Ed Markey Wins Special Senate Election in Massachusetts

Replaces John Kerry's temporary replacement, has been in Congress since 1976


Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Ed Markey ended Republican hopes for a second blue-state Senate upset Tuesday, defeating GOP candidate Gabriel Gomez in a special election.

Markey, 66, has represented the western Boston suburbs in Congress since 1976.

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  1. Dem Wins In MA!
    I’m looking east tomorrow morning for some sunlight.

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  3. Oh. What a surprise. Massachusettinites (whatever they’re called) are political zombies.

  4. Behold democrat:

    “I will not vote for a republican until (1) republicans enter the world of reality and admit global climate change is a huge problem we must start making a plan of action to make sure the human race can exist in 300 years (2) republicans stop this attack on women’s freedoms. Get off your obession with forcing women to maintain pregnancies and birth babies against their will (3) get off your obession with stopping women from receiving reproductive healthcare and birth control (4) get off your obession that jesus will fix everything, and realize you need to use your BRAIN and investment in science to find new energy solutions, medical solutions (banning embyronic research for cancers and diseases…really????) and that (5) we MUST fund education and we MUST get more Americans educated so we can have less poverty and (6) raise the taxes on the ubber rich, seriously…and finally (7) less guns. back ground checks, less legal guns being readily available, limits on how much stockpiling of weapons a person can do, and registry for guns so ,yes, we know, who has an arsenal in thier house and a registry so when a gun is used in a crime, we know who to blame, who was supposed to have that gun ,and why did they either lose it, or sell it to someone who didn’t go through a background check. yeah..until then…dont bet on a MANY of us for even thinking for a minute or voting republican.”

    300 years? The democrat base is dumb beyond belief.

  5. Sigh….

    I hate living in Massachusetts.

  6. One of the PACs that supported Markey and his nearly 40 years in COngress is now going to focus on getting rid of Mitch McConnel. Their strategy is to highlight how long McConnel has been a politician, and stress that there needs to be new blood in Congress.

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