Analysis: Could Delay of ObamaCare Personal Mandate Be Coming?

Pressure expected after delay of employer mandate


President Barack Obama can expect mounting pressure to make new concessions on healthcare reform, especially the requirement that all Americans obtain insurance, after delaying penalties for businesses for the first year of his plan.

The U.S. Treasury said late on Tuesday it would grant businesses with 50 or more workers a one-year reprieve from having to provide health coverage to full-time staff.

The move appeared to ease the concerns of major companies about being ready in time for a January 1 deadline. But it raised new questions on whether Obama's signature domestic policy is unraveling or falling prey to fears about the Democratic Party's election prospects next year.

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  1. “That’s one of the benefits, yes, but the main benefit is to move the pain until after the mid-term elections.”

    Let’s consider what has happened.
    1) The delay (AFAIK) isn’t really yet legal; it was announced in a personal blog by a woman whose legal standing in the government is ‘white house nag’ or something similar. So I’m still waiting for someone with the authority to delay the process does so.
    2) The woman in question is a political advisor; she advises Obozo on how his actions affect his political prospects.
    2) The woman in question claims the delay is a result of ‘consultation with businesses’, which is horseshit; neither that woman nor most anyone in the Obozo white house consults with business unless it has to do with contributions or political gain.

    So claims that the delay is for reasons other than to aid Dems in the mid-terms need to be compared to pixy-dust. One more blatant lie.


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