Rebels in Syria Implement Shariah in Strongholds


Credit: VOA News/wikimedia

Rebel-controlled areas of Syria have begun implementing some of the severest aspects of Shariah. In the rebel-held city of Aleppo a 14-year-old boy, Mohammed Qataa, was killed for insulting the prophet Mohammed.

From the BBC:

They dragged him to a car and took him away. Half-an-hour later, a badly beaten Mohammed was dumped back in the road by his cart.
The men, showing no fear that anyone would question what they were doing, summoned a crowd with shouts of "Oh People of Aleppo. Oh people of Shaar." Their bellows alerted Mohammed's mother.

Recalling what happened next, she buries her face in her hands and weeps."One of them shouted: 'Whoever insults the Prophet will be killed according to Sharia',"

"I ran down barefoot to the streets. I heard the first shot. I fell to the ground when I got there."One of them shot him again and kicked him. He shot him for a third time and stamped on him."

Mohammed's brother claims that the city is suffering a loss of freedom under rebel control, "We had it when the rebels first took over in Aleppo but now we have nothing. What we have instead are countless [Sharia] committees, each following its own interpretation of religion."

The spread of extremism has left many Syrians fearful of jihadist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra, which was recently accused of beheading a Catholic priest. 

Other repressive aspects of Shariah have also begun to predominate in rebel-controlled areas. The Islamic law council in in Aleppo's Fardous neighborhood has issued a fatwa banning women from wearing makeup and revealing clothing.

The spread of Islamic extremism in rebel controlled area should be of grave concern to the U.S., which has recently authorized the CIA to coordinate the arming of rebels in Syria. U.S. officials are preparing to vet Syrian rebel groups before supplying arms. But despite the best efforts of the CIA it may be close to impossible to ensure that arms do not end up in the hands of Jihadist groups.

Despite the proliferation of Islamic extremism in Syria Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) have offered wholehearted support for the move to arm the rebels, saying in a joint statement,  "The president's red line has been crossed. U.S. credibility is on the line. Now is not the time to merely take the next incremental step. Now is the time for more decisive actions."

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  1. Wonderful. Let’s give these people as many high-tech arms as they can haul away.

    1. What could possibly go wrong?

    2. We really don’t have any choice – the RED LINE was crossed. You just can’t have people on the otherside of the fucking planet crossing redlines.

      Otherwise SOoo … SYRIA!

  2. Rebel-controlled areas of Syria have begun implementing some of the severest aspects of Shariah.

    John McCain stands ready to air drop more Shariah if the rebels start running out in their fight for freedom.

    1. Woul he be willing to air-drop himself?

      1. Bloomberg. We are supposed to air drop Bloomberg and his private army of boys and girls in blue into Syria. Stay on message will ya.

      2. I would be willing to air drop him in there, along with his little toady sidekick.

  3. Let’s let these people freely immigrate into our country. After all, religion of peace? Europe has had such a good experience with Muslim immigration, let’s repeat that here.

    1. Did anyone else see anything about immigration in this post? Do I need to get my eyes checked again?

      1. Immigration is supremely relevant because the political systems in nations are reflections of the people who live there.

      2. There has been talk of letting in Syrian refugees. I’m OK with Christian or Jewish ones.

    2. We have our hands full with Christian Shariah here.

      1. The streets in the Plug’s neighborhood are chalk full of dead Unitarians.

        1. “Chock full of nuts is that heavenly coffee…”

      2. [citation required]

        1. Oh, us secularists are slowly winning, no doubt.

          But forced school prayer, contraception/abortion/stem cells, gay marriage, Creationism, porn, and other issues we fight them on are by no means completely won.

          1. Nobody has ever been forced to pray. Strawman. No major figure has ever proposed banning contraception.(but you probably want the government to pay for it) Other than that, your issues are homosexual marriage, creationism(which, though it is idiotic, doesn’t threaten anyone’s freedom) and pornography. You should visit Syria and see what Sharia really looks like.

            1. Bullshit. Every one of my public schools in Georgia did.

              At least they made us act like we were anyway.

              1. again, [citation fucking required]

                Your tired, bullshit anecdotes are starting to remind me of dunphy. Why don’t you just start randomly doing words in ALL-CAPS and eliminate all coherent punctuation.

              2. Bullshit. Every one of my public schools in Georgia did.


          2. Where the hell do you live that you still have forced school prayer in public schools? Where the hell do you live where contraception is illegal?

            1. Mr. Puttplug lives in the DailyKos universe, where fundamentalist Christian theocracy is always about to descend on the USA.

          3. But forced school prayer,

            Where is this happening? Show your work.

            contraception/abortion/stem cells

            please explain this word salad

            gay marriage,

            You mean the legal ones, right?


            You mean respecting the 1A? Why do you hate freedom?


            Let me introduce you to this little thing called “the internet” and hand you a jar of hand lotion.

            and other issues we fight them on

            What, are you paying by the word now? What “other issues” are you blathering about?

            are by no means completely won.

            Define “won,” shit for brains, in a way that doesn’t infringe on someone else’s rights.

            1. Won = freedom to pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control.

              1. Wait, I thought Sandra Fluke was birth control. God knows that lantern jaw and vacant expression are enough to soften any boner.

            2. It amazes me, absolutely amazes me, how much people waste time fighting demons that don’t really exist. Exaggerate your enemy to the point of insanity, then fear your insane imaginary friend.

              1. Wait, are you ridiculing me for acknowledging Assplug?

                Because..well, touche!

            3. Look, you have Rick W. Perry shutting down about 40 women’s health clinics in Texas – this is routine by the Christo-fascists.

              Yes, they are still trying to ban abortofacients.

              The ACLU is still fighting speakers who prosletyze at school speaking events. I can find contemporary examples for this entire list.

              Nice try to support the Christo-State though.

              1. By “shutting down”, you mean holding them to the same standard other medical care facilities are held to, right?

                And while the ACLU fights free speech, which I disagree with them on, people like me are fighting to end “compulsory public education” where the 1A is inexplicably suspended and kids imprisoned for indoctrination by the state. You want to end proselytizing, you end the fact that kids are forced to attend those schools. Otherwise, respect their 1A right while they’re forced to be there.

              2. It’s good to know that you don’t think women seeking abortions have a right to clean, safe and well-regulated medical care. You’re probably a big fan of Kermit Gosneell and the “services” he provided.

                1. have a right to clean, safe and well-regulated medical care.

                  Libertarian purity test fail.

      3. Yep, no abortion and no recognition of sodomous unions is sharia. Where do you live, PB?

        1. Abortion is a metaphysical issue completely independent of religion. Being pro-life is not a requirement for being a Christian.

          There are plenty of atheists who are pro-life. How about you don’t drink so much of the media kool aid and have an independent thought for once.

          When Christians start executing teenage boys in the town square, then you’ll have something to bitch about.

          1. Yeah, well look at all the violence and all the shit Christians blew up over “Piss Christ”…oh, wait..

            1. Well, you have your Eric Rudolf and Paul Hill types. The guy who shot the Kansas doctor copied them. There are plenty of them.

              1. How many did your buddy Gosnell kill?

              2. Yeah, and you’ve managed to name all of two…and both of them have been roundly denounced by any and all religious leaders.

                Now, shall we talk about ELF or the Weather Underground?

                And FWIW, individuals cannot impose “sharia” on society. That’s terrorism. Sharia is systemic and accepted by the masses, even if imposed by a minority. But never, ever by a minority of one.

                Your logic fails the smell test again.

                1. In the Bizarro world where he lives, Fred Phelps just got elected president and Congress is under the control of a hardline fundamentalist Christian nationalist party who have suspended the constitution and appointed religious police.

            2. Yeah, and the rioting and pillaging over the movie Dogma for its blasphemy against the church… oh yeah, that never happened either.

              Assplug’s just indulging his need for victimhood. It would be so much easier if he were actually a member of one of the permanently aggrieved classes, at least then he wouldn’t have to make up imaginary oppressors in his head all the time.

          2. He only pulls his head out of Obamas arse long enough to say something stupid on the intertoobs. How do you expect him to have independent thought?

        2. “sodomous unions”

          Is that you American?

          1. Probably. It certainly matches his MO of trying to bring immigration into every thread, no matter.

            1. Also, the morphing. When you see a new or rarely-used handle posting Bircher BS you can safely assume it’s ‘Merkin.

    3. Europe’s experience with Muslim immigration is irrelevant to America’s. America’s Muslims have been extremely beneficial to America. Go soil your pants elsewhere.

      1. America’s Muslims have been extremely beneficial to America.

        If you don’t count the terrorists….

        1. All two dozen of them? And even if you do count them, the cost-benefit ratio is still not even close: immigration wins.

          1. That’s sort of like saying “most of the food I eat doesn’t poison me.” Why not aim for zero food poisoning? We aren’t exactly suffering from a shortage of people, so let’s be a bit picky about who we let in.

            1. “Why not aim for zero food poisoning?”

              Because there are costs and trade offs associated with aiming for zero.

              1. Yes, of course there are. But there’s a simple, low-cost method to avoid imported Muslim terrorists.

                1. By denying entrance to all Muslims? It’s pretty stupid and asinine to pass a law affecting millions of people because a few of them will commit a very specific type of crime (if the Tsarnaevs shot and killed four people, with no religious motivation, would anyone have given a shit? It would have been a local news story for a few days, unless it was at a school). It’s like liberals who say we must ban guns because some gun owners use them to commit murder.

                  And that would not by any means stop imported Muslim terrorism. Sure, guys like the Tsarnaevs, who were little kids who became radicalized here, would probably be stopped, but international terrorists aren’t going to be deterred by not being able to legally get in the country.

                  1. I think the point of immigration is to improve the country, so I think we should prefer people who will work, pay taxes, and not commit various crimes. These days in the US, the crime of terrorism is pretty much exclusively associated with Islam, so it seems foolish to add to the risk by adding to the Muslim population. And you made my point: we don’t have to import Muslim terrorists to get Muslim terrorists, because, like the Tsarnaevs, they can be radicalized here. Note that in France etc. it is the children and grandchildren of Muslim immigrants who become radicalized.

      2. Europe’s experience with Muslim immigration is irrelevant to America’s.

        Justify that statement.

        America’s Muslims have been extremely beneficial to America.

        How? What have they brought to this country other than terrorism and Fallafel King? Look at Dearborn, Michigan. Does that look like a country you would want to live in? I really see no benefit to their immigration.

        1. Dearborn was, is and will always be a shithole. Let’s not blame our friends immigrating from the middle east.

          1. Dearborn used to be a nice place. Not sure what it’s like now, but many Detroit suburbs have gone downhill.

  4. Obviously what these people need is moar weapons.

    1. That’s why they have to take away our gunz, cause somewhere there’s a group of Islamists that needs to be armed.

  5. But when they win they will be grateful to Uncle Sammy, right?

  6. Is there some sort of coup going on in Egypt? Google News keeps suggesting that, though I can’t tell for sure.

    1. Yeah the tanks are rolling.

      1. So these tanks, operated by liberal proponents of free markets and limited government are they? I mean, just random chance has to make that true one of these days.

        If so, would we support that government, or distance ourselves, because everyone would say we were behind the revolt?

        1. So these tanks, operated by liberal proponents of free markets and limited government are they?

          If so, would we support that government, or distance ourselves

          Does that really sound like the kind of government that Obama would want to be seen lending support to?

          1. No. Of course not. The United States? Absolutely.

    2. Not sure. More importantly, did they get Skype straight so that dude could testify in the Zimmerman trial?

      1. Seems they gave up and went with a cellphone connection.

        1. I haven’t been keeping up, so could you let me know if they’re holding this trial in the courthouse or have they actually brought in a circus tent from Ringling Bros in Tampa?

          1. That’s Sarasota. Trust me, we’re not the same town, because it’s a nice long drive for me to go to Trader Joe’s.

    3. This is a coup for sure. It may be the most deliberately slow and tedious coup ever.

    4. So I hear. A military coup. I don’t think this is going to turn out to be an Arab spring either. An Arab nightmare will be more like it.

  7. Reason Aleph one plus two for not getting involved in anything east of 20?W Longitude and west of the International Date Line or south of Key West.

    1. Your desire to conquer the Keys has been noted.

      1. We’ve already got most of Florida and Arizona and are sharing Hawaii with the Japanese.

        1. While this is true, our guerrilla forces and python shock troops haven’t given up!

    2. I’d draw the southern line at Islamorada, but hey, that’s me.

          1. You’ll do as your told.

            1. Hey, wait, this means secession from the U.S.?

              1. Yeah, I was wondering why you’d have a problem with that. I’m curious to know what more Colorado can do to get kicked out of the union. Legalizing weed hasn’t done the trick.

                1. They could swear to uphold the Constitution. That would likely get them further onto the Feds’ shit list.

                  1. Or when the DEA tries to raid a state legal pot shop next year they could have state and local police swoop in and arrest the DEA agents for criminal trespassing, breaking and entering, armed robbery, and if anyone was injured or killed assault and/ or murder. That might just work.

                    1. Um, if Colorado is to be kicked out of the union, the power-abusing cops they have are sure not going to go quietly. You may as well drive each and every one of them to the state line right away, because if there’s a drug bust, they’re cracking civilian skulls, not going after their “brothers” in the DEA.

                    2. A guy can dream can’t he? Or is that illegal now too?

      1. What’s wrong with Key West? Or are you recognizing its secession?

        1. Conch Republic forever!

          1. Do the cops shoot dogs there? If so, that’s your proof that it’s still part of O Estados Unidos de Murika.

            1. No kidding, I accidentally drove into the ghetto in Key West and was pretty close to some kind of shooting. There were cops already at the scene, so no idea who or what was getting shot. Scared the shit out of me.

              1. the ghetto in Key West

                …is unnecessarily redundant.

                1. Now, now, there are nice places there. I remember when I first went there thinking how much bigger the island was than I expected.

                  Haven’t been down in some time, but our usual practice was to stay higher up, like Islamorada or Marathon, and only go to Key West for a day.

                  1. The only place I’d ever stay in Key West is on a nice boat in the marina at Banana Bay. The rest is just pure shithole with the exception of a few bars between 7 pm and 1 am.

                    1. I haven’t been since the mid 90s, so I can’t say anything about it today. I thought it was okay, for what it is. Don’t go there for the beaches, though. The only one that’s halfway decent is at that fort/state park.

                    2. Admission: I love Key West.

                    3. Because you never can have enough T-Shirts with pictures of that damn buoy.

                    4. Things have changed, because it was all Papa t-shirts last time I went. Of course, my wilder, single friends report that it’s all body paint these days, anyway.

  8. Well, Obama might get his wish of $5 gas by the end of the month.

    1. Wonder how many remember this is actually an accurate statement and not some mean libertarian snark?

      1. Not sure. It hasn’t been responded to yet over at HuffPo.

    2. Drilling is up 300% under Obama according to Baker Hughes.

      Federal land permits are also up.

      1. And just to stay consistent, so are fuel prices.

      2. Federal land permits are also up.

        Not significantly.

      3. Despite Obama, not because of him.

      4. Drilling is up 300% under Obama according to Baker Hughes.

        Leave your sex life with Obama out of this.

  9. I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

  10. We need to be a little more accurate here lets not join conservative reactionaries. Some rebels are implementing Sharia in some rebel-controlled areas. Raqqa was liberated by Nusra but there’s no Sharia there.

    1. Yeah, but the overiding principle is that this is not a fight in which we have an interest. That some of the combatants on the side which the administration supports are Sharia fans makes it even less our fight.

      The only reason this is even a thing is as a distraction from domestic issues.

    2. Raqqa was liberated by Nusra but there’s no Sharia there.

      Yet. I figure even a lot of these rebel groups really have factions inside of factions. All it takes is the hardliners winning out over the less extreme leaders.


      Mohammed’s brother claims that the city is suffering a loss of freedom under rebel control, “We had it when the rebels first took over in Aleppo but now we have nothing. What we have instead are countless [Sharia] committees, each following its own interpretation of religion.”

      1. Guy Bentley is a 2013 summer intern at Reason.

        Dudes, we were trolled.

        1. Damn, that was not supposed to be in a sub-thread.

  11. Wow. Who could have seen this coming? *shakes head*

    1. With a line like that, you should be selling something.

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