Bill Ayers Says Obama Should Be Tried for War Crimes



Bill Ayers, the former University of Illinois professor and former member of the Weather Underground, has said that Obama should be put on trial for war crimes. However, Ayers insists that he still likes Obama on a personal level.

From The Huffington Post:

Bill Ayers, former University of Illinois professor and co-founder of the violent anti-war group Weather Underground, said Tuesday that President Barack Obama should be put on trial for war crimes, according to RealClearPolitics.

"Every president in this century should be put on trial," Ayers told Charlie Stone on RealClearPolitics' "Morning Commute." "Every one of them goes into an office dripping with blood and then adds to it. And, yes, I think that these are war crimes. I think that they're acts of terror."

Ayers, whose Weather Underground bombed police stations, the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon during its anti-Vietnam War crusade in the 1960s and 1970s, said he'd give Obama a failing grade based on his presidency's policy and politics. Nevertheless, Ayers said he likes the president.

"He's a curious person. One of the things I like about him is he's curious. He wants to know things. He asks questions, he's not just charming, he's also interested. He reads," Ayers said. "I liked him personally—he's a really good guy."

It's worth remembering that Ayers doesn't have any regrets about his own history of violence, having claimed that he participated in the bombings of the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon during his Weather Underground years.

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  1. Also worth remembering that the only reason his ass isn’t rotting in jail is for the fact his dad was the head of the Illinois energy utility monopoly and closely connected to the state’s political establishment. You or I were to do the things he did it would be quite a different story.

    1. “Guilty as hell. Free as a bird. America is a great country.” – William Ayers

    2. “He didn’t know the right people. That’s all a criminal record means in this lousy country.”

  2. “He’s a curious person. One of the things I like about him is he’s curious. He wants to know things. He asks questions, he’s not just charming, he’s also interested. He reads,” Ayers said. “I liked him personally — he’s a really good guy.”

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how the delusional think.

    1. He reads!

      And from first hand accounts of the former President, it sounds like Ayers should think just as highly of Bush.

      1. Yeah, but Bush only reads Dr. Seuss, whereas Obama reads the Encyclopaedia Britannica just for fun, so it’s completely different.

      2. He hates all this. He hates it! But the man’s a . . . He reads poetry out loud, all right.

        1. Do you know that ‘if’ is the middle word in life? If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you. I mean I’m. . .no, I can’t. . .I’m a little man, I’m a little man, he’s–he’s a great man! I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas.

          1. Do you know that the man really likes you? He likes you. He really likes you. But he’s got something in mind for you. Aren’t you curious about that? I’m curious. I’m very curious. Are you curious?

    2. Doublethink FTW.

    3. “Yes, but Dolph loves dogs and he’s a vegetarian too.”

  3. However, Ayers insists that he still likes Obama on a personal level.

    I mean, it hasn’t risen to the level that Bill and Bernardine are going to blow anything up over it or anything.

  4. You know who else was guilty of war crimes but still a pretty cool guy?

    1. Lincoln?

      1. Andrew Jackson?

        1. From what I’ve read Jackson was a Class-A asshole.

          1. But, by God, he was not going to tolerate a central bank. Maybe it takes an asshole to do what’s right sometimes.

          2. Look around you sarc, who do you think H&R partisans are going to get along with?

            1. Your mom?

    2. Bubba Clinton?

    3. Truman?

  5. “I liked him personally — he’s a really good guy.”

    Acknowledge the allure of the personality cult, and then condemn him as a blood soaked, war criminal…

    If you ask me, we could use more of this kind of thinking from the left.

    My criticism of Obama gets personal sometimes, but it isn’t really about who he is as a person. It’s about what he’s done.

    1. I could understand this with Slick Willy. But it’s a complete mystery to me how anyone can find the public Obama likeable.

      1. Me either. I could see how having dinner and a few beers with Clinton or really any former President could be a fun night. But I can’t see that happening with Obama.

        1. I’m wierd. I suspect that Clinton would bore me, but I would get into a stimulating argument with Obama.

          Michelle, on the other hand, I think would be awful. She’d probably be like one of those progressive chicks who just finds it appalling that anyone would DARE defend capitalism in her presence.

      2. He’s black. That’s why they find him likeable. Weak minded Americans have no idea how to properly hate a black man.

        1. It is the left over vestiges of racism. You don’t consider someone fully human unless you are willing and able to give an honest opinion of them.

          1. That can work either way. If they aren’t fully human they must be either less than or more than human. Some idolize him as a new messiah and therefore can’t give an honest opinion of him. It’s like some Catholics and the Pope.

          2. Exactly. I’ve been told by many people from different backgrounds over the years that they respected me because I never tried to appease them and I never grovel nor betray my own. You have to have a code you keep to or your life is a flimsy excuse.

            1. I have had the same experience. Most people who are not narcissists just want to be taken seriously and talked to like an equal. If I were black and spent my life around the kind of condescension liberals put out, I would probably hate white people.

              1. Both of you do realize you’re essentially saying “Some of my best friends are black!” right? You are not as enlightened as you think you are, and I think that’s hilarious.

                Why is race even being mentioned on this board?

                1. Fuck you and don’t comment on my comments, loser.

                  And, no, none of my best friends are black.

                  1. You realize this is the sort of reaction it revels in, right?

                    1. Yeah, but he usually keeps off of my threads. I’m just reminding him.

                2. No Tony. That is not what we are saying. We are saying people like you who treat black people like children are racists. And because of that, treating people as equals is shockingly rare in this society.

                  Some day we will get white liberals over their belief in white supremacy. We have made a lot of progress. Seventy years ago their white supremacy was malevolent. Today it is more benign, although liberals still love aborting brown people and making sure as few of them are born as possible.

                  1. I don’t treat black people like children (unless they happen to be children). I don’t treat them any differently than anyone else. In daily life, skin color is properly a nonissue.

                    You think you are taking the enlightened stance with respect to race, but you’re still a couple rungs down that ladder by even mentioning the subject, even if all you’re trying to do is project your political tradition’s sick, sad history of racial animosity onto liberals.

                    1. Tony,

                      If you support affirmative action, you treat black people as children.

                    2. I’m one of the few people who oppose affirmative action but not because I feel it is unfair to white people.

                      But is it worse to be condescending to, or to completely ignore the realities of a racial socioeconomic underclass?

                      You’re better because you want to force black people to work 10 times harder to achieve half as much as white people, because that’s treating them like adults. That it happens to be a formula for keeping the racial social equation exactly as it is, I suppose, is gravy.

                    3. you want to force black people to work 10 times harder to achieve half as much as white people

                      A sockpuppet beating a strawman.

                    4. you’re still a couple rungs down that ladder by even mentioning the subject,

                      If you want to talk about race, you’re a racist.

                      If you don’t think we should constantly be having a “conversation” about race, you’re a racist.

                      Whities can’t win.

                3. “you are not as enlightened as you think you are.”

                  Ohhhhh, the irony.

              2. I’m white enough where I experience very little of it, but I have had a few of those eeky feeling experiences when a weak minded liberal discovers my Spanish last name and suddenly I’m treated like an archeological discovery. Dad’s culture was Gulf Coast redneck. He identified more with Burt Reynolds than Cheech Marin in the seventies. Though his dad was quite a different story.

            2. My point being, being a dick also has its virtues.

              1. Being a dick also can mean taking people seriously and treating them like adults. You are not generally a dick to a five year old kid.

                1. Good point. Being a dick is our culture is what being an adult would be considered in most others throughout history.

                  1. America is a dick and sometimes it has to fuck and asshole, so all the pussies better just stay out of the way.

      3. Some people get their nipples pierced–I don’t understand why.

        Some people like kimchi. Some people watch Justin Bieber–and love it.

        I don’t know why people like what they like either, but just because they do like Obama personally, that doesn’t mean they can’t recognize that what he does is vile–if they’re honest.

        It’s the people who like whatever Obama does because they like Obama personally that are the problem. Them and the people who like whatever Obama does becasue they hate Bush and Sarah Palin.

        1. the people who like whatever Obama does becasue they hate Bush and Sarah Palin

          My older brother, for example.

          1. Shriek is your older brother?

            1. I think my head just ‘sploded.

        2. Hey man, don’t diss the fermented cabbages.

          1. I didn’t mean to dis ’em, exactly, but I guess I did associate ’em with Justin Bieber. And they didn’t deserve that.

            I am sorry.

            1. Justin Bieber with a kimchi enema. There’s a pleasant association.

              1. I dunno, sarc – the Beib is one weird dude …he may just enjoy that. And that would be a waste of kimchi.

    2. I admit that I do criticize him on a personal level as well as his policies. But then, he is a despicable idiot. That is worth pointing out.

      1. It’s certainly worth pointing out to people in the Obama personality cult.

        Bringing him down a peg in their minds is doing them a favor, and, besides, if Obama gets away with doing all sorts of evil shit specifically because so many people like him personally, then they’ve made disliking him personally a legitimate issue.

        1. People just natural want to think the people they admire are also nice people and the kind of people they would want to be around. If it came out that Rand Paul was in private a complete asshole, I would imagine many or most of the people on here wouldn’t want to believe it.

          1. If it came out that Rand Paul was in private a complete asshole, I would imagine many or most of the people on here wouldn’t want to believe it.

            I think most people here in private are, or have the capability to be, complete assholes. So I don’t think anyone would really care.
            “He’s an asshole. So am I. That’s cool.”

            1. True. I am thinking if it came out that Paul was a tattle tale in school and took credit for other people’s work and bogarted joints and such. That would be disappointing to his supporters even though it says nothing about the virtues of his opinions. It would just suck to see someone on your side turn out to be a dick.

              1. That would be disappointing to his supporters even though it says nothing about the virtues of his opinions.

                What? You mean ideas are to be judged by their content instead of the person?

                How intolerant of you!

          2. You haven’t the slightest clue what Obama is like to be around John, because you’ve never hung out with him. You have no more insight into his personality than I do.

            1. True. He may be a great guy. But if he is, it is because he is a completely different person in public than he is in private. That is entirely possible. But in public, he comes across as thin skinned, arrogant and not particularly bright or interesting.

              1. Bush II often came off as a complete buffoon in public, though in private he’s supposed to be a really nice guy. I used to work in Kennebunk Port, so I know several people who have met him. I used to work in a hotel down the road for Walker’s Point where he frequently eats while in Maine. In private he comes off as very intelligent and articulate. Put him in front of a microphone and he looks like a blithering idiot. Some are more cutout for public speaking than others.

            2. How does one gain insight into an idol with feet of clay?

          3. There was a viral video the other day of a guy dressing down a Wendy’s drive-thru attendant because that Wendy’s always gets his order wrong.

            Everyone (but me) thought the guy was a dick.

            If it came out that in private Rand Paul would go to staff meetings and be like, “Are you fucking kidding me? This is your fucking report? What, did you work on this shit for two or three minutes? This is what you fucking bring to a meeting with me? How many times do we have to fucking go over this shit? Are you a fucking idiot?” and so forth for ten minutes, I’d write a check to the mofo THAT FUCKING DAY.

            1. It all depends on your definition of “dick”. But yeah, if Rand Paul turned out to be like Alec Baldwin in Glen Gerry Glen Ross, I would quit my job to go work full time to get him elected President. I would give anything to see him give that kind of treatment to the Pentagon and the FBI. Coffee is for closers general. Put that fucking cup down.

              1. “Guess what, Department of Energy? Third prize was ‘You’re fired’.”

                1. Who got the steak knives?

                  1. The Patent Office.

                    Defense got the car.

                    1. I’m still waiting on the fresh leads.

  6. When you have lost Bill Ayers, you have lost terrorist America.

    And man, how must it feel to have your ghost writer and political mentor turn on you like that?

    1. Is it established that Ayers was the ghost? I know that it’s a theory, but it seems simply too perfect – “too good to be true.”

      1. I should say hypothesis, not theory.

      2. No it hasn’t been. But it is a funny joke. Someone ghost wrote it. The village idiot certainly didn’t write it himself. Ayers is as good of a guess as any.

        1. Obama’s documented writing samples are full of subject-predicate mismatches. If he actually had written those books he is credited with authoring, his writing had to have been largely rewritten by the editor to achieve the quality of grammar and composition in those books.

          I did some editing work on computer manuals about ten years ago, and we had a couple of writers we did that to, the editing team sat down and rewrote their chapters in their entirety because they were such crap.

          1. Petreus’ mistress apparently had the same problem. The publisher had to basically rewrite the book. They wanted to fire her and get another author but she had other skills that Petreus valued. So he insisted she be kept as the writer.

          2. I’d assume a ghost. Most of those kinds of books are ghostwritten. Which they should be, as most politicians are not skilled writers.

            1. At least Kennedy had the good grace to nudge and wink about his ghostwritten ‘autobiography’, even if (or especially because) it did win an undeserved Pulitzer.

              Obama shows no such grace in taking credit for other people’s work.

              1. That’s because he is other people’s work.

            2. Teddy Roosevelt. Shit president, terrific writer.

              1. Sure, there are exceptions. Julius Caesar, for instance.

                1. Shakespeare was never an elected politician.

                  1. And he wrote his works. The evidence to the contrary is weak. That’s why there are like fifty different candidates put forth as the “real” Shakespeare.

                    1. And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
                      the way to the Whitehouse. Out out brief Republic!

                    2. Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

              2. Grant’s “Memoirs” are pretty good too.

                1. Didn’t Mark Twain help with those?

              3. As much as I hate him as president, he had a self awareness about him and a conscience to regret his decisions to make for decent literature. He left the earth anguished that his son died fighting for the cause Roosevelt campaigned to make happen. Sympathy for the devil, indeed.

      3. I thought it pretty much established that when Barry was having a writer’s block and the deadline approached, Michelle asked Ayer’s for help.

        1. Of course, the writer’s block occurred after he typed “Chapter One”.

        2. Yes, and the writing style of the first book (at least) is far closer to Ayers’ style than to known (and surprisingly rare) examples of Obama’s writings before then.

  7. A good candidate for a warrantless drone strike if there ever was one.

    1. Yeah; how long before the administration and Obama-zombies everyone start pointing out Ayers’ “terrorist” background to trash his criticism.

      Here’s one comment from HuffPo:

      “Looks like that brain rot is finally taking it’s toll. Anywho, he’s just mad, like Travis and Dr Cornell, that he didn’t get his night in the Lincoln bed room nor a spot as an adviser.”


      “Males (they are not “men”) like Ayers should be muzzled and stuffed in closets until the rest of us can come together and get something positive and useful done for our country.”


      “Who cares about anything this fool has to say. People have mistaken his flatulence for intellectual achievement.”

      Plus a whole lot of “but Bush-Cheney” comments.

      1. Funny how none of the liberal-bots were criticizing the Ayers connection in 2008.

        As a counter-example, imagine if Bush had had some personal connection to Timothy McVeigh.

  8. We have reached both peak retard and peak irony here. The same guy who openly advocated the murder of millions of Americans and planned to blow up a dance full of Army recruits and their dates at Fort Dix is now claiming Obama is a “war criminal”. Ayers is so pathetic he manages to make Obama look noble and sympathetic by comparison.

    1. There is no such thing as peak retard.

      “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”
      ?Albert Einstein

      1. That is a great quote. Thanks. I will remember that one.

    2. He’s the white Jeremiah Wright.

  9. Nevertheless, Ayers said he likes the president.

    That’s a cryptic message to Obama saying, ‘hey, don’t unleash your dogs on me like you have on the handful of reporters in this country who have been critical of you. I’m not telling the world everything I know.’

    1. I like Obama. I would hate to see a bunch of dirt released about his sorted past and him end up getting impeached over it.

      1. His Sorted Past sounds like the kind of pun Charlie Kaufman would make.

  10. “the violent anti-war group Weather Underground”

    They were pro-war, they just supported the side their country was fighting against.

    And would it hurt to call them terrorists? It’s not as if they’ve been shy about acknowledging it.

    1. Exactly. They were totally pro war. They wanted to and tried to wage war on the United States.

    2. anti-violent fascists
      kindly serial-killers

  11. “If I had to pick a war criminal to have a beer with, it’d be Obama for sure.”

      1. Didn’t they already have one of those at Nuremberg?

        1. I mean, in fairness, who ever heard of a Starbucks Coffee Putsch?

  12. “Bill Ayers…has said that Obama should be put on trial for war crimes. However, Ayers insists that he still likes Obama on a personal level.”


    1. Yeah, part of me suspects he’s trolling the world, because I don’t see how a rational person could say that with complete sincerity. Not even Shrieking Idiot or Chony Krugnuts would say something so manifestly insane.

      1. No, I can see how he could be sincere. Remember, Ayers is a rich kid who became a Marxist revolutionary terrorist, and planned to kill millions to make it happen. Then he became a teacher. For someone like that, saying “I like you, but I want to try you for war crimes like every other president” is not trolling, just the natural outcome of his twisted ideology.

    2. I don’t know, man.

      You have a beer with Goering, you might walk away with a Vermeer or something.

      1. Goering was by all accounts wildly charming. He managed to charm his guards into basically letting him commit suicide.

    1. Ayers is such a piece of shit. The other funny thing about him is that is his a total misogynist. Ayers basically had a little harem of women around him and sent various women out to do all of his dirty work. Funny how misogyny is kind of big crime among the Left except when it is done by the right kind of person.

      1. Sounds a lot like Charles Manson, to be honest.

  13. I’ll take people who’s opinion I don’t give a shit about for a thousand Alex.

    1. You can also have “People who should be rotting in federal super max but are not” for the Daily Double.

  14. Yeah, we’re gonna put every 20th century American president on trial, alive or posthumously, for war crimes. I have sympathy for critics of the US and the horrors it has perpetrated on the world–they’re not wrong. But they seem to presuppose a time in history when great powers didn’t do horrible things. A clear-eyed look at history suggests that the best we can do, at least for right now, is to merely minimize the damage, and be glad when the dominant power is at least not as absolutely ruthless as some of its predecessors have been.

    1. aww… poor little sockpuppet needs some new thread.

      1. If it wasn’t so pathetic, Tony and his ilks discovery that Presidents and great powers sometimes have to do nasty things would be comical. He seems to have learned this lesson sometime after January 21st 2009 and will no doubt unlearn it the moment there is someone from the wrong team in the White House.

        1. definitely.

          Team followers gotta follow.
          Fascists gotta be fascist.

        2. Says saint John of the perpetual crocodile tears. I’ve no doubt become more of a realist as I’ve gotten older, but I was more of a realist than anyone on H&R when I was a teenager.

          It was not the lack of moral purity in Bush’s deployment of American state power that turned me against him, it was his extremely immoral, incompetent, and disastrous abuse of it. All stuff you called people unpatriotic for not supporting back then, so why don’t you stuff these hypocrisy accusations up Hannity’s ass, so your head will have some company?

          1. Keep sucking the thorny cock of authority, ‘Tony’.

          2. it was his extremely immoral, incompetent, and disastrous abuse of it.

            You mean like when Bush ordered the assassination of an American citizen or when he used the IRS to harrass his political opponents or when he had the NSA record every telephone call and email made in the US? You mean like that Tony?

            But it is okay to use the IRS to go after your political opponents as long as the opponents deserve it.

            1. But John, it’s totally different! Bush was bad, so it was bad when he did it, but Obama thinks the correct thoughts, so it’s okay when Obama does worse!

            2. You must be part of the 47% who wrongly believe the White House has something to do with the IRS thing (the same exact thing, of course, did happen during the Bush administration, only targeting liberal groups). Ah FOX News, making idiots out of Americans every day.

              The Bush admin. invented the NSA program you idiot. And they actually wiretapped people without warrants. They stopped that late in his second term, and Obama has only increased the oversight.

              And as far as I’m concerned Bush assassinated thousands of American citizens when he sent them to a phony war based on lies.

              If being a partisan means one has blood on his hands, you have far, far more.

              1. BOOOOSH!!!11!!!!

                Fuck off sockpuppet, and take your false talking points with you.

              2. Yeah Tony. Obama had nothing to do with the IRS thing. Sure Tony. The head of the IRS just happened to visit the White House 178 times by accident. And Obama’s campaign manager was in all of those meetings just by coincidence.

                1. Lying again. Jesus can’t you even keep up with when your bullshit talking points are debunked?

                  The IRS head visited the OEOB (not the White House) on the vast majority of those occasions specifically to deal with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. People who don’t only watch FOX News know these things.

                  1. 178 to 1. Tony. He visited it once under Bush and 178 times under Obama.

                    And we know now the people in Cincinnati were getting their directions from Carter Hull and Lois Lerner in Washington. Yeah, I am sure Lerner and Hull just acted on their own.

                    Obama abused the FBI and the IRS to get reelected. It is your party and your party’s legacy. Deal with it.

              3. They stopped that late in his second term, and Obama has only increased the oversight.

                You’re full of shit, as usual.

    2. A clear-eyed look at history suggests that the best we can do, at least for right now, is to merely minimize the damage

      Sounds like a great argument for limited government! You’re coming around!

      1. So China and Russia can take the reins? They’re not gonna follow suit. They’re gonna point and laugh at what idiots we are.

        1. Tony’s swing towards bizarre Neo-con arguments has been really entertaining to watch.

          ‘We must remain forever vigilant,’ Tony says, ‘lest the Soviets and Red Chinese seize this opportunity!’

          1. Indeed – that is a stunning swivel. I must savor it.

        2. OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!! Yellow peril! OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!! Soviet hordes!

          Give it up, you fucking racist.

        3. So China and Russia can take the reins?

          They can’t afford it. Seriously. If the USA stopped being the world policeman, then there would no longer be a world policeman. No one would fill the void. It’s too damn expensive.

          1. That might be a good thing or a bad thing on balance, but I certainly don’t trust you to know which.

            1. but I certainly don’t trust you to know which.

              I don’t trust you to know how to put on a pair of shoes without Velcro.

              1. I trust he’d probably try to put them on his head.

          2. This is it exactly. The decline of USA as world cop/world hegemon will likely resemble the fall of the Roman Empire, where no single great power existed that was able to fill the power vacuum.

    3. That’s right, Tony w/o spaces. Lick that authoritarian boot, otherwise, the world will be devoured by chaos.

    4. Shorter Tony:

      “In order to protect Obama from the accusation that he’s a war criminal, I will deny that war crimes exist as a category.”

      1. You forgot to add “except when a republican is in the White House”

    5. What the fuck was that??

      1. Oh, an invalid concept. I’m new at this Libertarian shit. Aren’t we supposed to ignore or not waste time with anti-concepts?

        1. We have a weakness for trolls and sockpuppets. It’s difficult for us to not respond, no matter how many times they prove that they are insane.

  15. A terrorist and Vladimir Putin are now talking about how horrible our president is. When terrorists and dictators are like ‘scale it back, Barack’ it might be time for him to take a good, hard look in the mirror.

  16. Sweet! The rabbit hole keeps going:…..tor-admits

  17. What a disingenuous ass and a coward…why?

    He certainly wasn’t singing this song before Obama’s re-election…now that Obama is back safely in the White House, he’s speaking truth to power? Give me a damned break…

    Maybe back in the day he was the boogey man…but today, he’s a simpering washed up coward, who for some reason is relevant to media types and no one else.

    1. He certainly wasn’t singing this song before Obama’s re-election…now that Obama is back safely in the White House, he’s speaking truth to power? Give me a damned break..

      You just described every leftist other than Glen Greenwald. They are all so angry about this shit now that Obama can’t run again and they think a Republican might win in 2016. Fuck them.

      1. The American people are not as stupid as you want them to be–if the dominant issue is national security abuses, the American people are not going to elect a Republican.

        Of course, the dominant issue will be the economy, as it always is.

        1. Yes Tony we know. You think Dems will always be in power. SO you are totally on board with the creation of a totalitarian state.

          1. If the people are stupid enough to elect Republicans, then they are stupid enough to be the victims of creeping totalitarianism.

            But please stop exaggerating. You sound like a libertarian. It’s like talking to children.

            1. Yeah Tony,

              You don’t want a totalitarian state. You are just totally okay withe the President listening to everyone’s phone calls and emails, and using the IRS to go after anyone who dissents, as long as your side is in charge. And that is totally different.

              1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve repeatedly criticized the program you’re characterizing as “the president listening to everyone’s phone calls and emails,” which is of course a lie.

                I’m for not giving tax exemptions to overtly political groups, but I’m pretty sure nobody anywhere has actually defended the IRS targeting.

                1. You haven’t defended the IRS scandal, you just act like it didn’t happen.

                  1. And the only reason, the ONLY reason, you care about it, is because your entire political worldview consists of the hope that Barack Obama will be politically damaged. That has not been a successful governing strategy for Republicans, and it’s not a particularly interesting political debate for me.

                    1. Okay TOny,

                      So it is okay that Obama is acting worse than Nixon because the only reason people care about it is because they want to hurt him politically.

                      Yeah, that makes sense. Face it doofus, thanks to Obama you are now the party of Big Brother.

            2. If the people are stupid enough to elect Republicans, then they are stupid enough to be the victims of creeping totalitarianism.

              Both parties are marching towards totalitarianism. Lock-step.

              Libertarians are the only ones who value liberty. Everyone else values control. Know what happens when everything is controlled? Yep. Totalitarianism. Doesn’t matter which party controls everything. Control is control. Derp!

              It’s like talking to children.

              I find children to be much more rational than liberal progressives.

        2. Derpity derp derp SLURP.
          Fuck off, sockpuppet.

        3. And now that the Dems are the party of domestic spying and the politicization of the IRS and FBI, good luck with that. IT worked out really well for the Republicans back under Nixon. I am sure it will go great for the Dems.

          1. Although the media hated Nixon and attacked his malfeasance with relish, while they ridiculously contort themselves to cover for Obama. So likely not the same result.

          2. It’s different when they do it. Republicans are evil, so their motivations are evil. Democrats are angels, working from the most selfless and noble motivations. Pure as the wind driven snow that a coyote just pissed on.

            1. Democratic politicians do tend to be more educated and more ethical, and that’s just the way reality happens to be at this point in history. That’s what happens when your party’s only election strategy is to pander to religious fundamentalists and racists and find yourself in a vicious cycle of increasing ideological purity. The inmates take over the asylum.

              1. Democratic politicians do tend to be more educated and more ethical

                This is comedy gold, Jerry, gold!

                1. This is comedy gold, Jerry, gold!


              2. Democratic politicians do tend to be more educated and more ethical, and that’s just the way reality happens to be at this point in history.

                To Tony, education is really important, unless people bring up Ted Cruz’ sterling academic record at Harvard or the fact that Rand Paul was an eye doctor. At that point, education has no meaning and Paul and Cruz are bumpkins anyway.

                1. I love how you guys who constantly disparage elite educations now have your pet Harvard man.

                  I can’t really explain how such an apparently educated person believes such things as George Soros is spearheading a conspiracy to eliminate the game of golf, or that creeping Sharia law is a problem in the US, or that his vaunted alma mater has been infiltrated by communists. Maybe he’s smart and crazy?

                  1. I love how you guys who constantly disparage elite educations now have your pet Harvard man

                    All those elite educations are the reason the state of the country is where it’s at today.

                    It’s not people from the University of Phoenix running the place. It’s the clever sillies with the Ivy League degrees.

              3. Tony deems Democratic politicians do tend to be more educated and more ethical

                “Deemocratic” politicians, as it were.

              4. Democratic politicians do tend to be more educated and more ethical,

                As an almost lifelong resident of Massachusetts, especially in light of some of the stuff coming out in the Whitey Bulger trial going on right now, I find this Tonyism to be one of the funniest he’s produced in a while.

                I know he genuinely believes it: Tony is indeed so stupid as to be unconscious of how delusional he is, and is earnest rather than attempting to be funny. Nonetheless he is producing an outstandingly funny stream of comments.

                1. I present the Illinois Government – From Governor down to the last Chicago aldercreature as Exhibit 1, that Tony is full of BS.

                  Oh, and look at the stunning intellect of Dick Durbin, Jessie Jackson Jr. (oops, off to the Pen, my bad) and our brilliant, ethical (Dan Rostenkowski, Adrian Medrano, et al) IL D’s. Maybe Tony could visit Rod Blagojevich out in his cell?

                  1. Maryland. At one time, they had a governor, a congressman, and two county executives, all Dems, in jail simultaneously.

                    1. As for intellect, Mimi DiPetro (D).

  18. I think that these are war crimes. I think that they’re acts of terror.

    Well, he would certainly know all about “acts of terror” wouldn’t he?

    1. No civilian targets, apparently…

      Don’t know if I’d call it terrorism.

      1. Ah, so going to a dance at Ft. Dix with Corporal Snuffy makes Jane Newjerseyite a “combatant”?

      2. No civilian targets if you don’t count the dates. And not wearing a uniform and blending into the civilian population makes you a fucking terrorist, I don’t care who your targets are.

        Please Ken, do me a favor and stop pissing on the laws of conflict.

        1. Terrorism is going after civilian targets. That’s a big part of what makes it so especially awful.

          There are plenty of other awful things people can do that don’t involve civilian targets, but they shouldn’t be called terrorism.

          See, 9/11 was definitely terrorism. Why? Civilian targets. Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon in ’82? It was awful, cowardly, evil, and you can call it all sorts of other terrible things–but if there weren’t any civilian targets, …

          You might stretch the definition of “terrorist” to include anyone affiliated with an organization that has targeted civilians specifically–even if those individuals weren’t involved directly with something like 9/11 at all. …but “terrorist” isn’t something you are; it’s something you do–to civilians. And if someone is a terrorist becasue of their affiliation with a terrorist organization, he’s a terrorist because that organization targeted civilians.

          The Weathermen may have done some awful things, but if they didn’t target civilians specifically, then I’m not sure I’d call them terrorists.

          1. If you are bombing an ROTC dance, you are targeting civilians.

  19. Matthews: Berlin Sun ‘Ruined’ Obama’s Speech…..ew-johnson

    That should definitively end the debate amongst leftist. Obama is not a mortal incarnate of the god Apollo. Apollo would have no problems reading a teleprompter in the glare of the sun.

    1. Such a great speaker. Such a genius.

      1. I still like his earlier, funnier movies.

    2. Speaking behind a glass bulletproof shield

      Jesus Christ. What a pussy.

      1. If I were him I would be worried. He is more valuable to the Left as a martyr than he is as a lame duck embarrassment.

        1. And the closer we get to 2016, the less damaging a Biden presidency would be to the Democratic brand.

          1. And they can always rewrite history and blame it on the “far right”. That worked with Oswald. Why wouldn’t it work again?

            1. The lunatic communist climate of hate permeating Dallas Texas murdered our president.

              1. It will be Sarah Palin’s fault. Hell, the Reason staff will probably buy that. Why not the public?

              2. That was the official story until Oswald was busted.

    3. Imagine how much more amazing Kennedy’s speech would have been if he’d had a teleprompt and bulletproof glass.

    4. Apollo would have no problems reading a teleprompter in the glare of the sun.

      “Fire will not burn a dragon.”

  20. Funniest Obama story ever.

  21. Ayers is, in code, encouraging people to assassinate the President of the United States.

    1. President Biden? Nooooooooooooooooooo!

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