Rape Camp at Texas Jail Alleged in Lawsuit

Two women suing over three jailers


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What can happen when you put some people in charge of putting and holding other people in cages, sometimes for consensual, nonviolent behavior?

From Courthouse News:

Texas jailers ran a "rape camp" where they "repeatedly raped and humiliated female inmates," and forced them to masturbate and sodomize male guards, and one another, two women claim in court.

J.A.S. and J.M.N. sued Live Oak County and its former jailers Vincent Aguilar, Israel Charles Jr. and Jaime E. Smith, in Federal Court.

All three guards were arrested in August 2010 and charged with sexual assault, the Beeville Bee-Picayune reported at the time. The newspaper did not identify the victims.

Smith and Aguilar are in Texas state prisons today, according to the complaint, which says defendant Charles is living in Bee County.

The union for Texas corrections officers pushed for a 14 percent pay raise this year. They ended up getting a 5 percent raise.

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  1. I guess I’m surprised to hear that Texas Officers have a union. I didn’t figure Texas on being a big union state. What’s their policy regarding government unions?

    1. Honey, everythang is bigger in Texas.

    2. Firefighters and Police Officers are the large exception here. Also city employees but state government unions are pretty weak.

    3. They don’t have trade unions. Government unions are a different story. Parasites gotta parasite.

      1. We do have trade unions, but they’re weak compared to most other places.

  2. Ilsa could not be reached for comment.

  3. I always wondered what kind of people put themselves in prison for a living.

    1. I had a fling with a woman who worked at a jail.
      She talked about walking into a bar and seeing people who had recently been in jail, loudly asking “Hey, you were just in jail. Does your probation officer know you’re at a bar?” and then giggling as they slinked out.
      Yes. She was a bitch.

  4. At least it wasnt a private jail…horrible things would have happened then.

    1. Horrible things from which government is instituted to protect us.

  5. Wasn’t this a movie?

    1. You’re a dirty old man.

      1. What’s your point?

  6. The union for Texas corrections officers pushed for a 14 percent pay raise this year.

    It’s a difficult, demanding job. Not just any thug off the steet can do it.

    1. If they had gotten that other 9% they could have afforded to woo women via dinners and dates and wouldn’t have had to resort to this.

  7. OK, some digging found this: it seems Texas prohibits collective bargaining by public employees but has an Scott Walker type exception for Police and Firefighters. It doesn’t look like guards would fall under that exception though.…..ining?lite…..ining?lite

    1. Doesn’t necessarily apply to local governments.

      1. Well they still can’t collective bargain but they do have some power. Here in Houston they have some power.

  8. 11 comments in and no STEVE SMITH jokes?
    I am dissapoint.

    1. I did one in the A.M links!

    2. Patton Oswalt has forbidden them.

  9. We have a couple of texas laterals in my agency. My understanding is that their Texas unions are comparatively weak.

  10. I didn’t realize Warty was Texan. I thought he was a yinzer.

    1. Technically, I don’t think Homo sapiens neanderthalensis can be citizens.

      1. I don’t see a species requirement in the Constitution anywhere. Maybe it was assumed? Or would neanderthals be considered ‘other persons’ and only 3/5 of a real one?

        1. I’d say it’s clear that the Constitution only applies to Homo sapiens sapiens. Otherwise, American cattle and a number of other species have some claims to file.

    2. Howdy, yinz!

      1. See?!?

      2. Reminds of the guy who used to have a french restaurant down here who would run radio commericals ending in “bone appatee, y’all”.

  11. The union for Texas corrections officers pushed for a 14 percent pay raise this year. They ended up getting a 5 percent raise.

    Oh no! A nine percent pay cut!

    1. Ahaha, nice one.

  12. forced them to…sodomize male guards

    Usually the sodomizer is the one penetrating. I guess that’s the also the case here too.

    1. Being serious … probably not. That’s probably an error on the part of the reporter.

    2. Some of the southern states have fairly liberal legal definitions of sodomy. I think it’s VA where they lump oral sex in under sodomy in the statutes. Or did, anyway.

      Sodomy is not defined in the Texas Code, although “deviate sexual intercourse” is.

      1. I think it’s VA where they lump oral sex in under sodomy in the statutes. Or did, anyway.

        Years ago before the Supremes did away with sodomy laws, a friend of mine would joke “Yeah. Imagine getting caught for that. ‘Hey, whacha in for?’ ‘Going down on my wife. Third offense’ ‘Whoah! Badass!'”

    3. “Sodomy” usually includes oral sex. So, in other words, they were forced to blow the guards.

      1. Yes, in which case the guards would be sodomizing them. On the other hand, forced to sodomize…

      2. You never know. They might have just wanted some nice, pegging time.

    4. Legally, sodomy is anything other than genital/genital contact.

      So blowjobs, handjobs, maybe one of the guards wanted a finger up the butt?

  13. “sometimes for consensual, nonviolent behavior”

    And this is relevant how, exactly?

    1. Go to jail for selling marijuana, get raped. It is completely relevant because it’s cruel and unusual punishment for such a minor offense.

      1. It’s cruel and unusual punishment for ANY offense fwiw. NOBODY should be raped as punishment for committing a crime.

        1. Yes. Just like the redundancy of Hate Crime laws, which I suspect Ed would rail against.

          And back when Postrel was the editor…

    2. Hey look, New Tulpa is here!

      1. Hey look, a penis! munch munch munch

  14. “Smith and Aguilar are in Texas state prisons today”

    I bet being a former cop as an inmate is even worse than being a child molester. It’s like being a snitch times a million.

    1. I’m sure that they get special treatment and are not put into general population. Brothers look out for each other.

  15. How many of these horrible brutality cases come out of Texas? Texas might just have the worst police force in the country.

    It’s a shame because it takes away most of the positives about Texas’ economic reforms.

    1. Texas is also one of the largest states (population) in the country. One would expect MORE cases in a larger state simply by the law of averages. Is Texas worse PER CAPITA? I’ve seen no evidence to that effect.

    2. I suspect the per capita numbers are probably pretty similar across the country. The same kinds of people become cops in TX as become cops in ID. You’re just naturally going to see more stories out of high population states like TX, CA, FL, NY, etc. than the lower population states.

      1. Curse my slow typing fingers.

        1. And it’s a phenomenally tiny %age of people who become cops who do shit like this, setting aside the fact that corrections officers are NOT cops.

          1. Don’t make broad brush generalizations, there, Sparky. I dunno if corrections officers are full-fledged peace officers under the Texas Code and I doubt you do, either.

            1. They are not. Only “peace officers” are such. Corrections is an altogether different license.

    3. Most of the stories of abusive police seem to come from Florida.

      1. But the big civil suit payouts come from Chicago!

        We’re #1! We’re #1! We’re…oh crap…

        1. Yea, from what I have seen Florida seems to have less accountability than other states. WA for example routinely prosecutes and investigates bad cops. FL seems to routinely look the other way.

          Nobody I know in my agency wants to work with corrupt cops. We want IA out there investigating the (swimmingly rare) bad ones. They reflect badly on the epically good cops, like us!! 🙂

          1. Assertions not in evidence… BZZZZT.



    4. If you have to deal with the law, deal with the Troopers. Most professional (ie, no bullshit dick-swinging behavior) police force I’ve ever met. Never had a bad run in with them, even when stupid and teenaged and smartassed.

      1. One time I went to contest a speeding ticket. I was hoping the trooper who gave it to me wouldn’t show up. He did. Along with several more of his gang.
        One of them was one of the most unprofessional dicks I have ever seen. He went up to the people who were contesting their tickets, got inches from faces and just screamed at them at the top of his lungs while repeatedly poking people in the chest. He was obviously trying to provoke a move so he could beat someone up or worse. Sociopath. The rest of his gang watched in amusement.

        1. Did I mention that the guy was like five foot four? Short man’s syndrome and a badge are a dangerous combination.

          1. Oh, sorry, Texas DPS (state troopers). FL and LA for sure don’t fit.

            1. This was in Maine.

          2. Too bad he wasn’t arrested for assault. It fits the PC definition in Texas.

            Yeah, Yeah…snort, hahahaha, etc. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, but it’s still the correct thing.

            /not naive, I swear.

            1. Dammit-too slow.

              OK, so not a TX trooper.

              Fuck Maine, anyway.

              1. Fuck Maine, anyway.

                Fuck the police.

            2. Any unwelcome touching is assault in Maine as well. But as we all know, those who enforce the law are not bound by what they enforce.

            3. I was just thinking he should have tried turning to the other cops and say “I want to press assault charges”.

      2. I was given a ticket by a state trooper for speeding. I was not because I had a truck full of guns at the time and did not want trouble. In fact I was passed by two semi trucks right before I was pulled over. I asked how I could be the fastest car while being passed. Apparently physics confused her and she admitted the trucks passed me but I was still the fastest car in the pack. Pure idiot.

        1. Going slower than traffic is evidence of criminal behavior.

          1. It is on I-40. So is going at the speed limit, along with exceeding it.

            But generally only if your travelling west.

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