Obama Heads to Mass. to Support Markey

Special Senate election


President Barack Obama travels to Massachusetts on Wednesday to offer a boost to Senate candidate Edward Markey in a special election this month that could be a gauge of public reaction to controversies plaguing the Obama administration.

Polls show the lead held by Democratic congressman Markey over Republican challenger Gabriel Gomez is narrowing ahead of the June 25 election for the Senate seat that was vacated when Obama picked John Kerry as his secretary of state.

Obama is to speak at a rally near Boston.

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  1. I certainly hope there’ll be some folks there asking serious questions and he’ll be kind enough to answer them with something other than ‘trust me’.

  2. At the Markey fund-raiser, Obama said, “I know many of you here support Ed Markey. For example, you in the 4th row, 5th seat in, with the red shirt…you’re Sam Davidson of 4357 North Umbrage Rd, and you and your wife Susan both gave $1000 to Ed, as did Tabitha Hamilton, whom you regularly text between 2 and 3 AM on Wednesdays. But, honestly, Sam, I’ve seen your bank account at Wells Fargo and your TD Ameritrade roll-over IRA portfolio, and I can say, sir, you are doing quite well! You didn’t do it on your own, you know. My administration’s providing loan guarantees to the Green company you manage can’t be maintained if we don’t have more people like Ed Markey in the Senate. So dig deep, Sam. You can cough up more. You know it, and more importantly I know it.”

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