Immigration Bill Includes Billions in Spending on Federal Defense, Tech Contractors

DC being DC


Enactment of the sweeping immigration bill now before Congress would yield billions of dollars in new and expanded federal contracts for a host of defense and tech companies.

The legislation, which cleared the Senate last week, would direct the government to buy everything from four new drone aircraft and 15 Blackhawk helicopters to night vision goggles and high tech surveillance systems.

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  1. Brilliant. Sequestration in place, can’t pass a budget …..

    Lets pass a law that will mandate more spending of money we don’t have! Call me crazy, but DoD has plenty of stuff that could be used. After all, defending borders is inline with a department that has defense as its title. Instead, we have a Department of Defense that is actually a War department, and a Department of Homeland Security that wants to play at war.

    Nothing to see here folks …. SNAFU!

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