Obama's Pick for CIA Deputy Director Hosted Readings on "Erotic Nights" at Her Bookstore

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David Petraeus wrote sexy e-mails as CIA chief — but the agency's new No. 2 hosted readings of steamy works at her bookstore on "Erotic Nights."

Avril Haines, 43 — President Obama's choice to become deputy director of the spy agency — will be the highest-ranking woman ever to serve in the CIA.

Her past as co-owner of Adrian's Book Cafe in Baltimore came into focus yesterday as Washington tried to learn more about one of the country's new top spies.

Haines was 24 and had dropped out of a graduate program in physics at Johns Hopkins in 1994 when she and her 29-year-old pilot boyfriend renovated a boarded-up strip club and turned it into the regular meeting place for fans of erotica.

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