Rand Paul Pushes for Border Security

What about sharks with lasers?


Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday that — like many Republicans — he's waiting to see how the Senate immigration bill is changed to address border security.

"A real solution must ensure that our borders are secure. I'm in favor of immigration reform, but the bill's just not there yet in the Senate," Paul said at a forum Wednesday organized by the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership.

"I'm sort of in between, I think, of where the Senate and the House is," the Kentucky Republican said. "But not yet ready to vote for the Senate bill unless they're willing to listen to people who have been saying let's make the border secure."

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  2. Don’t be a fool, Rand. Secure borders work both ways. Right now, kleptocrats are content to call for an exit tax. You think, as the country circles the drain economically and people with marketable skills look for a less parasitic environment to call home, that those border guards aren’t going to be trying to keep them in?

    If you truly want to cripple immigration, there are smarter ways to go about it.
    1) Give illegal immigrants amnesty for reporting their employers.
    2) Make it easy to sue employers who fire a sponsored immigrant (frame it as taking away an employer’s leverage, which allows them to mistreat the immigrants). If they can’t be fired, no one will want to hire them.
    3) And of course, no federal welfare for legal or illegal immigrants other than a free ride home, and no welfare aid to states and cities which don’t make the same distinction.

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