Renewable Energy Requirements Predicted To Spike French Electricity Bills by 30 Percent



A new report by France's 'Commission de regulation de l'énergie' (Energy regulation commission) has revealed that consumers should expect a 30% increase in the cost of electricity by 2017.

More than one-third of that hike is accounted for by a doubling of the 'contribution au service public de l'électricité', a tarif which goes towards funding renewable energy development in France.

President of the energy watchdog, Philippe de Ladoucette, was blunt in his appraisal. "We are confronted with a reality. We can't have a policy of renewable energy development, but also tell you it will cost nothing," he told Europe 1 radio on Monday.

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  1. “We are confronted with a reality. We can’t have a policy of renewable energy development, but also tell you it will cost nothing,”

    Sure you can look at the Germans and the plan to phase out nuclear power by 2022. That’s 9 years. Currently nuclear supplies 17% of their electricity. That’s going to cost a whole lot of money, on top of some of the most expensive electrical rates of any First world country. Nobody is telling your average German rate payer what that’s going to cost.

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