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WA Initiative Would Require Background Check for Private Gun Sales

Which only the most submissive will obey


OLYMPIA – Advocates seeking to expand the use of background checks on gun sales submitted a Washington state ballot initiative Tuesday, taking a new approach after both federal and state lawmakers passed on similar proposals.

The plan would require background checks for online sales and private transactions, such as those that occur at gun shows. The checks would be conducted at federally licensed firearm dealers, where people already must undergo such scrutiny before purchasing a new weapon.

Supporters said the measure wouldn't stop all gun violence but would prevent people who shouldn't have guns – criminals and the mentally ill – from easily acquiring them. They contended that the public is ready to push ahead with the idea.

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  1. OK, I RTFA and still don’t see how a set individuals – seller and buyer – will magically complete a background check via the FFL.

    – Does the FFL now have an obligation to donate his time and phone to complete the background check? (Which FFL? Who determines this?)
    – Do the seller/buyer have to re-imburse him for his time? (how much? Who sets the limit?)
    – How much responsibility does the FFL take on to ensure he is getting the right information if no 4473 form is filled out? (a 4473 is only supposed to be filled out for tranfers the FFL is responsible for – not just anybody who happens to walk up to him)
    – Who compensates the FFL for sales lost while he is enabling these transactions? (Did you ever see how brisk sales are at some gun show booths?)

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