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Irish Politician Calls Obama a War Criminal, Asks if He is Going for "Hypocrite of the Century" Award


Irish politician Clare Daly railed against President Obama in the Irish parliament last week, the same week that G8 leaders met in Northern Ireland.

Daly criticized Obama's plan to send military aid to rebels in Syria, Obama's self-professed connections to Ireland, and the fawning Irish response to Obama's visit. Daly also claimed that Taoiseach Enda Kenny had showcased the Irish as a nation of pimps.

It's quite something and worth watching in full:

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  1. You have to drone the house to know who’s in it!

  2. Someone posted this in an AM Links comment days ago.

    She’s a leftist who’s part of the United Left, btw.

    Stopped clocks and all.

    1. No hat tip for me. ;(

  3. Some people really are genuinely surprised to find that Barack Obama is completely full of shit.

  4. This is like a week old now.

    1. It takes time for the internet to get across the Atlantic, geez.

      1. those boats don’t row themselves.

        1. so0 who’s goin on the cruize

  5. Its a young century, I’m skeptical.

  6. Asks if He is Going for “Hypocrite of the Century” Award

    Hey now, Obama already got the nobel, he doesn’t want to hog all the sweet awards.

    1. If he supported terrorists like the IRA, then it’s not hypicritial to support any terrorists working with the Syrian rebels.

  7. Asks if He is Going for “Hypocrite of the Century” Award

    I guess the nominees for Liar of the Century were already chosen.

  8. Does it come with a million dollar cheque? Because Mr. O’Bama would be okay with that.

  9. Life would be a lot better if politicians really did go around wearing leprechaun outfits.

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    A Wisconsin man who was caught last year having sex with a couch pleaded guilty to public lewdness Monday.

    Gerard Streator, 47, was sentenced to five months in jail for the furniture fornication, according to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

    He is also barred from possessing “pornography of any kind” and must pay $243 in court costs.

    1. 1. $243 sounds like a deal.

      2. masturbating in public still isn’t OK.

      3. the pornography prohibition doesn’t sound legal to me. anyone who can cite legal justification for that?

      1. For number 3: Its a plea bargain, he’s thrown himself on the mercy of the court. If he doesn’t like their terms, he can get a jury trial.

        1. Ah.

          At least in a jury trial, he would only receive legally established penalties, right?

      2. Pornography like what? A Sears catalog?

    2. The bigger the cushion the sweeter the pushin’.

      1. So I have read!

    3. That’s illegal? I mean, someone sat down and drafted a law against such things? Who pushes that? The pillow lobby?

      Or is this just a joke?

      1. Conducting sexual acts in public view is illegal is most jurisdictions.

        That’s what Warty’s house is for.

    4. He is also barred from possessing “pornography of any kind” and must pay $243 in court costs.

      No Ikea catalog for him.

      1. Oh. Snap.

    5. “Man Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With Couch”

      Fuck yo’ couch!

      1. Shoulda neva gave them niggas money.

        1. (Why Rick James deserved his money but the Murphys didn’t remains a mystery.)

          1. Oh, wait, nevermind.


  11. OT.

    John repellant. With much love to John, him of the awesome homonyms and spelling.

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    1. Susan, then Charlotte. Gurj close third. The old one looks like she could have won in her prime and still isn’t that bad, but she can’t win. Actually, there’s only one who’s really too fat, but the fact that she could come out and pose for this sort of article suggests she could overcome that handicap with personality.

      This isn’t John repellent, it’s John bait.

      1. Susan definitely number one for me, really nice body and a pretty face, followed by Gurj. Shaheena third with Charlotte close behind (she’s paler than I would prefer, though I’d still do her). Joanna is too old and Claudia too big for me. Gurj and Shaheena (especially the latter) are approaching my size limit, but not quite there.

    2. Thanks a lot. I think I just turned gay.

      Gayer, anyway.

      1. Other than the really big one and the old one, I don’t think they’re bad at all, if you’re comparing them to the general public and not supermodels

  12. That rant makes me wonder if my wife is part Irish.


    It does help explain why Irish men drink so much. That was a heck of a diatribe.

  13. Who’s the “Mr. Tax Exile Himself” that she refers to having lunch with Michelle?

  14. She might be a drooling leftist, but my God, what a great rant! I could see a few guys’ adjusting in their seats in response to their balls shriveling up.

  15. Posted on facebook. Silence from all my lefty friends. Cognitive dissonance never seems to set in with those fuckers.

    1. They believe what they believe when they need to believe it, never more or less.

    2. Facebook is near hopeless. I get a few bites from people, but the only folks who are on side with my opinions, or those of articles I share, tell me in person (or via text msg, oddly enough)

      I guess my friends who are on side fear getting into a drawn out battle with progtrolls.

      1. You know where you stand politically when the only people who can tell you, “nice one, good one” can only tell you in the context of mumbling it quickly as they walk by you in a trenchcoat while discreetly passing a folded racing form to you.

    3. An Irish accent ranting about U.S. Imperialism with ‘Obama’ in the same sentence is too much… heads start exploding. Best to just keep quiet.

  16. Daly also claimed that Taoiseach Enda Kenny had showcased the Irish as a nation of pimps.

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy…

  17. Boy, do Irish accents sound retarded. You were all thinking it, but I was bold enough to come out and say it.

    I kept expecting her to say “when there’s so much suffering in the world.”

  18. She’s mostly right but she also sounded like Sinead O’Conner on SNL.

  19. I gotta go put some water in buck nasty’s momma’s dish.

  20. What a bunch of pointy, pasty geeks. What do you want to watch; cheese or snow?

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