Chicago Cop Still Serves, Despite Frequent Run-Ins with the Law

It's the Chicago way


Over the past seven years, Chicago police Officer Richard A. Rizzo has been arrested four times by fellow members of his department. The charges included domestic battery, child endangerment and aggravated assault with a gun.

Each time, officers booked Rizzo and took his mugshot. Each time, prosecutors filed criminal charges against him.

And each time, prosecutors ended up dropping the charges against the 15-year police veteran.

There's no public record showing Rizzo ever has been disciplined for violating Chicago Police Department rules and regulations, which generally target officers who break the law or otherwise bring discredit upon the department.

(Hat tip to Hit and Run commenter Sloopyinca)

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  2. My PERSONAL BELIEF is that the charges were dropped against Rizzo because the Police made it clear to the prosecutor that pursuing the charges would be career-limiting.

    TBS, Rizzo has the same rights – including the presumption of innocence – as any other individual and, if he has not been convicted of a crime, is not required to give up his job.

    OTOH, I am guessing that if Rizzo had ratted out one of his fellow officers, his career would have ended in a month.

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