Two Men Charged With Building 'Death Ray' Machine

Hoped to target enemies of Israel and the U.S.


Two American men have been arrested and charged with building a remote-controlled X-ray machine intended for killing Muslims and other perceived enemies of the U.S.

Following a 15-month investigation launched in April 2012, Glenn Scott Crawford and Eric J. Feight are accused of developing the device, which the FBI has described as "mobile, remotely operated, radiation emitting and capable of killing human targets silently and from a distance with lethal doses of radiation".

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  1. Nobody needs a Muslim-killing X-ray death machine…

    …OK, that’s probably true.

  2. So what exactly is the problem – did some government weapons contractor not like the competition or what?

  3. In that case, I need help building a fusion reactor powered craft with energy based weapons-both Phased Energy Rectification (PHASER) as well as anti-proton disruptor types, photon torpedoes, and energy shields in order to facilitate an attack on government officials.

    If possible, I’d really like the capability of a cloaking shield abalative armor, quantum torpedoes, and even transphasic torpedoes if possible.

    We will also need quarters, food storage/replication, matter-energy converters, and a sickbay to house, feed, transport, and treat members of our militia.

    One example of a craft that I’m thinking of is this.

    If funding for such a craft cannot be obtained, I would propose this instead.

    1. You might want to think about adding a holographic doctor for emergencies.

  4. Why would a member of the KKK want to help the Isrealis and what crime exactly have the committed. You can build unserialized firearms but you can’t build death rays?

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