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PA Auditor Slams Turnpike Authority Over Debt

No limits to the authority's ability to hike tolls


The Pennsylvania Turnpike's debt is unsustainable thanks to the state law that allowed the road to implement massive toll hikes, state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale concluded. DePasquale released his findings Tuesday during testimony before the state House Transportation Committee.

"We developed this special report to call attention to the unforeseen impact that Act 44 of 2007 is having not only on the Turnpike, but on motorists and businesses across the state," DePasquale said. "As auditor general, I wanted to know what happens to the Turnpike toll rates motorists pay and what happens to the Turnpike debt if we do nothing to fix Act 44."

Before Act 44, tolls were raised just five times in 64 years. Since the law took effect, motorists using the cross-state route have been hit with an 84 percent increase in tolls that will continue increasing up to 5 percent year-after-yea. The increases add up quickly.