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Toy Gun Buy Back Held at California Elementary School

Bang bang


is that a gun shape??
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Toy guns, and even food in the basic shape of a gun, have thrown school administrators into fits. So the latest move by an elementary school in California shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

From CBS San Francisco:

A different-kind of gun buyback was held in Hayward on Saturday as some school children were given the chance to trade in their toy guns for a prize.

The buyback, held at Strobridge Elementary School, offered books to kids who turned in their fake weapons. Principal Charles Hill held the buyback as a lesson for children who may see guns as part of everyday life.

"As they get older, it becomes just a natural thing," Hill told KPIX 5. "If they have a real gun in their hand, they'll pull the trigger just as quick. I mean, they don't fear it."

A gun safety class would be far more useful, and less asinine. 

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