Death Penalty

Missouri May Bring Back Gas Chambers

Due to dwindling supplies of lethal injection drugs


The state of Missouri is threatening to resurrect the use of the gas chamber for executions, as an alternative to its dwindling supply of lethal-injection drugs.

The state's attorney general, Chris Koster, has warned that unless Missouri is allowed by the state supreme court to press ahead quickly with pending executions under its current lethal-injection protocol, its drug supplies will expire. In that case, the state might have to turn to the only other option open to it – the gas chamber.

"Unless the [supreme] court changes its current course, the legislature will soon be compelled to fund statutorily-authorised alternative methods of execution to carry out lawful judgments," Koster said. Under Missouri law only two forms of execution are permitted: "… by means of the administration of lethal gas or by means of the administration of lethal injection".

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  1. As a person who has personally witnessed the gentle and painless ‘putting down’ of at least three or more family pets due to their suffering and end-of-life diseases, it appalls me that anyone could consider the lack of those drugs as an excuse to re-institute any more barbaric means of taking a person’s life.

    And it appalls me that anyone could consider it a rational decision to kill another human being as “retribution” for any crime they might have committed. First, the process is much more expensive than life-without-parole, and second, there’s a reasonable wealth of analysis and proof that “fear of punishment,” including capital punishment, is NOT a deterrent to people who have committed capital crimes (or might be considering them.)

    Just a bunch of angry, vindictive, hateful people who think “an eye for an eye” can balance any scales anywhere, any time.

    Fools. Grow up, humans!

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