Second Amendment

Kansas Government Buildings That Ban Guns Must Post Prominent Warnings

So Kansans know who doesn't respect their rights


OSAWATOMIE — Call it a public notice, a warning sign or a mark of shame: from here on out, Kansans will know for sure when they enter a public building that has sidestepped the state's latest firearm law. …

Wednesday morning, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt unveiled new requirements for Kansas municipalities that request the exemption in the form of a modified "no guns" sign to be posted at building entrances. The sign features the standard symbol for prohibiting firearms with the accompanying text:

"On and after July 1, 2013, all persons licensed to carry concealed handguns under the personal and family protection act are prohibited from carrying concealed handguns within this state or municipal building because either a temporary exemption or adequate security measures are in place pursuant to 2013 Senate Sub. for House Bill 2052."