lines of something I wanted to touch myself to. Now I have to pull up my pants.

      1. Just ask the other bus riders to look away.

    1. Where the hell is Warty?!? Has he commented today?

      1. Did you forget to untie him from your bedpost this morning?

        1. I…I don’t think so…

      2. Him and Fist are up to something.

        1. ewwwwwww

        2. Him and Fist are up to something.

          Knowing him and Fist, that “something is probably an elbow at this point.

    2. At least outlived Art Modell. FUCK ART MODELL

    3. The obituary said that Entsminger died at age 55. He worked 32 years at General Motors before retiring.

      No wonder they went broke.

      1. If they hired him at 18 that’s only five years of pension. If you grade on a curve the guy did more for GM than the bailout.

  3. You know who never wanted to open a chicken restaurant?

    1. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

    2. Elmer Fudd?

    3. Foghorn Leghorn?

    4. Activia!

    5. Walter White?

    6. Wait, I can just barely make out the picture. Is that Hitler in the neo-Col. Sanders outfit? Really?

      What’s up with Asian love for Hitler, anyhow?

        1. Not voluntarily, they weren’t.

    1. Damn you, ASM!

  4. BOO
    Community: Donald Glover Not Returning Full Time in Season 5

    1. I liked him in Indy III and Lethal Weapon.

    2. God damn it, they actually bring Harmon back as showrunner and now this? WTF?

    3. Is he the annoying one or the annoying one?

    4. Sheesh.

      I figured it was going to happen, but come on, the show’s not going another year after this.

      I mean, probably not. Right?

    5. Seriously?? My day is a little ruined now.

  5. Always BUTTER

    1. I blame the Norwegians.

  6. For Warty:

    According to the obituary, Entsminger “respectfully requests six Cleveland Browns pall bearers so the Browns can let him down one last time.”

    1. Let’s see how many more people post this.

      1. Yes, let’s see how many more people I can make assess out of.

        1. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had posterior motives

  7. Facebook police punch video sparks Port Moody probe

    Port Moody police say they are investigating an incident at the Golden Spike pub after a video was posted on Facebook that appears to show an officer punching a handcuffed man and throwing him to the ground.

    The 18-second video clip of the incident was posted on Facebook, provoking allegations of excessive use of force.

    1. I think this proves that you CAN be too old to be cool.

      Mac looked good though.

  8. http://blog.al.com/spotnews/20…..ncart_2box

    A Birmingham, Alabama abortion provider who lost her license now manages a unlicensed clinic.

    Maybe this will open some eyes on the Left to the unintended consequences of licensing?


    2. They’re statists, so they’re 100% committed to licensing. But you can bet they’ll complain about the wrong people running the licensing board.

    3. An unlicensed tatoo parlor would get them up in arms, but an unlicensed abortion clinic, not so much.

      1. Why not combine the two for one stop shopping?

        1. As long as the only tattoos given say: “I make poor life decisions”

          1. I thought all tattoos said that?

            1. I thought all tattoos said that?

              Some say: I shouldn’t have gotten so drunk on Spring Break

              1. In poorly written Kanji, to so how spiritual they are.

                1. In China, they get the English word “Air” tattooed on their asses.

              2. Others say “I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt so the judge won’t see this tatoo.”

              3. Tramps are a national treasure!

          2. Tattoos on fetuses? Wait, I read that all wrong..

            1. It’d be a terrible idea, by the time they’re born (if they are) the tattoo would be all stretched out and weird looking.

            2. Archer: I know, I’m not normally a tattoo guy.

              Trinette: Not yours shithead, him (points to baby Seamus who has “Archer” tattooed on his back).

              Archer: Yeah, it’s like we got each other’s backs.

              Trinette: You can’t tattoo a frickin’ baby!

              Archer: That’s what the tattoo guy said, I had to slip him an extra fifty.

        2. “Why not combine the two for one stop shopping?”

          The Tat & Scat?

          1. The Needle and the Speculum, take care of something you regret while getting another while you dilate.

    1. Do all Kiwis not playing rugby have to be giant pussies to equal out the testosterone level or what?

    2. If I recall deep-fried candy bars are part of Scottish fare

    1. Now I understand why we need comprehensive immigration reform, that way we can import all the Mexican fatties and regain our No.1 ranking.

    2. And no one makes a joke about fatties getting stuck trying to go through holes in the fence while the thin get through?

    3. And no doubt they are overweight due to the overabundance of chain fast food restaurants on every street corner in Mexico.

      All I ever hear about the issue in the USA is that people are fat because of McDonalds. Nothing else could ever be the cause of obesity.

      1. It’s obviously Taco Bell’s fault.

  9. Edward Snowden has added Germany to the list of nations cooperating with the National Security Agency to spy on folks. German officials responded that any cooperation with the NSA was on “strictly legal” grounds.”

    You know who else exercised surveillance authority on ‘strictly legal’ grounds? Hint, there was even a law Enabling them to do so.

    1. J. Edgar Hoover?

    2. The Bene Gesserit?

    3. There goes Merkel’s facade.

  10. ‘California voters agreed to temporarily raise taxes under the justification the money would be used for education.’

    Oh, it was educational alright.

    1. Oh, it was educational alright.

      Wouldn’t that require Californians to have the capacity to learn from our voting mistakes?

      1. An educational moment, but Californians got an F.

    2. BOHICA

  11. As California’s tax revenue increases due to the vote, state workers have managed to snag raises for themselves.

    Of course they have. Of course. And they will never stop trying for more.

    1. And they’ll insist they totally deserved this raise, because the last raise wasn’t as big as it should have been (during the 11% statewide unemployment), as they were doing their part to help.

    2. Jeebus, the state is still deep in a financial hole, and as soon as it looks like they might get some extra money, out it goes to the unions.

      1. Jeebus, the state is still deep in a financial hole, and as soon as it looks like they might get some extra money, out it goes to the unions.

        Did you expect any different?

        1. Not really, I just hoped that Jerry Brown would be rather more responsible than he seems to be.

  12. GWB quotes (tolerant) Jesus to Christian reporter, gets shit for it.

    It annoys me when reporters don’t understand basic quotations to Western Canonical works and their acquired meanings.

    Bush had waded into the revitalized same-sex marriage debate last week — if only barely — in a comment to a reporter in Zambia, who asked whether gay marriage conflicts with Christian values.

    “I shouldn’t be taking a speck out of someone else’s eye when I have a log in my own,” Bush said last week.

    1. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton gets awards from GLAAD despite signing DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    2. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but reporters understand very few things. Most of them are too stupid and uninformed to do anything productive.

      1. ^^This^^

      2. Yes. I just keep thinking that with all of the competition from the Internet, people paid to write columns would understand that particular quote from the Bible as telling other Christians not to judge as we all are less than perfect.

        1. Maybe they only acknowledge the King James version and refuse to recognize any variations therefrom? “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

          I mean, motes and beams sound much cooler.

          1. I agree. The New American Bible for Children lacks the poesy of the King James. However, its criminal that you can get a job for a supposedly literary magazine like The Atlantic and be unable to recognize one Christian quoting a caution by Jesus to humility in answer to a question by a reporter for a Christian newspaper. “How dare he speak their common idiom!”

            1. Some kind of sinister Christian code?

              That’s one of my favorite Jesus quotes, because it’s the one criticism you can level at most people.

    3. So by “waded into” they meant “declined to comment on.”

      1. They mean ‘was asked a question’ and ‘responded in a reasonable way.’

        I hate liberals because they make me defend George W. Bush. I should hate George W. Bush, but he is so much better than his enemies that I am often forced to defend him against idiotic charges that the progs lob his way.

        1. shrike will be along shortly to say “Aha! I knew you all were a bunch of GOP sympathizers.”

          God I hate him.

        2. Ditto. The man had a terrible record, but the level of bile and vitriol of his enemies, and the damn classy way he handled it, makes me reconsider GWB as a man, not his record. He really is a class act as a human being, if a lousy president.

  13. Well, at least I can be the first to post a comment about a Browns fan whose obituary requests the team serve as his pall bearers. You’ll never guess why! (You can find a link to the story somewhere above.)

    1. 36th!!!

    2. No link?


    3. The most annoying thing about this story to me is the number of people who think it is an original joke.

      1. No kidding. I heard it at least 20 comments ago.

      2. No, we just like reminding Warty that the Browns suck.

        Almost as much as my Astros.

        1. my Astros.


          1. Still not as bad as the Browns.

            1. Does Minute Maid still have that hill, with the poll? If so, I’m pretty sure the Browns stadium doesn’t have that.

            2. Hey, that’s not fair. The Browns have won two Super Bowls since they moved to that new, um, stadium.

          2. We don’t call them the Lastros for nothin’

            1. The sad thing for me is that they’ve made a World Series appearance more recently than my Dodgers.

              Shit, I’ve never even seen the Dodgers play in a World Series.

              1. Relax, after the Red Sox unloaded all that salary talent on the Dodgers I’m sure a WS appearance is right around the corner.

              2. Sure you have…1986 Oral Hershiser…ohh wait.

                *skulks off with cane and top hat in hand*

                1. please see that six and add 2

                  1. * feels EVEN OLDER now *

              3. Wow! I saw the Dodgers play in a WS and I was living in Australia at the time.

    1. Child rape.

  14. How to bribe a Chinese official. See, they are civilized and have market rates for everything.

  15. 23 million year old lizard found preserved in fossilized amber in Mexico.

    The finder of the amber is said to be an eccentric Scottish man who also plans on building a theme park on a Cost Rican island.

    1. Please don’t be a raptor, please don’t be a raptor.

      1. Life…will find a way, Brett. And then a T-Rex will eat you.

        1. In the movie, only the lawyer and the traitor get eaten. In the book, a bunch of chickenosaurs eat Grandpa. The movie people probably thought it was too traumatic for the movie to have grandpa go like that.

          1. Oh, the black guy bought it, too.

            1. Oh, yeah, there was the Aussie. So never mind.

              1. I just remember reading the passage where a juvenile t-rex is standing on a victim and pulling its limbs off. Don’t remember anything else from the book.

              2. Clever girl…

          2. Also in the book the game keeper doesn’t die, the blonde is not Grant’s girlfriend and doesn’t do much, and the secondary hero is arguably the lawyer Gennaro who does some heroic stuff to get the park back running.

            1. Spielberg changed the book a ton, including and not limited to taking out almost all weapon use. If you recall in the book they had darts with a neurotoxin so quick-acting that the target would be dead before it could feel the prick of the needle. And they used them.

              1. Highly disrespectful of dinosaurs’ rights.

            2. And the Jeff Goldblum character died in the book & Crichton had to address that in the opening chapter of his sequel.

              1. What’s sad is that Heinz Pagels, who was the basis for the character, died in a tragic accident.

      2. No it’s just Bob, dumbtail thought that stuff was honey.

    2. He better.

    3. Jeff Goldblum knows what to do.

      1. Well, he does recognize an impact tremor when he sees one.

      2. Jeff Goldblum knows what to do.

        I think it’s to get drunk during an alien invasion, right?

        1. That’s what I’d do, and then I would interface my Mac with the alien ship and just download a virus into their computers. Because that makes total sense.

          1. It’s such bullshit, because everyone knows that aliens use Linux.

    4. Speaking of 23 million year old lizards, we saw Yes in concert last night. They were actually pretty amazing and sounded great. It was really nice to be able to see them up close in a small outdoor winery show — the last time I saw them was in 1979 at a 20,000 seat basketball stadium, and I could barely see the stage from our nosebleed seats.

  16. http://www.imdb.com/news/ni558…..m_nw_tp_t1

    Charlie Kaufman and Guillermo del Toro are collaborating on a Slaughterhouse-Five movie.

    1. Before or after del Toro does Pacific Rim 2?

      1. …So never?

  17. Rick Perry announced he won’t be running for governor of Texas again next year, so we can enjoy endless presidential campaign ambition speculation about him, too.

    About damn time. Fourteen years is plenty. He was well on his way to dictator-for-life status.

    1. George Clinton is happy.

    2. Isn’t Texas Governor like the 14th most powerful person in the state?

      1. If you exclude football coaches.

  18. When Anderson Cooper thinks you are a bad person not worth talking to

    1. I fucking hate that guy.

      1. Yeah, he’s annoying. But, I liked that clip.

        1. The way he makes everything soooooo serious really pisses me off. Also, he’s a condescending douche.

          1. Also, he was obviously gay and then I was supposed to be surprised that he is gay.

            I hate that. “Lance Bass is gay?!?! NO FUCKING WAY!”

            1. WHAT?!?

            2. Meh, I think Cooper’s work in hostile territories makes him the only example of someone in a glass closet where I don’t think it’s ridiculous. *glares in Jodi Foster’s general direction*

              1. I’m actually not upset with him for the way that stuff is handled because he actually doesn’t really talk about it. I don’t normally like him much, but keeping your personal life personal is something I can respect.

                It’s more that I’m annoyed by the type of people who constantly gossip and speculate about his homosexuality. Liberals keep telling me that gay people are just like everyone else, a statement that I agree with, but then they act like gay people are something wholly Other that we must put on a pedestal or else we are homophobes.

                I’m more annoyed by the gossip that is always surrounding any possibly gay celebrity than anything else. Just let them live their lives and leave them alone.

                1. Similarly, liberals are obsessed with race and want the legal system to revolve around certain racial statistics (but not others), and then will argue that “race is a social construct” and “there’s no such thing as race.”

      2. He hates you back and won’t have you on his show, so there!

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99_upx8URLI

    “38 Years of Magic and B.S.: A Conversation with Penn & Teller” from last year’s Amazing Meeting.

    1. Teller’s speaking voice is far better than Penn’s.

      I wonder if that was part of the joke when they made Teller the one that doesn’t talk.

      1. Teller is a great public speaker. Penn has good (even great) ideas, but he’s loud and uncompromising (and not always in a good way). Teller is just wonderful though.

        1. Teller’s speaking is really awesome in this. I’m surprised at how good a speaker he is given that his shtick is not talking.

      2. Teller’s silence predates working with Penn:

        Teller’s trademark silence originated during his youth, when he earned a living performing magic at college fraternity parties.[9][dead link] He found that if he maintained silence throughout his act, spectators refrained from throwing beer and heckling him and focused more on his performance.


  20. Dear Prudence: I can’t have sex with my wife unless I pretend she is someone else.

    My wife of seven years and I have an amazing life together. It’s everything I could have dreamed of growing up. However, when we’re having sex, I think of everyone and anyone but her. I imagine myself with past lovers, with friends and co-workers and with women I walk by in the street. I never think of her and am pretty sure I wouldn’t climax if I did. Is this normal or a problem? Do I not love her, or not love her enough? Am I destined to cheat at some point?

    Emphasis mine. That might be a problem because it implies that his wife is a boner killer for him.

    1. Well, his fist problem is confusing love for attraction.

      1. True. As a single friend of mine says, “if it didn’t mean having to talk to them…”

      2. That is…just…beautiful!

      3. His ‘fist’ problem?

        1. Does this mean he’s fantasizing about Warty?

      4. You get today’s John Award for Funniest Typo. (His best from last week: saying that Hillary had the feminist vote “sowed up.”)

    2. Sounds like he didn’t get around enough before he got hitched?

    3. They don’t call it the seven year itch for nothing.

  21. Guys, guys, did you hear the one about the pissed-off Cleveland Browns fan? He…hey, don’t you want to hear this, it’s funny!

  22. 20 ways to pick up women: A feminist dating guide

    Don’t follow the advice of pickup artists.

    Seriously, don’t. Unless you like handing over your hard-earned money to hucksters who are profiting from your totally reasonable apprehension about interacting with the opposite sex. In which case, be my guest. What’s the worst that could happen? (You could rape someone. That’s the worst that could happen).

    Understand that just as you might be apprehensive, they might be, too. This is because they are aware that you might be a rapist. If you knew there was about a one in six chance of being raped in your lifetime, you might be apprehensive around strange men, too.

    1. (You could rape someone. That’s the worst that could happen).

      Wait, they think that you can accidentally rape someone due to pick up artistry?

      1. Smooth-talking your way into a girl’s panties is like emotional rape or something.

        1. Wait, is she saying rape is an unwilling choice a man is forced to make? Or an accident, like when a scary firearm goes off by itself?

      2. You’ve never accidentally raped a girl? Like, one minute you’re at a nice restaurant on a first date and the next… “How did that get in there?!”

        1. “Surprise sex”

          1. I think the actual term is “surprise butt secks”

        2. Shit, doesn’t that happen to Warty like twice a week?

      3. Don’t you see? If a girl has sex with a guy because he tricked her into thinking he was an alpha male, then that’s rape. Of course, if he has sex with her because he thought she was a blond with big tits, which turned out to be hair dye and a push-up bra, that’s artifice.

    2. Not that I take advice from PUAs, but I’m pretty sure feminists are not exactly the first group of people I would go to for dating or pick up advice.

      1. What, you don’t want to go on a date with someone who thinks you are a potential rapist? Dude, what’s wrong with you?

        1. Not a potential rapist. Almost definitely a rapist. If you’ve ever had an SO “take one for the team”, Rape. If you’ve ever had sex before getting a consent form signed and notorized, Rape. And heaven forbid you’ve ever looked at someone lustfully, double Rape.

          1. So I’m basically a full on rapist, worse than even Warty or STEVE SMITH? If I become a therapist…

            1. Nothing is worse than STEVE SMITH. Not even dolphins and Warty combined

              1. Maybe some sort of hybrid between a duck and STEVE SMITH.

            2. Well, of course you’re a full on rapist, you have a penis. Duh.

              And while being worse than STEVE SMITH is questionable, there is NO ONE worse than Warty. I’m pretty sure he went back in time just so he could be the first to invent rape.

              1. I’m pretty sure he went back in time just so he could be the first to invent rape.

                Ahem, excuse me.

              2. Warty invented human on human rape. We must remember that STEVE SMITH is not human. Some say he is not even from this dimension. If rape had a name, it would be STEVE SMITH

        2. This chick actually made me think the PUA guys aren’t the worst people on an issue.

          1. Right up until we find out American thinks he’s a PUA…

      2. The best part is that there is literally nothing there but “be yourself” (worst advice ever if you’re not getting laid), and “Don’t do what you’ve seen work, cause it’s wrong, and probably rape”.

        This all goes back to the feminist iron law:

        Everything we don’t like is rape.

        1. Everything we don’t like is rape.

          QFT. Seriously, what’s their rules now for what doesn’t constitute rape? Completely and totally female initiated, don’t even think of making innuendo, lights off, no touching, and if you cum in/on/anywhere near them, RAPE!

          1. NO TOUCHING!

    3. 20 ways to pick up women: A feminist dating guide

      Sure, you can pick up ideas from how they do things, but you don’t go out and watch how deer put meat on the table.

    4. Hehe, look at this. A rare moment of honesty:

      CK Megan ? 6 hours ago ?

      There’s a difference between truly not knowing your arse from your elbow…needing a nudge in the right direction to make yourself more appealing, and using underhand tricks and manipulation to get a woman to go out with you or sleep with you a few times. I suppose the only solace we can seek is that the manipulation can’t be sustained (unless you’re a master) and you get seen through very quickly.
      2 ?Reply?Share ?

      Translation of that last sencance should read “they usually can’t keep acting like an asshole for very long, as they eventually slip up and act nicer. Then you know you’ve been had and it’s time to move on.”

      1. So PUA tricks are akin to rape, but women generally go back for it a few times before realizing what’s happened.

    5. All of these people write in the same style. That’s probably the most depressing thing about blogging and the Internet: the mind-numbing conformity of cliques is brought to bear on writing itself, and you get all these bloggers writing with the same insufferable affectations.

      1. This is especially true of the feminist blogs. They all learn their speech patterns and mannerisms from gender studies classes. This is doubly bad because academia has one of the worst cultures of communication in the country. Academics generally cannot write worth a damn.

        Feminists basically mix this atrocious academese with unnecessary curse words, run on sentences, and ALL CAPS, a combination that ends up producing some of the absolute worst writing I have ever seen.

        1. So they’re kinda like Dunphy? But instead of writing cop-apologia, they right stupid shit about gender?

          1. *write.

            Talk about stupid *bangs head on table*

            I think Tony’s stupidity rubbed off on me when we had that discussion regarding rights. I just read through that thread, so I guess that was still on my mind

      2. Groupthink and echo-chambering have multiple negative effects, one of which is what you’ve just described. Not only do they all start to copy each other’s styles, no one will call them on their horrible writing because they are saying the “correct” things. So it just gets worse.

    6. Rejection sucks. It also doesn’t kill you. Pickup artistry is attractive because it promises to protect you from rejection, in part because (allegedly) it makes you less likely to be rejected and in part because (in reality) it encourages you to view women who reject you as sluts and bitches and who wants to sleep with them anyway?

      This is a lie. Your actual pick-up artists (not the ones who write books) know that picking up women is a contact sport. The more contact you make, the more likely you are to come into contact with the woman who’s going to get naked for you. Woman shoots you down, brush your shoulder, pop your collar, move on to the next.

      Or is the point of that screed “don’t listen to these evil pick-up artists cum rapists? Listen to good feminists like me who leave you with an empty wallet and dry balls?”

      1. Yeah, I don’t follow along with any of this PUA shit, but even I know the basic moral is to accept rejection. If you can’t get a girl, move on to the next.

    7. If she read even one PUA she would know that “don’t buy them drinks” is the same advice they give.

      Also re: rejection, Neil Strauss certainly seems to advocate getting rejected a lot of times as a means of protection from rejection

      I’m not a practitioner of PUA but from what I’ve read it seems to work well enough, or at least it did until the gurus spawned thousands of clones of themselves to patrol the same territory. (By “work” I mean that they have sex when they go out intending to have sex more often than not. There are certainly people who are immune to game, especially if they know what’s being done.)

      1. I’m not a practitioner of PUA but from what I’ve read it seems to work well enough, or at least it did until the gurus spawned thousands of clones of themselves to patrol the same territory

        It’s a Mystery how that happened.

        1. I see what you did there, and I like your Style.

      2. I’m not a practitioner of PUA but from what I’ve read it seems to work well enough, or at least it did until the gurus spawned thousands of clones of themselves to patrol the same territory.

        Doesn’t affect it at all. There’s people who memorize lines and routines that might have experienced a fall off after that, but the core still works like it always has.

        1. That assumes you understand the core rather than being a social robot executing a script.

          1. Well, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. But yes, many, many people (both practitioners and critics) seem to think it’s about running a script. For it to be useful, it has to be approached like a dos and don’ts list, with more fluidity than scripted lines could ever provide. But that means you can get everything useful from a couple of blog posts, and there ain’t no money in that. So all this elaborate shit has been foisted upon it.

            Honestly, the core stuff needs to be given to 7th graders in sex ed. Then we wouldn’t have so many bitter guys running around, seeing that this stuff works and but not being able to get over the rejection part to do it themselves. Those guys are giving the feminists far too much fodder.

    8. Getting dating advice from a modern feminist is like getting drink recipes from Carrie Nation.

  23. As Brett said I did not think it possible until my gf earned $7663 per week as a chinese wet nurse on the internet using only her laptop and a breast pump.

    1. American cheick milk goes for a huge premium!

    2. + 1 fetish

    3. “My husband, some hotshot. Ancient Chinese secret–we use Calgon!”

  24. State Department worker exchanges visas for sex and Money

    Edy Zohar Rodrigues Duran has been removed from the embassy in Guyana, allegedly for demanding sex and money in exchange for visas, in what may be a massive human trafficking operation.

    The State Department last week, acknowledged an ongoing investigation of one of it’s officers connected to their office in Georgetown, Guyana. There had been many complaints that visas were being delayed or held up completely along with demands for sex and money.

    Broken immigration, you say? Or bought?

    1. We just need to find the right TOP.MEN to run our immigration system. And add E-Verify


  25. It’s freaking laughable to watch these prosecutors arguing that a non-zero level of THC metabolites in a person’s system isn’t impairing. I bet that’s the exact same argument they use when going after a DUI, or whatever.

  26. Tonight we are having trout for dinner.

  27. Guy Hula Hoops 100 pound Tire!

    1. Pffft. Boring. Here you go.

      1. why are they wearing clothes? they are at burning man.

        1. Good point. You can always look up the source of this.

          1. Thank you very much.

      2. That made me a little motion sick. Needs more Oculus Rift

        1. Here, this is more your speed, right?

          1. Sigh, I was expecting this guy when I saw the title.

  28. Slate discovers that some people like to do different things than Normals. Amusingly hateful comments ensue.

    1. To the collectivist, any deviation from the current received wisdom is confusing and therefore needs to be attacked. And we all know where Slate stands on the collectivist scale.

      1. The mildly huge guy (Normals think he’s huge, but 260 is only 10 pounds bigger than me, and anyway, he’s fat) carrying around a rape whistle was pretty funny though.

        1. Tell the truth, that’s you having a big, gay time in the last picture before the old guy.

          1. There doesn’t seem to be sufficient rape evident for that. Though there was a rape whistle involved…

    2. Nobody wanna lift no heavy-ass weight.


        1. At any rate, the comments are broken for me. I don’t know which plugin is killing them, but it’s probably for the best.

  29. Snoop Dogg Lion has Eli Roth direct his latest video.

    Tells Roth that in his video he wants to be surrounded by White girls.

    Roth takes his request literally.

    1. “Yeah, so I was smoking this excellent Jamaican weed, and I dozed off and had this awesome dream, and a friend of mine transcribed my description of the dream while it was going on, so all I want you to do is set it to music…”

      1. Listen, my father is a Rastafarian and I still didn’t understand that shit.

  30. California voters agreed to temporarily raise taxes under the justification the money would be used for education.

    Anyone who believed that line should forfeit their ability to vote. There is no such thing as temporary anything when it comes to government. No matter how they’re initially marketed, they will forever be labeled as absolutely necessary to the functioning of the state afterwards. Whether it’s a new tax or new spending doesn’t matter.

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