Obamacare Delay May Save Some Jobs, But Employers Still Fear Implementation

The policy still hangs like a wet blanket


Enjoy it while it lasts.

The dramatic decision by the Obama administration to postpone until 2015 a requirement that larger businesses offer health insurance may prompt some employers to hold off shedding staff or cutting workers hours for now, but experts don't expect to see a big hiring boom because of the unexpected one-year delay, despite the thrilled reaction by some business leaders.

"If it's only a one-year delay, does that change employers' behavior or not?" asked Chuck Clapton, partner in the law firm Hogan Lovells, who specializes in health care.

"Is that enough of an incentive to hire people I otherwise wasn't going to hire? My guess is, it probably does not change the dynamic," Clapton said. "It's not like we're saying we're going to get rid of the employer mandate."

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  1. OK, I’m still waiting for Obozo to state that Valerie Jarrett speaks for Obozo; she has no legal position, and the ‘announcement’ was a personal blog that she could just as easily claim ‘ooops; didn’t mean that’. So far, it seems dishwashers, political consultants, plumbers, ‘advisers’ or most anyone in the Obozo court can alter congressional acts via royal decree/blog. Congress just night decide it has standing if the royal bookie tried, but it’s not certain.
    And then the claim is that the change was a result of consultation with businesses to ‘allow them time’ for something or other.
    Bullshit. Just flat bullshit.
    Any competently-run business would rather deal with whatever changing conditions NOW and put uncertainty behind them. As regards business, what Valerie has done (assuming we don’t get an ‘ooops’ entry in her personal blog/royal announcement site) is simply extend the uncertainty for another 12 months.
    As regards the Dem congress critters dealing with mid-term elections, she has (per her job) provided political ‘cover’ in that those who are going to pay massively for this boondoggle won’t have to do so until *AFTER* those elections.
    The earlier story about the Obozo court listening to the squeaky wheel is correct, assuming those wheels are on the left side of the congressional aisles. Any others can go pee up a rope.

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