Stop and Frisk

Michael Bloomberg to Spend His Own Money to Defend Stop and Frisk


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Long-time New York City mayor and authoritarian-wannabe Michael Bloomberg's going to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to defending the civil liberties-challenged stop and frisk program.

From CBS New York:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is standing firm on his position to do all he can to try to stop two measures aimed at impacting the NYPD from taking effect.

Aides and advisors said the billionaire lame-duck mayor intends to use some of his fortune to influence the outcome of a vote to override his coming veto of measures to install an NYPD inspector general and to modify the controversial stop-and-frisk program.

It was recently revealed Bloomberg's been using city resources to run the website of his anti-gun coalition, a registered 501(c)4 that he spends his own money through.

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  1. I wonder if the IRS gave him shit for his 501(c)4.


    I’ll be here all week. Actually, I won’t. Whatever. Tip the waitress. Or better yet give her the whole thing.

  2. So punchable. And when I’m being hauled away by his armed guards, you’ll hear me screaming “Fuck you, that’s why! Evil fuck!”

  3. Just when I think this guy can’t get any douchier…

  4. When did Bloomberg complete his transformation into a stupider version of Lex Luthor? About the time of getting a third term?

    1. Retardo Luthor

      The Big Apple deserves everything they get from this guy. And I’d wager the good burghers of NYC will elect someone even more meddlesome and controlling. What is with the people in that city?

      1. You do realize that only a majority of those who vote need to vote for him, right? You do realize that just because an asshole was elected, not 100% of the people there wanted that, right?

        What the fuck is with the endless collectivism from supposed individualists when it comes to cities and regions?

        1. You left your stinky ass print all over the place.

          1. That can’t be the only reason. It’s been 11 years.

        2. You were asking for it, with your oversized cokes and droopy pants. You wanted him to give it to you nice and hard, didn’t you?

          1. AND the salt shakers…don’t forget the salt shakers!

            1. Let’s play Spot the Episiarch

              My vote is on this dude

              1. C’mon Scruffy. Episiarch would never take that bag with that dress. He knows how to accessorize.

              2. That haircut is terrible! It doesn’t go with those shoes at all!

                1. Hey, but you don’t have cankles, that’s a plus.

        3. I thought that was implied… but I can clarify…what is with the electorate in that city? They deserve to be trampled. The poor SOBs who don’t deserve this should be allowed refuge in NJ or CT perhaps?

          1. The people who get into government in NYC are scum of the highest order, and it’s a free for all. There really are no good choices, and different people hold control in their little fiefdoms. On top of that, it is possible to basically live your life in NYC while almost entirely ignoring the politicians’ bullshit, and many people do. I lived there for seven years and the only government thing that I didn’t basically ignore was when they banned smoking in bars, and then I moved out within a year or so.

            It’s a huge place, and you can easily disappear into it if you want to.

            1. The people who get into government in NYC are scum of the highest order, and it’s a free for all. There really are no good choices, and different people hold control in their little fiefdoms.

              If you switch “Illinois” for “NYC” this still works.

            2. Huge and repetitive, not in the way of midwestern cities that compels me to gouge out my eyeballs after passing the umpteenth Red Robin in twenty miles of sprawling suburb but repetitive in that the same layout of delis and drycleaners pop up every couple blocks, until it’s suddenly not repetitive and then I stop and gawk.

            3. It’s a huge place, and you can easily disappear into it if you want to.

              That, and, for some reason, it seems that there’s more to a city than its government. Who would have thought that?

        4. In a city of 8 million, about 1 million vote. So maybe…. 550K people voted for Bloomberg. Like most things related to government, FYTW has a bigger impact than anything.

          On a personal note I voted for my brother for mayor, and wrote in several of my friends for the other positions on the ballot. Because fuck the garbage candidates offered to me, that’s why.

      2. John, you can only say that about Chicago and Detroit, NYC is out of bounds.

  5. I saw a article about “Stop and frisk” on City-journal…..crime.html as well as one comment for a person named (or nicknamed) Anita then I decided to quote.

    “Without the police actions which liberals hate so much, NY will return to what it was and it may be even worse.
    NYC is very liberal, but liberals have not allowed it to become like Detroit and Chicago. They made sure there would not be another Dinkins. We will see what happens.”

  6. And to think that, right now, some really nice person who adopted pets from a rescue shelter, apologizes to strangers when he/she accidentally does something rude, and is an unbelievably kind and loving parent just found out they have cancer while this slimy, smirking fuckhead continues to walk the Earth without a care in the world. For as many people are shot or stabbed to death in NYC, how come he hasn’t been one of them?

    1. For as many people are shot or stabbed to death in NYC

      They made the mistake of not having armed bodyguards in Bloomberg’s gun-free paradise.

      1. Damn. I was being all snarky then you beat me to it.

    2. I’m guessing guards with… What are those things. Hmmm they always want to ban them. Damn! I’ll think of it later.

      1. Cigarettes?

        1. That’s it! Imagine a gang of steroid using meats heads ALL smoking. Man that’s intimidating.

  7. Good, I hope he spends every last penny he has and still loses.

  8. I consider myself a very peaceful person. Even the worst amongst us, I generally don’t want bad things to happen to them. Sure, I may say things like I hope that drug prohibitionists and those that criminalize prescription pain medicine acquire painful diseases, but I’m usually just venting when I say that.

    Bloomberg? I genuinely want something terrible to happen to him. Not fatal. But I do want him to suffer.

    (Dear NSA: I will not take any steps to make him suffer. I just want to see it happen)

    1. Bad news sport, the NSA is infested by people who think like Tony;

      Ths if you aren’t actively interposing your body between Bloomberg and any assassin, you are murdering him.

      1. Unless you’re a cop. They’re not obligated to provide assistance, don’tchaknow.

  9. Everyone who lives in New York is scum and is personally responsible for everything Bloomberg does. THAT INCLUDES YOU, EPISIARCH

    1. In fact, especially Episiarch.

    2. “Includes”? Did you not mean “Is Limited To You”?

    3. Actually, I am Bloomberg.

      1. Oh, god, you’re a Jew???????

        1. He keeps asking you for the blood of Gentile children for his religious rites and offering to lend you money.

          How did you miss this?

          1. Warty isn’t the most…observant rapist in the world. He is constantly distracted by people’s buttholes.

      2. I thought you were this guy.

        1. Close. That’s my mom.

        2. Cool site.

        3. I thought my sister died once because she left me this crazy voicemail. But turned out she was just on mushrooms.

  10. “If people don’t start paying closer attention, we’re going to be living in a corporate fascist state in no time. We’re paying $3.50 for a cup of coffee. You know how much a POUND of coffee beans costs? $3.50. But nobody knows that. Cause nobody’s paying attention.”

    How did he live that long being that stupid?

    1. $3.50 for Starbucks crap. Good green coffee in 5-20lb lots goes $7-$18/lb. More for good, roasted coffee.

    2. It’s true: the corporate fat cats are forcing him to get his coffee by-the-cup at Starbucks and ThinkCoffee and other bullshit places.

    3. You know what it costs for a bottle of Whiskey? You know what it costs for a whiskey on the rocks at a good bar?

      You know what it costs for a barrel of oil? You know what it costs for a gallon of gas?

      Man, we can do this all day.

  11. They elected this dude 3 times in a row. They love it!

  12. standing firm on his position to do all he can to try to stop two measures aimed at impacting the NYPD from taking effect.

    What two measures? I thought the only measure standing in Bloomberg’s way was the fourth amendment… unless they consider “the constitution and the fourth amendment” to be two separate things.

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